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Maybe aim for about , even on recovery days. It's a little hassle at first but after a short time you'll get it figured out to not have to use it much. Lastly, be gentle to yourself. I dont even think about caloric intake. You need a more sustainable plan.

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Tastes pretty good to which is always a bonus. The powder mixes well and really easily even with stirring and it's got some really good ingredients. It actually makes me want to drink my shake, which is probably why my gains have been pretty consistent this time round. Christian D , St. I rate all the International Protein range and really like the Extreme Mass, because it tastes so damn good, mixes well and is low in sugar- I don't want crappy carbs when I'm trying to bulk!

After using cheaper brand supplements that really didn't give the results I was after I was told by a friend at a local gym to check out Mr Supplements.

I wanted a good value low sugar protein supplement and something to gain lean muscle mass which is something I find hard with such a fast metabolism. So I purchased a 4kg tub of international proteins extreme mass, the taste was awesome!!

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Fat on your body does not equate to being overweight. That is not helpful commentary for OP who is clearly struggling with disordered eating and body imagine. Sound's like OP is on the right track. He's identified a problem, and identified how to fix the problem.

Now it's time to get after it. I'm very comfortable with my food and body image. Every kg of fat on my body is either a kg that's going to be burned during a cold alpine start on a mountain ascent, or it's an unnecessary kg that I'm going to have to carry up a pleasant sport climb. There's an argument to be made for a safety net. This is why alpinists carry a little extra fat. But carrying that fat does have a cost, in terms of wear-and-tear on the body over time. There's what bodybuilders, models, and combat sports athletes look like after a cut.

There's also what athletes in peak condition look like. There's also what highly successful people in great physical condition look like. Then there's what that group of people with lives and shit that gets in the way, but they live as close to an ideal as they can look like.

Then there's what motivated people who try to do everything right but enjoy an occasional pizza and IPA look like. Then there's what most people look like. This is just the scientific fact of the matter. Usually you cannot, but I understand you went from no weightlifting to starting a routine. In this case you can get your noob gains, but they will level off.

It also sounds like you might be open to alternatives to bodyweight exercises, I recommend doing Stronglifts and making your calorie deficit less severe. Maybe aim for about , even on recovery days. If you train your muscles very hard like Stronglifts does , recovery will take up more energy because your muscles need to repair.

You can exercise through soreness, but you have to get a feeling for how bad it is. There's a difference between DOMS and being near injury I can feel the difference easily, dunno about you, but better safe than sorry.

Lastly, if you do Stronglifts instead of bodyweights, your initial workouts might only burn calories. As weights get heavier, you can easily burn over a calories in 40 minutes, but it takes a few months to get to that point. For body weight exercises that burn a shit ton, try doing uphill sprints 2x week. However, they don't build many muscles besides calves. They use every part of your body, they train muscle as well as endurance and you can keep it up for an hour with practice.

Swimming is easy on your joints too if you have knee trouble after being overweight. Lastly, be gentle to yourself. Praise efforts more than putting yourself down, you've made fantastic progess. If I were you I would ramp up the resistance training so you increase your metabolism and gradually fill up your physique with lean mass.

Eat the right amount of calories to get yourself through work and exercise and watch out for refined sugars. Starving yourself will only cause you to bounce back later on. What do you suggest in terms of overall body. Find a physical activity that you absolutely love.

I love to run and train jiujitsu. So eating right and lifting weights allows me to do the things I love at a higher level.

Remember that motivation is fleeting. Passion and discipline will take your farther than motivation ever will. You look fine, now workout and get strong. Eat meat and green vegetables, avoid sugar. Dude coming from a 5'8 male that just lost 20kg. I'm in the body recomp stage now at kgs and looking to build strength and lean muscle.

I eat cals a day. I think you either must reevaluate your goals or get professional assitance. Anything under cals for an adult male is unhealtht unless you have profession care. Peace out dude and please, rethink your plans and goals. If you keep lifting, the muscle will be soon behind, and once you keep adding more and more muscle, your metabolism will increase significantly and you will burn off that extra fat effortlessly.

Seriously, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn AT REST, and it will be much easier to keep off fat too. Focus on weight lifting, but add in a little bit of cardio at the end of your routine.

Even just a brisk walk on the treadmill. You will soon start filling in that loose skin with muscle and you will have an awesome physique, I can already tell. That's really, really good to hear man. I'd even be inclined to say increase to about 2k and do a lot of cardio at the end of workouts. Keep at it dude. I ate like hell today. Ah, the old don't have appetite group of people.

See I never had this problem because I normally eat a lot! Today was a shit day, so be it. Tomorrow will be a better day, I know it. Have that mentality, we all have our ups and downs but trying to be as consistent as possible is the key here. Sometimes, I can't control myself and I gorge while on a cut, just don't hate yourself for it hahahaha. In terms of getting in more calories as a general thing, my friends that have the same problem of not being able go eat much get past it by having a lot of calories in shakes.

So lots of oats and peanut butter in shakes etc. This means I have to eat a lot of fat so lots of peanut butter, avo etc. So to get in some more protein I put protein powder in to my food. I don't give for that whey iso and other brotein broscience stuff.

I just get all natural, low carb, low calorie protein powder and put it on my yoghurt, in my smoothie, in my pancakes, in my halo top etc etc. So yeah to answer your question, yes if you find it hard to get in enough protein at ypur level of calories.

Please look up Resting Metabolic Rate and do some research. That should be your bare minimum but even that isn't optimal. It should be a little more depending on your exercises. Firstly, you look great. As someone who has recovered from an ED, I think it might be worth talking with a counselor about your self-image. Secondly, after recovering from my ED I got really into lifting and started becoming truly happy with the way I looked.

One thing to understand is that eating too few calories is going to make you look and feel terrible and will not have the desired effect. That being said, the most important thing is to love yourself the way that you are.

That way if you do increase exercise to improve health it will be a fun, rewarding journey. Best of luck to you! I know how you feel. I have the same physique and I'm putting together my diet now. Do I go for a surplus and try to put on muscle first? Or a deficit and get rid of the extra fat? Not that there's that much anyway, but it would be nice to lose the flab. And to add, I agree with what others are saying, calories seems like way too low for someone of your weight.

That sounds like the kind of diet that would be given to someone for dramatic weight loss. You will certainly lose weight, but it will have a negative impact on your muscle as well, I suspect. You look like you look because you lost shitload of weight. Loose skin and burned muscle. Extreme version of skinny fat. You should build muscle and eat at least calories a day.

Your problem is not fat. It is lack of muscles. If you had pecs and abs you would carry that weight. As for the diet, it's really time to switch it. Time to train mate. Train everyday, respect your program, and eat clean.

I came across this while scrolling my Facebook feed and thought it was relevant. That's an amazing weight loss. You've come much further already than you have to go. You don't look bad, and with a shirt on you probably look fitter than average. Add in some strength training body weight fitness is great, and with a little research you can learn exercise progressions that are harder, build more strength, etc.

Edit- doh, didn't realize what forum I was in at first lol. Add in some jump rope, walking, running or whatever works for you to get you moving. On the diet that's a pretty big restriction. Focus on eating whole foods, and cut sugar, processed foods, and refined carbs, and you'll look great in only a few months, you aren't as far away as you think.

If you aren't currently tracking your calories but IMO more importantly focusing on keeping fats and proteins high and sugar low with an app like my fitness pal, it can make a monumental difference. It's a little hassle at first but after a short time you'll get it figured out to not have to use it much. A calorie diet is too little. Doctors usually recommend no less than is what you would do if you don't work out at all.

Most people here will suggest if you're planning on working out a few times a week. It'll help you work out harder and recover quicker--a good recipe for gaining muscle.

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