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Start slowly cutting calories. There are such things as hypertrophy ranges which help build muscle but you also can get big muscles from low reps as well. When I began this program back on November 7th, , I was out of shape. I will be the first to tell you to spend money on some good meats than a jug of protein.


Started the 5 day program today super keen for this work out Thanks Cutty. This gives your body everything it needs to grow those muscles. Clinical trials on humans, involving either oral doses of methyltestosterone or injections of testosterone propionate , began as early as Once you start getting to the point where things just seem so heavy, start cutting out the extras and see how it helps. I just started back to working out again 2 months ago. BIg Swoll Jan 18, at The key is to find something you have the time for and can work at consistently.

The rep goal system is somewhat loosely defined, it is mostly used to ensure you progress some way in your routine all of the time. Gaining a rep or two a week on the same weight may not sound like much, but when you start getting to heavy heavy weight, gaining 5 pounds is actually pretty good. Ab workouts are always good. So yes, you can add in ab exercises into your routine as you wish.

You could also add them in on your day s off, it is mostly up to preference. Check out this article , it is about the best muscle building foods. Anything with a good source of protein, a good amount of dietary fats and some carbs is great for post workout. Some people get upset stomachs if they eat directly after training, but if I could get food in me sooner than I do now I would.

This is a face pull , this is a pull up. The face pull works your rear delts, traps and other parts of your upper back while a pull up hits your lats, biceps, etc. Face pulls are important because every pressing movement we do, in order to keep our shoulders healthy, we need to pull and work the rear delt.

Hey cutty,im very new to all the gym stuff ,is the rep goal for all the sets combined or for each set? The sets listed are called your working sets. Barbell rows, pull ups, and deadlifts all hit your biceps. Add in some bicep work if you would like, but I would not recommend anything more than 4 sets of 12 on direct bicep work. For the rep goals you have given, they seem pretty high.

Do you want to hit that goal on each set or is that a total rep goal for that exercise? If you get more than 25 you will move weight up next week. From what I know ankle weights are not bad on joints or ligaments.

As for growing taller, I think you may have hit your peak. Some people still grow in their 20s but I do not think you will see 2 or 3 more inches.

Good luck with that! If i use this work out routine how long will it take before i start seeing very noticeable results? Start slow and steady with this routine and start increasing the amount of good whole foods you eat and within a month or two you will start noticing your body recompositioning. Within 6 months you will have gained a lot of strength and muscle and by 1 year you will have people asking you how the hell have you made so many gains.

Regarding pull ups, is 24 reps a little too much to ask for? My gym only has a shoulder press machine with cable, is this ok to replace military press? Also, do I need to add exercises to isolate abs to this routine to work on getting a six pack? There is no replacement for a squat but leg presses can be used.

If you have no bar and rack to do any barbell overhead press, I would advise dumbbell overhead pressing, but machines would be third on the list. Abs are from having a strong core and low bodyfat percentage. Do you have your own videos to explain each exercise? Congratulations on starting the routine with a friend. This routine is actually designed so that you can run this year round with the rep goal system.

I usually will run mine for 12 weeks and see where my sticking points are. Work capacity is different for every person. So basically 2 days on, 1 off, 2 on 2 off. This routine is intended to get you stronger and have a functional athletic body. Is there an inbetween? Lean muscle is just the saying for muscle.. Muscle is muscle, but the hypertrophy range reps makes your muscles appear larger because of the amount of blood being pumped into the muscle which stretches the myofascia which is like a thin lining around your muscle.

I use 8 reps on some people, it seems to be a good medium of heavy with some reps and gives you plenty of time under tension. Some workouts I have a 3 set, 24 rep goal which is generally 3 sets of 8 is the goal.

No matter what you do as long as you strive towards putting more weight on the bar, recovering properly, and eating right, you will gain muscle and strength. Also, it is must to complete it in given set? The reason for the rep goal scheme is so that you can lift maximal weights and gauge progress. You should be barely able to squeeze out that last rep on the last set. Thank you, I will work on gathering videos and images of what exercises they are and make it so you can click on the exercise to see how it is done!

I just wanted to know what the goal of this workout is. It looks really great but I wanted to know if this workout will help build muscle and definition or just strength? I also want to know if we will be able to see external changes.

This workout is built on the foundation of building aesthetic muscle and building athletic strength. This means that you will be able to grow muscles like a bodybuilder and have usable strength in and outside of the gym. Eating properly and getting enough recovery between sessions is guaranteed to give you some great muscle gains and a lot of strength. Calves are used on every big compound lift. Feel free to add in some calf work on Workout A. The reason I do not have direct calf work because most people I see that do direct calf work never grow calves, but people who have heavy squats and deadlifts have beefy legs and calves; it just comes with the territory.

Any form of activity that gets your heart rate elevated is great to use. I encourage people to do things they enjoy doing for cardio, instead of dreading cardio and more likely to skip it. Play basketball, hit a heavy bag, use a cardio machine, run outside.. Whatever it is, enjoy it and realize that you are on a journey to doing something great! Hey Cutty, Thanks for your valuable post in here.

I have taken up your exercise routine and I am happy to see the results already, and also as advised I am doing the abs in my day offs, also I have added calf, forearm exercises too. Is it okay or should I do those on regular workout days? Adding these exercises in are okay as long as you are able to recover properly.

Once you start getting really fatigued and unable to complete your lifts because of fatigue, reassess what you are adding in. You will build forearms from all pulling and rowing motions, you will build calves on heavy deadlifts and squats. Keep doing what you are doing and listen to your body, you will get some valuable information from it.

I just started the program and have one question. Is there any set rest times between sets when trying to reach the rep goal for each exercise? The rest times is really just when you are ready. I find 30 seconds to 3 minutes between sets depending on the exercise works best for me. And I have no idea what to do or where to start.

Nothing will get you hurt quicker than going to the gym trying to do what you used to be able to do. Getting active and changing back to a healthier and lower calorie intake lifestyle will start to get you lean.

I would recommend any of my programs including this one , this one , this one , or this one. Start out with just getting active and learning the exercises with just the bar.

So no matter what you do to start, start by starting. If it is going to the different gyms and seeing what would work for you, maybe just walking and trying a couple random machines. Anything to get the thought process and body in motion is going to be a good start. Squats, rows, pull ups, and deadlifts are all bicep builders.

If you run the program and you find that you are recovering well, add in a few sets of curls 2 days a week. My clients are happy with the muscle and strength gains they get off of this routine without direct bicep work.

My aim is to reduce weight upto 70 kg and build good body. Which exercise should I do. Please prepare a exercise chart which shuit my goal which I can perform in gym. Pls also prepare my diet chart. I was wondering if I should be feeling exhausted after each exercise? Back then I have only done 3 months of gym total I used to do biceps and I often feel that I can do another whole two sets. The rep goal scheme works and is proven because you are progressively overloading.

Is it okay if I made this a 4 day gym routine for 6 days instead of a week? This way I can squeeze in more workout days into a month. I am about and trying to lose weight. Of course ANY resistance training is going to give you a stronger and faster metabolism to burn bodyfat, which is good.

Choose something that will bring you to the gym and challenge you, clean up your diet some and you are going to like the results. Pick your favorite and stick with it. I just started this program after some significant time off from lifting.

I have been focused on running and weight loss and kind of ignored the lifting portion. So far, I love it. Great to hear man. My gym does not have a lot of free weights, basically just dumbells up to 65 lbs. What is your recommedation for doing Deadlifts and Barbell rows?

Would a Smyth Machine work??? Since you are limited in equipment, I would invite you to check out this routine. Can you advise on how I can improve in this area? Really just increasing the weight and working on getting better with pulling.

Work on building all of your rows including your barbell rows. Doing the exercise and progressing in weight or reps will eventually get you able to do pull ups. Can you help me out. Any of my workouts would be great for you man, just pick one that you can allocate some time for and run with it! Love the power shrugs. I did them last night and tried to pull my shoulders up to the tops of my ears. I can feel it in my entire upper back today. I was reading some of your other posts and noticed that you said this particular workout is good for building strength, not necessarily building muscle.

What is the difference? I was to get stronger, but I also want to have the shoulder size I had when I was 20 and still playing ball. Would I be better off switching routines, or should I stay with this for 12 weeks and then change over? Without getting technical, building strength means making your nervous system able to recruit more muscle to do a lift.

Building muscle is forcing blood into the muscle, causing hypertrophy. When you build muscle, you get stronger, and when you get stronger, you build muscle. Congrats on the choice. You should take some before and after pics so you can really see the changes. No need to share them unless you want to, but I think you will be shocked how much of a transformation 12 weeks will give you. Cutty, I like the work out plan, going to start this one tomorrow. Huge question that no one touches on.

I have tried weight gainer shakes, calorie shakes 3 times a day eating 10 peanut butter jelly sandwiches for lunch, anything and everything that people have recommended. Yet still I see myself at this weight. Aside from the last option that people tell me steroids do you think the usual eating and working out will suffice? Or to your knowledge is there something else I can do in addition to this? Your response is appreciated.

How long did you spend trying to gain weight? I think if you know how many calories you need to eat to maintain weight, add about calories a day to that consistently and record your progress for at least 4 weeks. Would you reccommend HIIT for cardio? Also i work graveyard shifts, do i train in the morning before bed, or at night before I go in? Thanks for the help! HIIT will be good for conditioning yes. You will gain power and explosiveness from strength training and then you need conditioning training so you can have better ability to run longer and faster and generally a healthier life.

The way the routine is designed is enough for arm development. You grow huge triceps from heavy pressing and big biceps from huge deadlifts and rowing. Train when you feel the best. I always would train after work and once I started training in the mornings before school and work and I never went back to training at the end of my day. Train when you can and when you feel the best. Thanks for the help. You reccommend abs done on only days off besides planks? So if you eat enough and get plenty of sleep you are fine doing the exercises whenever it best suits your schedule.

Thanks a lot Cutty, I can really appreciate the work your putting into this along with the diligent responses. I just spent the last week working off the 7 lbs I gained on vacation over Christmas. This workout helped a great deal in that little adventure. I have been on this program for 8 weeks and I love it.

I have seen significant gains in many areas of my workout. However, I am still struggling with a couple of things. Number one, my Bench. I used to bench a ton of weight, hitting my chest twice a week. Would you reccommend a supplemental exercise on bench days that could help light a spark? Secondly, I think I have been doing Lateral raises incorrectly. I start with the weight in front, elbows bent. I look around the gym and see other guys starting with the weight on the side, elbows straight.

I check the internet and get every variation in between. I was curious as to what you reccomend. Oh, lastly, the leg press. My gym has standing, seated, 45 degree. Again, thanks for everything. I love this workout. I originally planned on doing it for 12 weeks and then switching things up, but now I think I may stick with it a while longer.

What do you think? Glad to hear things are going well. There are a couple of things I will invite you to try and see which you like. First, does the shoulder injury hurt when you bench or did you just lose the power and strength in the bench press?

If it hurts in the bench I might suggest purchasing a Slingshot to help keep the shoulder more protected. There are a few different ones like the catapult and something else but all of them are similar. Those will help keep your shoulder protected and actually will help you press more and overload your lockout too. If your shoulder is fine, I would suggest replacing the lateral raises with another bench session. Maybe go a little lighter and do 3 sets of 8 or 10 and see how that works.

A lot of times a heavy pressing day and a rep pressing day each week helps some people. Basically touch chest, count one thousand one, say press in your head and then press. This is going to stimulate lots of growth and help get you some power. Try all of the above, but I think you might be best off with 2 bench sessions a week if your shoulder is healthy and up for it. Honestly just run this as long as you can.. Cutty, thanks again for the advice.

The shoulder does not hurt when I bench, I just lost power. I figure that I am still hitting the whole shoulder pretty hard with the military press. What about the leg press, any suggestions on which machine is better over all?

I appreciate all that you do for us out here in the cloud. Use whatever leg press you feel best with. I always liked the 45 degree ones with sleds but we also have one that is kind of like the 45 but it hinges instead of slides and that one is ok too. The standing one is more like a hack squat which is a completely different movement.

Thanks for the kind words.. Hi im in the gym times a week. I do a basic work out but not sure that what im doing is right for me? Im 26 years old , 82 kg, eat a good diet. But with a bit of all upper, arms , core and legs? Check out any of my workouts and find one that you can fit into your routine. The key is to find something you have the time for and can work at consistently. I saw that in your motivational post and it really hit home with me.

I am a teacher, a husband and a father of two small kids. Making time to workout, prepare healthy meals, coach little league, make it to ballet on time, spend time with my wife, grade papers, is a daily challenge.

But man, I love it. Thanks for all your help and advice. Let that one sink in with you. You have a full plate, but I think you will find the motivation and the way to accomplish everything you need. Any truth to the idea that higher reps yield a more define physique? Or does that stem from diet and cardio? You will need to start running in a small calorie deficit and start burning off some body fat to start seeing more definition. There are such things as hypertrophy ranges which help build muscle but you also can get big muscles from low reps as well.

At the risk of sounding like an adolescent girl…I want to make my chest a bit bigger. I pair incline DB press with my bench and flys, but was wondering if you could recommend another exercise to assist in this area.

Are you eating at a caloric surplus? Your muscles are torn down in the gym and rebuilt outside of the gym. I get roughly calories daily, mostly protein and leafy, green veggies.

All my carbs come in the way of whole grain. I also supplement with whey isolate. I average about 6 hours a night, so I guess I will work on that. Thanks for all the tips. Sleep is where your body recovers the most. I would definitely try to aim for 8 hours. Several guys some of which are pretty huge, do nothing but half-reps on most of their exercises.

Same thing on military press. Am I missing something here? Is there a benefit to this type of lift or is it mostly for show. I realize that lifting is a one-man show…to each his own, but my competitive side is having a hard time with it.

Half reps and not using full range of motion is only something I would only recommend to elite lifters who are extremely advanced and use things like board presses to overload their lockouts, etc.

Also when you look at these guys that are huge, look at the physical size of them, how long they have been lifting, etc. I think if you stay going and working on getting stronger, eat healthy and recover..

Last question of the day…Creatine. What are your thoughts? Does creatine fit into this plan or should I just keep with the protein? Sorry for the delay, got distracted today.

Creatine is great it helps with recovery and should increase performance in the gym. Things are going great with my routine. I have seen steady gains in most areas and am genuinely happy with the manner in which I have been progressing.

I have learned to live and work through most of them, however sometimes they are exacerbated by certain exercises. I have chronic tendonitis in my triceps and skullcrushers cause some serious inflammation. I have been researching an alternative exercise but wanted your opinion as to something I substitute that will still target the muscle properly. While on the subject of arms, I know that the biceps grow and define quite nicely with simply by doing my normal workouts and compound lifts, but hey, summer will be here soon enough and a little tone and definition in the arms never hurt anyone, so what is your favorite bi exercise?

BTW — Deadlifts are quickly becoming my favorite exercise. I set a long term goal of lbs and really feel that in two years time I can get there.

Bench is on the rise, but I saw some old dude throw up like it was nothing and it felt like a drop kick to my ego. I bench twice a week, once with the 25 rep goal and then again on shoulder day with lighter weight and higher reps. Both are flat bench.

Would incorporating incline bench help to increase power and strength? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I finally had time to sit down and type it out. Look forward to hearing from you. Glad to hear that things are progressing well. With the skull crushers, find something that works for you. See how you like a close grip bench.

That has some good carryover to bench as well. I find a lot of people like to match dumbbell incline bench with their flat bench and it seems to help build a pretty good strength and muscle base. When I began this program back on November 7th, , I was out of shape. I took too many years off at the gym to be worth a damn. Now, I have never been able to do a pull-up, so when I began this routine I knew I was in for a tough time.

My first time doing them I had to use the assisted pull-up machine set at lbs. I was able to get 23 of the 24 reps. I remained stuck on that for 3 weeks. This past week I was able to get 20 of 24 reps unassisted, relying on nothing but my own strength for the first time in my life. And I have also added lbs to my dead lift in the same amount of time. Thanks again for your help. Cutty, I have developed an issue with my neck. It seems that I have a pinched nerve somewhere that is going to need some chiropractic care to cure.

The only time I notice a negative effect on my lifting is during military press. My shoulder gets numb and tingling, all down my arm. It lasts about 15 seconds and goes away, but there is a definite loss of strength. What exercise do you recommend as a substitute so I can give my neck a chance to rest and reduce the inflammation, while at the same time, get the pump I am looking for in my shoulders.

Hit an inversion table, it might actually help you out. I know a lot of people that shift or pull something and it helps.. Try to see if a higher dumbbell incline works like a 60 degree it will help hit your delts with some help from pecs. Ask your doctor or a professional about inversion table and foam rolling. Cutty, How can I tell if I am over training? I am way more tired and sore than I have been in the past.

Try to get some extra food in and get some more sleep. I forgot, have you added anything extra in before you started to get fatigued out? Work on still pushing great reps, you should start to feel a difference next week this time. I have added at least one supplemental exercises to each lifting day and I cardio train 3 days a week minimum. Most of my fatigue is in my upper body, but lately, I have soreness in the lower body as well, not typical muscle soreness, im used to that.

The joints in my knees and hips are on fire lately. I think some extra rest is a good idea, but I wont feel right doing nothing. Looking forward to your article. Let me know how you feel in a couple weeks, I bet you feel good afterwards. The 4 day gym work out is comin along really well. Military press style I feel very off balance…, thanks for all the help bro!

You can alternate front squats and cleans in. Hold the bar for front squats however works best for you man. Cutty, Hey man I started doing this program and I have a couple questions for you. Or I do abs after. Is this a problem as I may fatigue myself faster? Once you start getting to the point where things just seem so heavy, start cutting out the extras and see how it helps. Hey thanks man for the response I really appreciate it. What is the differences from cutting down the set number from what I use to do, about 20 sets per my routine compared to what you have for us here?

I want to build muscle and strength without neglecting anything. I guess maybe I feel this way because of the cut in sets? These extremely high volume sets you see the IFBB pros do are because of the gear they are on. Cutty, Well, I went to the orthopedic for the problem I have been having with my shoulder. He says I have a pinched nerve in my neck and need some physical therapy to fix it. He also said, no upper body lifts for weeks.

However, I do want to get better and I have noticed loss of strength because of the nerve issue. That being said, which exercises on this 4 day routine would you reccomend that I avoid?

I have gone off the deep end when it comes to eating. The last few nights I have gone carb crazy and have binged on dry cereal and chips two of my favorites…mmmm chips. Also, tips on controlling the beast binge attacks could probably do us all a lot of good.

I would listen to the doctor and lay off upper body lifts for the weeks. If pressing is what makes it strike that nerve, then maybe isolation work could be ok.

Know your goals and stick to them. Know your triggers and try to eat more fiber and foods with less calories. You could binge on two pounds of vegetables and only get like calories. I would suggest finding something that might be completely different from what you normally would try. Any type of vegetable would be great, I like granola but it can be a calorie packer as well as any type of nut. Come up with some ideas and see what kind of healthy low calorie snack you can make and let me know what you come up with!

Thanks for your advice. I feel better than I have in a long while. I keep adding weight to my DL and keep hitting my reps. Doc put me on cortisone for inflammation and ses to be working.

Still no luck on a healthy snack though. Damn chips are calling my name again. You should try to maybe take some ziplock bags and make individual servings.

Glad to hear health is feeling good. Keep getting the deadlift stronger. Make sure to rest for 60 seconds between each set. Find a weight that allows you to complete at least 15 reps. Make sure that you use good form, and are fatigued at the 15th rep.

If you find 15 reps easy, make sure to go up in weight next set. Go up in weight if you can do any more than 15 reps with good form. Also, the Brad Pitt workout is short because he is a hard gainer. This means he would focus on just one muscle group, then get out of the gym and onto the recovery phase. But I think you understand just fine. Would it be ok if i can only train 3 times a week to do 2 workouts back to back seen as they only take 30 mins,?

He wanted to only work a muscle group once, then give it the rest of the week to recover. For strength, reps at a very heavy weight is optimal. For size, reps with heavy weight is what science says is best. For lean muscle, reps is the way to go. This is why he used the 15 rep range. If your goal is pure strength, go for ; size ; lean muscle Also, diet is the key to the Brad Pitt workout.

Intermittent fasting is for people looking to lose weight. I would not use it if your primary goal is muscle gain. Still, you can look at the Hugh Jackman workout. Can I lift ligher weight so that I reach that number? Yes, 45 reps total. You can go down in weight if you need to. The best thing you can do is give yourself seconds of rest between sets. This should give you the strength you need. Can I do too much cardio and fat burn on a daily basis? Yea, easy gainers would have to do a lot more cardio work to get that chiseled.

The key to it all is diet. There is no limit in theory to how much cardio you can do. But, I would suggest min of intense HIIT interval training each day in addition to the workout. Doing a lot more is just going to burn you out over the long haul. So, just worry about sticking to your diet and taking it a day at a time.

Since Brad Pitt just works one muscle group per day, you can add a leg workout wherever you want. I suggest you do it on Wednesday. That will give you extra time to recover between the back and shoulder workouts. There is no source for this article, where is the proof that this is even the routine pitt used to get in shape for fight club?

It said he never went more then three hours without eating but in the diet instructions it said to only eat during an eight hour window so then he had to have consumed all meals then, right? Of there were an example schedule or a rough idea of when I could plan eating or whatnot that would be greatly appreciated. You want to eat every 3 hours, like Brad Pitt did. Just focus on eating clean food, as listed in the Brad Pitt Fight Club diet section.

The intermittent fasting approach is only for people who need to lower their total caloric intake to lose weight. As far as the diet is concerned.. Do you have a small snack in the mid afternoon and still have the protein shake in the evening? Yes, you want to keep your metabolism stoked. Drink a protein shake post-workout for sure. The only reason not to would be if whey protein affects your sleep. This is usually not the case, as casein protein is usually the culprit.

So, as long as your sleep is not affected, drink one post-workout. Does the protein shake have to be whey? I was talking to a personal trainer recently who told me that as long as you eat protein i.

I ask mainly because eating healthy can be expensive and I wonder if I can avoid buying both whey and casein protein. Sure, you can avoid both if you want to.

Whey protein is a staple in bodybuilding, because it is already broken down for quick absorption. Using whey protein, post-workout, is the quickest way to bring your body back into an anabolic muscle-building state. As you can see, whey is best when it comes to keeping your body in a muscle-building state. How come Brad Pitt seems to have such nice abs, but I have not seen any abs workout? And I am wondering if you can workout before lunch and what is time of the day it is decent to start with breakfast.

You can workout anytime you like. If you need to lose weight, then you can do empty stomach, early morning steady state cardio. This is the best way to burn fat and get your abs to show. I have been doing this exercise for about a week now, and I feel I could always be doing more than what I am doing, as I only spend about 35 minutes in the gym. Should I do 2 workouts in one day? The Fight Club workout is easy for some people. Instead, it was about focusing on one body part per day. For Pitt, diet is the key to the Fight Club workout.

I want to have his look but have size, he looks like he does have pretty alright muscles, not just ripped small ones. Should I follow it, but with 12 reps for more size. Eating every three hours in theory for always protein and carbs? Can i over do the protein or carbs? Do you recommend a suitable leg workout to fit this routine? Brad Pitt is a hard-gainer. Yes, protein and carbs every three hours.

The answer is different for everyone. Some experimentation, and maybe even getting My Fitness Pal app will help find the sweet spot for your individual case. See below for other workouts I suggest. Three months is a good time to stick to, and perfect, a routine.

After that you want to start looking for something different. You can always come back to it later. They are both similar to the Brad Pitt workout, but are more focused on adding size. They both also have great diet plans. Let me know how it works out. I just think maybe the cardio before every workout is too much? At least do 10 minutes. The goal is to get your heart rate up into the fat burning zone or higher , then maintain that by lifting back-to-back supersets.

You see people in the gym sitting there for way too long, bringing their heart rate back down. You want to keep moving. You can also do some cardio afterwards. Im lean already, just not my stomach, got a little belly, well maybe just a layer covering abs, cardio everyday? Seems like Joe said he was already pretty big and just cut down fat, I want to purely gain a good amount of lean muscle, will this still work, seems like too much cardio, ill end up and olympic marathon runner.

Feel free to cut down on the cardio. His goal was to get a six-pack, while getting even bigger. Cardio and diet are the recipe to six pack abs. Most of the cardio he is doing is at a low pace, for fat burning. HIIT is the best way to burn fat excluding early morning workouts on an empty stomach. OK, well i have the same goal to gain muscle and get abs, but i dont want to be as big as him, im trying to get to a body for modeling, not huge, but lean and defined.

So if i did only HIIT for cardio and the workouts would it work? The diet is fine, but i wonder if im eating enough? The cool thing is that the Magic Mike workout is a 2-week program, so you get a little variety going back and forth. Do cardio whenever you prefer it. I generally like to hit the iron first, then cardio after. Brad Pitt is a hard gainer, so he only does cardio once a week. HIIT is probably fine, but if you want to lose more, then do the slow-cardio, too.

It seems no matter what I eat I stay the same size. But there is a layer over my bottom abs. Also after finishing 3 sets are we meant to rest?

It seems impossible to jump straight into incline chest press from normal chest press for example. Or maybe just trying the fight club diet for a few months and keep on my routine could help? The fun is trying different diets until you find the one you like.

Stick to chicken, vegetables, and healthy fats. Try it for three months. See how it goes. And remember, abs are made in the kitchen! Hello I was reading your article and it is very informative and helpful. My question is how long should we stick to this workout before we know if it is really working or not and change to Circuit Training? Having fun while you pump iron is the key. You should stick to the approach you enjoy more as long as it fits with your goals. Remember though, that diet is the most important thing.

So no matter which approach you take, it is your diet that will determine your body composition. Brad Pitt never mentioned anything about his abs routine. In addition, you need to find a way to burn fat. Steady-paced, empty stomach cardio workouts first thing in the morning, coupled with HIIT workouts in the afternoon, are the best way to burn fat.

Hey, thanks for the great article. I will be taking up this workout starting next week; I already started the cleaner diet to lose some fat preemptively. I just have a couple of questions. I heard that doing the same exercises every week will result in the body not gaining muscle; is this true, or would just raising the weight help to fix that?

A lot of people including personal friends stick to this exact workout, and totally swear by it!. They have found the workout provides a challenge, and the diet keeps them lean.

The idea that the same workout will stop working over time is a bit overblown. If you increase weight, that gives your body a reason to react to the stimulus. Changing things up is a good idea over time to stress your muscles in different ways. You can always learn new things by trying new workouts. Overtraining is generally a bad idea, but if you give yourself a lot of rest, and eat 8 times a day, your body has time to recover.

On to your next question, yes you can combine this into a 2 day split. Thanks for clearing that up. Sorry for all the questions, but I was just wondering as to why there are three bicep exercises and only one tricep workout? The biceps are a much longer muscle, so hitting from different angles is needed to really work the bicep. The triceps are much smaller, and more easily targeted. The triceps get used on Monday, too, from those chest exercises. Of course, diet is important here, too.

And just one final question: Thanks for the question. I have updated Brad Pitt diet section briefly to elucidate my response. In sum, eat a banana before your workout. Take a protein shake right after your workout. You have somewhere between minutes to drink a shake, but I suggest sooner rather than later. Artificial sweeteners in protein shakes like sucralose sweetener are just as bad. This leads to sweat temptations of the bad kind. Hi Chris, I read the article and tried reading as many questions and answers.

I am a hard gainer. I want the lean look but also want to add some size. So while doing this workout will I gain the size too? Research shows that reps is the best rep range for most people. If your primary goal is to get bigger, start with reps. For some, 15 is a more successful rep range, so you may want to experiment.

Alter your workouts between the two, use the one that taxes your muscles harder. What this means is that we should focus less on body type, and more on the main thing that matters: Diet is always going to be the key to your results. Again, feel free to stay around reps and focus on diet. Hey thanks for the great information! A few questions though. What exercise should I do in-between on Wednesdays? For example, I was thinking of considering Friday as my Monday, then doing the exercises Friday-Monday in the same order, with cardio on Wednesdays Tuesday and Thursday as rest days.

I like the idea of using Wednesday as a cardio day. You can also add in more cardio, if you find your body can handle it. Gaining muscle is harder for some, which is why Pitt only did cardio once a week. Thanks for the reply! Hi, im an ectomorph, with chicken legs and at the border of being underweight and a balanced BMI. Since Brad Pitt was initially heavier before this workout, is this applicable to hard gainers who want to build mass and lean muscle?? Yes, just remember the key is providing your body with the best nutrition.

Timing when you consume protein is the key to muscle building. Making sure you eat protein at the time your body needs it the most will help you the most.

The crucial period is during and right after a strength workout. They recommend a drink with g of highly digestible carbs glucose, sucrose, maltodextrin and g of whey protein before a workout. During the anabolic phase mins post-workout, consume another shake with g of high glycemic carbs and g of protein. Have a 3rd shake up to 4 hours after a workout this time consisting of just whey—and a bit of a casein if you can—without the carbs.

When you start consuming protein in the right amounts and at the time, the results will come. Of course, you will have to add a legs day to your routine, as well. I really like your website. A couple of questions, I will have to modify it due to my schedule on Tuesdays I have martial arts training and on Sundays I play tennis , which means I will only be able to do one day of the cardio routine.

I'm not an ectomorph, I'm I guess between an endo and a mesomorph, do you think that removing one day of cardio but adding one day of martial arts training and one day of tennis be enough for cardio?

It sounds like the cardio you're doing should be enough. However, it never hurts to add cardio "finishers" to your workout Friday, for example. Adding cardio at the end of your workouts would be smart, if your goal is to lose weight. Whether trying to gain muscle or burn fat, diet is by far the most important thing. No need to take protein shakes on cardio days. Instead, try to make sure you're getting some carbs in before your workout. This will help ensure high intensity throughout your workout.

Would it be bad to do this training for 1,5 month instead of 3 months, since I am 16 years old which means it's the best age for fast gaining. Isn't ''Whey'' a dangerous kind of proteinshake? There are some dangerous kinds I understood. I understood that not only diet is important, but good sleep is very important either.

Yes, easy-gainers will do well with this training, but they have to think more about their goals. Do you want to get bigger? Then, you will have to lift more and eat more. Do you want to burn fat? Then, you'll want to do a lot more cardio and eat less. Do it for as long as it makes you happy. Finding a workout you enjoy is the best route for an optimal outcome.

No, whey isn't dangerous unless you consider milk to be dangerous, it's just the protein from milk. Whey is the most popular kind of protein shake because your body digests the protein from whey faster than just about anything except eggs maybe.

The quicker your body gets protein, the better your recovery. Of course, good sleep allows your body to build the good hormones, like testosterone, that you need for big gains. Is the diet only good for ectomorphs? Or is it either a good one for not-ectomorphs? What would you recommend to me 16 yrs old, hard-gainer: Fasting or like eating every 3 hours?

At your age, don't do any fasting. Your metabolism is already good where it is. There's a book called "Nutrient Timing" that's the best book for hard-gainers I've ever read. It's really science-y, so I'll try to summarize it quickly by saying:. It needs to have simple sugars in it, most popular brands do. Sorry I made a little mistake there, I meant: Do you maybe have any recommandation for that? Okay, so no fasting for me.

But is there anything else I can do to remove the fat from my body except cardio which I do too? Diet is the 1 way. Keep sugar, flour and processed food out of your diet for best results. You can also add reps, reduce rest or increase the amount of sets for a more fat-burning workout. Hey, So I just tried this for the first time today and where I usually lift in the range, I found that going to the 15 on the first set fatigued my muscles far quicker and I wasn't able to lift half as much weight wise as usual on the subsequent sets.

Should I come down on the weight and build up or is it more effective sticking to this routine but staying on heavier weights within the rep range. It depends on your goals. Stay in the rep range if muscle building is your primary goal. Research shows this is the best rep range for maximum muscle growth. But, your goal may be similar to Brad Pitt. If you want to get lean, while building muscle tone, strive for the 15 rep range.

It's okay if you don't get there every time. Experiment with lowering the weight, so you aren't fatigued by the 2nd-3rd set. You may need to rest a bit more between sets. Doing so will help you a lot. It helps combat the fatigue you're experiencing. I have always been a little on the chubbier side.

Iamges: anabolic diet workout routine

anabolic diet workout routine

Any workout you see listed on my website is geared towards getting bigger and stronger. Learn to season and you are going to be set.

anabolic diet workout routine

Find out what exercises work for building huge arms! Awesome, just a quick question, would you approve replacing barbell curls with preacher curls?

anabolic diet workout routine

I have promised myself to be in the weightroom 5 days per week. Anabolic diet workout routine on getting back into the gym, work daily to cultivate motivation and anapolon yan?nda why you started this in the first place. How can I get free sample for Singapore address of Pronabolin? Since the discovery and synthesis of testosterone in the s, AAS have been used by physicians for many purposes, with varying degrees of success. Cutty what is a good workout for a teenager he wlrkout to play football and run track. And again, what is the factor? All of these foods are good for worokut and will help you anabolic diet workout routine more lean mass.