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This is a hard thing to do, and it is usually what holds most people back from being where they want to be. Creations like protein shakes and bars can help get you there, but they have historically tasted like hot garbage, or have been so hard or bland that you would rather starve. ProSupps has tried to take a ProSupps has tried to take a step forward in creating a bar that tastes good and that you will actually want in your life to help achieve those macronutrients.

Ingredient Profile The ingredients are as follows: As you can see they make the leading ingredient Whey Protein Isolate, which to me is important. In the past when I have tried products that lead with Whey protein concentrate, I tend to have terrible stomach bloat and poor digestion.

I also like that they throw in a Pea Protein which is a nice alternative to milk-based proteins. Some takeaways that I have which are picky at best is I would like to see the elimination of the soy ingredients and the vegetable oils. I try very hard to avoid products that contain soy at all cost especially after being a vegetarian who lived off of soy products for years. It wreaked havoc on my body and physique as a whole, so I think this product could do without that particular aspect, but that is just me.

This list of ingredients will give you these kinds of macros: At the risk of being crucified by the fitness community, I have to say this bar doesn't quite live up to the hopes I had for it.

You might be asking yourself, why would he recommend it then? Well, I will say that this product is still great, and by no means taste terrible, however, I do not think it is the greatest one out there in my humble opinion.

The reason for this, is when you consume these bars, and I will say that this goes for most of the flavors I was given, you can really taste the whey and the protein in it. Again, this me being very critical. The taste is not bad, but if I was in a grocery aisle looking at protein bars, I am not sure if I would reach for the MyBar product.

Yes, it is good for the bar to stand on its own so it is not smashed in your bag or whatever during transport, but when you open it up to take a bite, you should not be having to fight your way through to chomp through the bar. Every bar I had was very dense in a manner that it was hard to take a bite.

I am basing these comparisons against Chef Robert Irvine's Fitcrunch bars. I completely understand that the macros are different for both bars, but this is a comparison of taste and texture right now, and for me, the Fitcrunch bar wins. To wrap this section up, mixability is a non-issue due to being a bar, and dosing was 1 bar.

Effectiveness So some positives for this product is, I was able to find a wonderful place in my macros for it, and it does keep you full. I tend to do a carb cycle through the week, so the days where my carbs were up, I would consume this in the evening as a pre-bedtime snack so I could hit my macros.

This was also an effective product because it did not cause any digestive issues such as gas or bloat which is nice. Plus as I mentioned, the bar will keep you full so it was nice to be able to go to bed without having a lot of hunger pains during the night which allowed me to sleep comfortably.

Of course on days where carbs were restricted, I would not consume this bar and my diet looks totally different. Value So this is on par with most "high grade" protein bars out there.

You can snag a box from bodybuilding. Obviously, if you can get a deal then it will be cheaper, or if you are at the grocery store buying one bar, they might sell it for cheaper. All in all, this is the same price point you are going to be paying for most protein bars. Side Effects none to report Conclusion So here we are, the conclusion. Do I think that this is a great bar?

Sure, but will this be the go-to bar that I buy? I still recommend this, because when it comes to products like this, everyone has different taste. The things I may not like about this could be the things that someone else enjoys. This is why the reviews are important. I like Fitcrunch bars, others don't which is completely fine. Plus my batch could have been harder than normal.

At the end of the day, I tip my hat to ProSupps for stepping up and trying to make a great tasting bar to compete with Quest. Because let's be honest, Quest has been the one who has been wearing the crown in this category, and I feel like if they get some competition it might make them create some changes for the positive or get creative with the product. I would definitely tell folks to give this bar a try and see what they think for themselves, and if you are looking for a particular flavor to try out I would recommend the confetti cake flavor or the Ice Cream Cookie Crunch.

Ice Cream Cookie Crunch: I feel spoiled that FiberDX was my first experience with a fiber supplement. Thanks to Barndad Nutrition for sending it out! Introduction Admittedly I'm a novice when it comes to fiber supplements.

I've always figured I would benefit from one, especially considering my fiber intake is relatively low, but for whatever reason have never added one to my supplement stack. Ingredient Profile The FiberDX product I received contained 14g of fiber derived from both soluble and insoluble fiber sources, as well as 13g of protein, 1g carbohydrates, and 1.

On the whole, the profile of BFDX is far more complete and robust than your standard fiber supplement. I pulled this content straight from the FDA website that summarizes the benefits of each type of fiber: Soluble fiber can help lower low-density lipoprotein LDL or "bad" cholesterol levels in the blood, while also slowing digestion and the rate at which carbohydrates and other nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream.

This can help control the level of blood glucose often referred to as blood sugar by preventing rapid rises in blood glucose following a meal. Insoluble fiber provides "bulk" for stool formation and speeds up the movement of food and waste through the digestive system, which can help prevent constipation. Both soluble and insoluble fiber make you feel full, which may help you eat less and stay satisfied longer.

I wasn't sure what to expect here and I was surprised on all fronts. The shake mixes up relatively smoothly with only a slight grittiness, and that was just mixing by hand in a shaker cup with 24oz. A creamy chocolate cake flavor that is better than a lot of straight up protein supplements I've tried.

Also, is delicious by itself but can be easily combined with other chocolate protein powders. The instructions said to drink a shake 15 minutes prior to a meal. I did as directed which meant I was drinking this down right before dinner. I experimented a bit with how frequently I took this product. I was hoping to stretch out the tub by taking a dose once every two or three days, but as I explain in the Effectiveness section below, that ultimately proved to not be the most efficient usage of this supplement.

I sometimes have issues with loose stools but had no such problems when I was consistently taking this product. Movements were fuller and more relieving. I did quickly learn that I needed to consistently dose one scoop of BFDX each day to maintain these effects though. I did not experience near the same level of smoothness and regularity when I tried taking one scoop every other or every third day.

Given that I practice an IF eating protocol, I don't generally have any issues with hunger or cravings. I did notice a small decrease in appetite at dinner time, which is obviously to be expected considering I was slamming a shake right before sitting down to eat. Could definitely be a plus for someone who struggles with portion control. This performed exactly as promised with nearly no negative side effects. Value Fiber supplements have a wide price range. I wouldn't consider this "cheap", but you're basically paying for a high quality product that is more complete than competitor supplements.

It does the job and it does it well. And let's also not discount the fact you're getting 13g of protein per scoop, which is about the amount of protein in half a scoop of true protein powder and thus could allow for some wiggle room with general protein supplementation. Side Effects Notice I said "nearly" no side effects above.

There were a few days where I mistimed my shake and had it on an empty stomach closer to minutes prior to eating. When that happened I did notice a big spike in gas production. My wife was not happy. I will note I wasn't really uncomfortable or feeling bloated, it was just an aggressive farting session.

My 3 year old found it hilarious. Conclusion I liked this product a lot. I believe it would be a beneficial addition to most individual's supplement stacks as it provides a host of general health benefits. While perhaps a bit expensive to take year round, I'm planning on grabbing a tub every now and then simply for digestive maintenance. A versatile and effective protein but Thanks to Purus Labs for sending it out!

Introduction I haven't been lifting real heavy or often but instead trying to maintain muscle mass and keep fat down while taking some time off from the fitness lifestyle. I decided to try a little bit of keto diets Ingredient Profile This being a keto product the carbs are almost non existent at 1g per scoop.

The protein is dosed at 20g of WPI which is a littlw lower than most protein supplements, but i have found that WPI really sits well with me and i tolerate it very well. Lastly thw fats are much higher than usual protein supplements, but they are from MCTs fir the pu Lastly thw fats are much higher than usual protein supplements, but they are from MCTs fir the purpose of supplying energy when your body is carb depleted.

I can say that it was a very pleasant taste, very smooth and not too overpowering the caramel aspect was very good and really stood out. I used this in coffee and as a protein shake snack. And i never had any issues with mixing. Effectiveness As a coffee creamer this was effective in adding a significant amount of proteinband a slight flavor kick to my morning beverage without having to eat anything.

As a shake this satisfied my hunger pains and kept me feeling full for several hours. My digestive system handled this fairly well but i did have a little stomach discomfort on a few occasions from the mct's im assuming. For special situations i could see using this, but as a staple i think it would be a little too expensive. Conclusion I have been curious about this product since it 1st came out and i can say it didnt disappoint.

Thanks to purus labs fir putting out another above average product and allowing us troopers to try it out. Premier Protein Shake Premier Nutrition. I use whey protein post workout, but I've been buying these from Costco the past year or so, mainly to have on the go when I'm at work or traveling. I have taken this a few times as post workout protein, but for the most part I don't like to use this post workout protein as I feel there are better options out there and the whey products that I use are more suited for a post workout protein, so I use this product as more of a convenient on the go protein.

It's not refrigerated at Costco, and when you buy it you can either keep it in the fridge to drink cold, or you can keep it out and drink it warm. The Taste is okay, not terrible, I've had the Vanilla, Chocolate, and Bananas and cream flavor, and all tasted decent.

Mixability - You don't really mix it. However, I have to say, I bought several cases of this throughout the past year, and all but 1 were very good - a consistent fluid. Some of them were just undrinkable. I called the company to report this, and they were very helpful and sent me a refund check for this bad batch. Effectiveness I don't have this daily, and I don't have it as my post workout drink, but I would consume it while on the go, sometimes I'll bring it to work in the morning and drink it as part of a quick breakfast.

This product is effective for helping me reach my protein intake for the day, and sometimes when having just this in the AM when I'm busy, it helps keep me full and can suffice as a quick and convenient breakfast. This also helps me with vitamin intake. Again, not my go to post workout protein, but usually on a day off from the gym and when I'm on the go, this helps me reach my protein intake for the day. Also, the fact that you don't have to keep it refrigerated and it's ready to drink, makes it easy to reach my protein for the day if I'm going away for a day or 2, as this is easier to pack.

Value The Value here isn't too good. A bit pricey, and again, why it's better suited as a convenient on the go protein in my opinion. Side Effects None to report Conclusion This is a good convenient protein, but not the best post workout protein. It's a combination of casein and whey proteins, with 24 vitamins and minerals. For me I can make an pack last about a month or a bit more because I use this for convenience and not as my daily protein supplement.

But as your regular source of a post workout supplement, this isn't the product to go with for that. Quality main ingredients at an affordable price. Thanks to NutraBio for sending it out! Introduction As yoh can tell from. While on it i wanted to keep things simple so i grabbed this. Ingredient Profile 3 ingredients clinically dosed and with nutrabio you know youre getting quality.

I'm a big fan of glutamine because along with its other effects i feel like it really helps my immune system, whi I'm a big fan of glutamine because along with its other effects i feel like it really helps my immune system, which is very important in southeast Texas during the winter months.

Never a bad taste to me but very weak like watered down koolaid. Mixing was never an issue and as for dosing i would take this in place of my normal pre workout. Effectiveness After going several months without any supplements other than this and a protein.

I feel like my system was clear. Also taking a break from lifting i feel like gauging recovery benefits will be better too. After some really good workouts to start back i could tell that i was less sore when using this.

The taurine helped with mid workout cramps as well. In the days before starting back fully i was getting some pretty bad leg and foot cramps from next to nothing. This seemed to really help. Yeh they are all 3 rather cheap ingredients, but you know with nutrabio you are getting lab tested and pure ingredients. Side Effects None Conclusion Nutrabio can always be counted on for supplements from complex pre's to simple single ingredient supplements such as this. I apologize for my hiatus from supplements and fitness, with that said looking forward to coming bavk to the community.

What do we have here? New England's bipolar weather patterns There are a lot of places we go and people we come in contact with that are ridden with germs just waiting to get us sick. New England's winters seem to make it especially difficult to avoid it with the wild weather swings and so many people in a small geographic area. So when I see products like this offered on the dash, then look over at my son who seems to have an ever-present stream off snot hanging from his nose from October to April, I like to sign myself up and pray it works.

So, thank you Vital 4U for participating on SR. Ingredient Profile The main ingredient is obviously Vitamin C. V-4U has 1-upped competitors like Airborne and Emergen-C by offering mg of the immune-boosting vitamin, instead of the mg offered by the other two in similar products.

Also found in this are hearty doses of B6 and B12, and a moderate dose of zinc. The B's might help give you a little extra energy and have a synergistic benefit for immune support alongside the C and Zinc; but really this stuff is all about the Vitamin C and delivering it in the simplest means possible.

Nada, it's pre-mixed and ready to go. Too much Vitamin C can give you a canker sore Taste: There is a little bit of a chemical aftertaste, but it was better than I expected it to be. There's almost a bubbly texture when it hits your tongue as well. Generally speaking, it tastes like your everyday generic orange flavor. Totally drinkable, but you'll never be craving it. Effectiveness So, this section might depend mostly on you.

Some people respond better to Vitamin C than others. Unfortunately, this section will also be pretty short because there really just isn't much to cover. I signed up for and started taking this because I didn't want to get sick. I'd gotten a couple bugs of late and felt another one coming on when the package arrived. I drank one right away and felt better immediately placebo effect , however the bug stayed away. While taking these consistently, I continued to not get sick despite my wife and son both getting sick multiple times.

I guess this shouldn't be a surprise though-- Vitamin C is probably the first "supplement" we were introduced to as kids.

I remember my dad telling me to drink my orange juice as a kid so I wouldn't get sick. I think what we really need to do here to gauge effectiveness is to measure the application alongside the competitors, Emergen-C and Airborne. Between the three, the differences are negligible but the key take away is that Vitamin C Drink is pre-mixed. With the other two, you'll need water to dissolve it. I think it gives Vitamin C Drink a slight edge, but slight is all it is.

The likelihood of being somewhere where you can't find some water is unlikely. The germaphobe in my also felt a little uncomfortable putting something to my lips that could have been touched, dropped, who knows. The edge for Vitamin C Drink is going to be travelers and people on-the-go I think.

People who are on public transport and don't want to mix something. It would be really easy to slip this in a computer back or backpack to take on the go without needing to find a cup, water bottle, or faucet. For people at home, I think Emergen-C and Airborne are going to have the edge. The main reason is the taste is slightly worse in Vitamin C Drink again only slightly , and the value. Let's dip into that. Value Vitamin C Drink is not expensive, but it isn't the best value in the category either.

Airborne is more expensive than both. Side Effects No side effects Conclusion Overall, this is a great and easy way to deliver a hefty dose of Vitamin C whenever you need it.

It's portable, leak-free, and decently tasty. However, there are other options available that are less expensive if you're willing to do the mixing on your own. If you're a big fan of Emergen-C, I'd give this a try to see how it compares and fits into your life.

As for me, I could see myself doing both and keeping a few of these in my work bag in case I feel compelled to use it, while keeping the Emergen-C or Airborne at home because they're a little cheaper and a little tastier to me. Again, thanks to Vital 4U for giving me the opportunity to give it a shot.

I definitely enjoyed this new mousetrap they've built and appreciate them helping me stay healthy through the winter! A Good Nootropic at a Competitive Price. Ingredient Profile Huperzine-A mcg: Is a cognitive enhancer and may be useful in fighting cognitive decline. Dosage tends to be in the range of mcg daily.

Here we got mcg which is a good dose. Citicoline is a nootropic that converts to both choline and cytidine upon ingestion Examine. Uses the patented version Cognizin. Standard dosing of Citicoline is to take , mg. It provides neuroprotection, anti-cancer effects, increased power output and helps with anxiety. Again a patented version Sensoril. The lowest effective dose for acute usage of ashwagandha is mg to mg. Mostly used for energy. The standard dose for CoQ10 is generally 90mg for a low dose and mg for the higher dose.

Dosage is between - mg per day. Turmeric Root Extract mg: Curcumin C3 Complex patented version which contains Bioperine for extra absorption. Helps with nervous system function, liver function, the body's use of oxygen and athletic performance. Dosage depends on many factors. Grape skin extract 50mg: Appears to exert anti-estrogenic effects and may enhance blood flow.

Reduces anxiety and improves memory function. Taking it on an empty stomach may cause side effects like nausea, cramping, bloating, and diarrhea. The standard dose for Bacopa monnieri is mg. We have a little more than half here. It appears to reduce fatigue and exhaustion in prolonged stressful situations. Acute usage of rhodiola for fatigue and anti-stress has been noted to be taken in the mg range. Green tea leaf extract 40mg: Green tea is cardioprotective and neuroprotective.

Helps with fat burning but on high doses mg. Some of the ingredients are underdosed here but maybe their combination will have some effect. One serving is 2 capsules, best taken with a meal in the morning. Effectiveness I took them on the morning with meal as instructions suggest. Haven't tried it in gym. I immediately noticed some energy increase. It was smooth and calming, definitely not feeling like a crack-head.

Lasted for hours. Sometimes i have morning grogginess and it was significantly reduced. Not totally disappeared but way better as without Neurella. No laser focus but good nonetheless. I haven't noticed any side effects. I used only one serving so the price is 0. Pretty good price for what it offers you. Conclusion If you want a good nootropic this might do the job.

Thanks for reading my review. Ripped adds some nice additions to your normal 5g BCAA powder, and tastes freaking great! Beast Sports is a new company supplement company for me try so let's roll through my thoughts on this product after running through a tub of it. Namely, the standard 2: Since these are medium chain triglycerides as opposed to long chain they are absorbed faster in the body and converted to energy quicker.

The effect of this is supposed to be a production of ketones that make the body burn off stored body fat, hence resulting in fat loss. From all the data I can gather, this is still a pretty vague claim and more research needs to be done to prove it definitively as the relationship might not be causal and much of the research that has been done focused on their use on obese persons, not athletes.

Its good for you. No seriously, it is. Lots of studies show that it has good effects on fat loss and the metabolism. Additionally, it has other benefits like antioxidants and maybe even anti-carcinogenic properties. Oh yeah, and no real side effects, it's a good thing to have. Wish there was more. It's good, you don't get coconut that often in many sups and this one is pretty strong.

It started out a bit jarring as I get much more coconut than cream in here. After the first few days, it became my favorite thing to drink as I am pretty tired of the regular fruit punch, vanilla, and chocolate most sups are flavored with. Mixability is pretty good, just a few quick shakes in a bottle doesn't even need a blender bottle and you're good to go. Dosing on this product, sadly, isn't the strong suit. Most of the studies that I have seen that show the benefits are dosages of over 3g a day.

Most CLA supplements sold recommend the same dosage. I appreciate the insertion into the sup as a whole, but it's really more of an add-on than a primary ingredient for effect.

The effectiveness of BCAAs is always a little bit in the eye of the beholder but I think it did its job as an intra workout powder well enough. I typically take 7g of BCAAs in my intra but this effect was about the same I'm working to cut now not bulk so my lifts haven't been huge in any case. As a sup before fasted cardio, I think this product shines brighter. In the weeks I used it like this, I didn't feel like I was losing any strength on my lifting days and my weight drop moved along like I hoped it would.

It definitely wasn't only this product, but I think the MCTs did do what they were supposed to do and help me burn off some of my bodyfat and provide some energy during the longer runs. For comparison, the roughly 20 days I ran this I lost 5lbs of total weight compared to 3lbs on the same workout plan in the previous 3 weeks.

Again, that's a very small sample size so I can't credit that all on this product but it did seem to have a noticeable effect My guess is that since I had carbs to burn going into my lifting sessions, my body still wanted to burn them off but with fasted cardio, the effect was more pronounced, hard to say for sure but that's my guesswork. For comparison, Beast has their 2: The inclusion of the MCT powder is a little more intriguing. This additive seems all over the map when you look for it on Amazon.

Like most combo sups, if you are willing to buy ingredients separately and mix yourself, you can beat the per serving price. For myself, this product has made me more of a believer in the value of MCTs and I like getting them in a convenient BCAA powder plus the pretty fantastic coconut taste.

Since this is a newer product, I haven't seen any sales yet. Its an ok, but not great, value at the retail price so I might get some more of this product again regardless, but I'll be keeping my eyes out for deals to start showing up. Side Effects None, easy to drink, easy on the body. I like what Beast did here with this, they kept out most other additives that make BCAA powders into pseudo pre or intra workout sups and kept it fairly simple.

Im a believer and I'll be looking at this in the future when on a cut and doing fasted cardio and would recommend it for that use. Thanks to VMI Sports for sending it out! I do not have time to make a breakfast and protein powders fit my lifestyle very well. I have tried many different kinds and forms throughout the years, and typically find myself coming back to the same staples. The usually involve whey protein blends with concentrates and isolates here and there depending on my goal changes.

At the moment I am on slightly lower calories, so this isolate fit right in with my goals. Ingredient Profile First of all, you gotta love the quality of this protein. It is a non-GMO cold processed Isolate with added enzymes. VMI uses an open label, which is nice to see, and you could clearly see the breakdown of the added ingredients.

The only thing missing would be the breakdown of the added ingredients like flavourings and sweeteners. To be fair thought, not many powders have this. Being an isolate, the macronutrient breakdown is very good, as expected.

There are very little fillers added once you consider the weight of the added enzymes. The breakdown is as follows. For calories, and 25 grams of protein in each I was given the Strawberry flavour to try out. This would not be my flavour of choice. I tend to stick with the chocolates and peanut butter flavours. That being said, I actually really enjoyed the taste and texture of this protein. It was light and fluffy and perfect to blend into smoothies with almond milk. I don't have much experience with fruit flavoured protein powders but this was the best one I have tried yet.

I had no issues here. Like most powders, it required vigorous shaking to get going but stayed consistent throughout with little to no graininess left behind. For less than 30g of powder, you get 25g of protein. That is tough to beat.

There are 25 servings in each container and that is pretty typical. Effectiveness Effectiveness is tricky when dealing with protein powders. We all know that they are not necessary in order to achieve the results we are after. They do however, help us fill the gaps in our nutrition. Depending on your goals cut or bulk , you need a certain amount of protein each day. Sometimes it is more convenient to use a powder to fill those needs.

Other times, your calories do not let you have other forms of proteins. In that regards, this product worked as intended. It is especially suited for those with restricted calories as there are hardly and carbs or fats. With realistic expectations, I'd say that this is a very good product. It does what it should do if you expect it to help fill in the gaps in your diet.

This is the same price ad Nutrabio's competitor. Even thought it is a great product with a great taste, It is a little too pricey for me and I would usually choose a cheaper option. It is great for those on low budget calories and to fill your daily needs. I do recommend it, thought if you can afford it. The Intra-Elite supplement that will fuel your workouts.

Thanks to Prime Nutrition for sending it out! I also would like to thank them for there support of the SR Troops program. This is there new version of Intra-Elite I never tired the old one so I'm not sure how effective it is as and intra product. Now let's see how this product turns out. The mixability was fine too no issues with it.

Dosing was to take 2 scoops during your first working exercise. Effectiveness Everyone has those days at the gym where you aren't feeling it. Well this intra-aid prodcut by prime nutrition will help overcome that feeling.

This product also gave me a great boost of extra enegry durning my workouts to help fuel me to the very end. It also helped improve my recovery time after each workout which im greatful for because I'm a welder full time and i also have a part-time so every bit of recovery time helps. The main ingredient of 30g of cluster dextrin has always worked great for me. Anytime i take a prodcut with this ingredient the results have been amazing.

It always gives me a nice extra boost of energy to help me get though my workout. I've tried all different types of intra-aid products and this one is a must have for all your workout needs. Value The cheapest place I could find it at was elite nutrition where a 30 serving goes for Side Effects zero Conclusion If you are in the market for a new intra-aid workout product try prime nutrition intra-elite.

The results I got from this product was amazing. The only downside would be the cost which will add up quickly. Guns of Steel SteelFit. Transdermal Localized Hulk Effect. Thanks to SteelFit for sending it out! It looks like they are putting out some solid products! I saw Guns of Steel and thought it sounded like an interesting product, so I decided to give it a shot. I really wasn't sure what to expect, and after using it I have some mixed feelings about it, but overall it was definitely effective and lived up to its claims.

Ingredient Profile The other two reviews written prior to this one reference Citrulline and Resistem, but neither mention Ingredient Profile The other two reviews written prior to this one reference Citrulline and Resistem, but neither mentions caffeine.

All neural degenerate in the distal stump and terminal portion of the proximal stump B. Axoplasmic filaments arise from the proximal stump in an attempt to recannulate the distal Schwann cell tube C After appropriate recannulation, all axoplasmic migration is directed into the distal fragment for regeneration D. Needle electrodes are placed within muscle tissue and electrical activity for that area is recorded EMG.

Additional data may be gained by producing an electrical stimulus that is applied to a nerve. The time needed for the impulse to transverse the nerve trunk and produce a response of the muscle is recorded and reported as a nerve conduction velocity.

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Adjunct epineural sutures may or may not be added. The cuff length should not exceed 8 mm to 10 mm for optimum results.

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anabolic amplifier beyond raw

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