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Around 70g of carbohydrates is need for an adequate insulin spike. Though it is a beef based protein, which is ideal for those who are lactose intolerant, it does not taste like beef. The release of glucose from protein via gluconeogenesis is a demand-driven process that is smoother and slower compared to carbohydrate.

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Those animals have foraged, not been prepped on antibiotics and not force fed food that are foreign to their digestion. His interlocutor wants good meats, music and dancing girls, all the civilized amenities. There are a lot of factors that affect lifespan and health, and most what you is said here reduces everything down to diet. I wish you all the best and hope you can find balance. Drinking about 24 grams of protein in literally seconds as soon as you can after the workout simply delivers those essential building blocks in the most efficient manner we now know of. I hope this helps some. I liked the data showing the effects of various foods.

If you just plant a bunch of plants they do not have the environmental symbioses that going back to a real natural environment does, not to mention the world used to be more natural before we starting killing everything off. My point is, cattle, in feedlots or free-range have a tremendously deleterious effect on the atmosphere compared to meat substitutes here.

The scientists in the study suggest we have to substantially reduce the number of ruminants if we are to stabilize radiative forcing see Fig 1b. Also note that veganic permaculture is totally possible.

You are looking at things from one limited perspective, and before you think about it, just to make a opposing point. Did I mention without thinking? Free range cattle are mostly cattle grazed on useless land that was made useless by desertification in the first place. Yes, there are some farms like Polyface highlighted in the documentary Food Inc. If you graze cattle in a controlled program of permaculture and bring back the land for lots of plants to grow up and rebuild the ecology there is no more productive land.

Then you are comparing factory farmed GMO soybeans to apples. Then, they compared the biodiversity hotspots with the expected expansion of meat production. Nevertheless, there are people living on marginal lands in the developing world that will need to rely on ruminant production to get them through bad harvests.

One last comment because despite what you are saying, you are framing as livestock production, and I am not talking about that at all. That is all I have left to say on this. First you talk about free-range cattle, then you switch to equating that to livestock production, and neither model is what I am talking about, although free-range is closer.

And there is very strong evidence not only from meta-analysis but also from long term epidemiological studies. There are enough studies showing people that have a low incidence of chronic disease that live in one area of the world eating their diet and when they move to our country and eat our diet they end up with our chronic diseases.

Now it has gotten even worse because we have moved our diet into other countries like China and Japan, where they used to have very healthy diets but now they eat KFC, McDonalds etc and their chronic diseases are increasing and now they have significant problems with Obesity, Diabetes, cancer and Cardiovascular disease.

Please show me what well researched data consistently contradicts anything other than eating a whole food plant based diet to tackle our current chronic disease epidemic. Worse is that the only sustainable diet for human life and the planet is a Plant based diet.

Continuing to eat animal products is a completely unsustainable endeavor for everyone and the planet. A good start to understand that mess is the recent documentary Cowspiracy. One thing that really bothers me is the misuse of statistics.

These studies where all they do is to try to take what they know about a group of people at point A, and then again at point B, and then say some percentage of the ate some percentage or something and then some percentage of them got sick with this disease. This is playing with numbers.

This is a good way to try to find some correlations to study more, but it is not science and it does not say why. These studies are like big black box where inputs go in one side and outputs come out the other and they have no idea what happens inside, but they make assumptions, when it could be almost anything. Until they understand mechanisms of some disease or cure you really do not understand the disease and even then the body is so non-linear in most situations and everyone is a little different you cannot study things in isolation.

Similar things happen when they assume they can understand the ecology and try to make changes without complete understanding. An argument from authority. The fact is that the Earth is turning into a desert from our agrcultural practices. The thing that my reading tells me might be able to save things is permaculture, where you raise both animals and plants together in a symbiosis.

Again, what do you do with all those animals unless you have something to eat them. Do we want to unleash lions and hyenas throughout the world. We should get back to the kind of cycles we had in place in nature before mankind starting to change everything. These are your opinions, so even if they were right, how are you going to bring about this change?

The way to absurd excess CO2 in the atmosphere is to grow plants, and plants grow better when there are animals eating them and fertilizing them. Like the Polyphase Farms guy who raises chickens, goats and cows to keep his ground fertile.

Revitalize the planet for plants and animals is what I think would make the most sense. I am willing to believe you are right when you can prove it. I have an open mind. I see how humans have lived and his this planet has evolved for millions of years, there is a cycle to nature that you vegans what to think you have the end time answers for, and I just do not buy it, and I resent the arrogance to think you know everything.

More and more farms like Polyface expand the sustainable agriculture movement … https: Epidemiological studies abound on various groups that show this specifically.

These smaller studies simply are attempts to understand the results of these large scale epidemiological studies. We have the Adventists vs the Baptists both with similar restrictions though Adventists also promote no animal products as a good contrast.

If any preconceived destination in mind for the studies on the Adventists, it was simply to understand why they are so healthy and long lived. They live in the same regions as other Americans, yet their incidence of various cancers and heart disease is dramatically lower. This indicates something other than a regional environmental activity is going on. I invite you to take a look at this link: It is an excerpt from the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell where he talks about the Rosetto effect, which is basically the community and lifestyle factor: Wolf and Bruhn had to convince the medical establishment to think about health and heart attacks in an entirely new way: You had to look beyond the individual.

You had to understand what culture they were a part of, and who their friends and families were, and what town in Italy their family came from.

You had to appreciate the idea that community — the values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround ourselves with — has a profound effect on who we are.

The value of an outlier was that it forced you to look a little harder and dig little deeper than you normally would to make sense of the world. And if you did, you could learn something from the outlier than could use to help everyone else. My point here is that diet is not the factor that contributes to or detracts from health.

If that is in fact your point, then I feel confused why you bother with this website considering it is clear that this website and others like it are providing information for people to make better decisions about their diet. With cigarettes we have people who do not develop lung cancer, yet smoking cigarettes is know to create a significant risk of lung cancer. And just looking at our society, we can see that animal product eaters have increased risk for things, but not everyone gets breast cancer, nor colon cancer, nor even heart disease.

But studies are finding that a diet of animal products does increase risk for all of them. I guess some of my comments seem to really rile you up to the point of expressing hostility. Why do you care about what why I do what I do? Where is your spirit of healthy skepticism and why instead of being interested in things that might be contradictory do you seem to be fearful and hostile of inquiry? You seem to act like I sit at home cancer and heart disease ridden scarfing down raw meat and drinking blood, since it was just Halloween.

I have no problem with that, nor am I denying it. But, that does not mean to me apparently what it means to you. There very well might be a logical reason for it.

I do troubleshooting of various systems for a living and I like to understand how things work. Unless you have a good handle on both and maybe even a comparison with other risks of that same magnitude, you are not really so much evaluating risk as scaring yourself and others to try to change your behavior and others for psychological hopefully positive reasons. Those reason may be benevolent and positive but to me, that is a different thing from science.

I was only taking your words at what you stated, and if you felt those words were accurate then there is little point in continue a discussion since your decision had been made. Your exhibition of skepticism thus far indicates an effort to either avoid other information presented that discusses those things you question, or a purposeful effort to be obtuse.

For many, the choice to live a plant based lifestyle is a ethical choice. As such, their interest in the health possibilities may be quite low.

Personally I am interested in why a plant based whole food lifestyle is best. The epidemiological evidence as well as significant anecdotal evidence has been enough for me to feel confident in my choice. And since starting this lifestyle for health I have found a strong ethical justification as well. We know that adding occasional animal products to a diet primarily of whole plant foods still provides a good chance at long life without disability.

The actual scientific explanation why these whole plants are a better nutrition source than animal products is still being researched. The mechanism is not as clear as you might think it should be. And the plus side is there is no evidence that a whole food plant based diet is harmful as long as a variety of plants are a part of the diet. But focusing on a crappy study as if it means something significant for your paradigm is cherry-picking, basically. Excluding a crappy study from discussion due to time constraints is pretty natural to do and thus not obviously connected with cherry picking.

One may pick through the research to find the best research without cherry picking. Proposing that the study is a black swan is doubly bizarre, given the arena of discussion.

What hypothesis does it disprove? I think the points you bring up are good one, the black swan thing is true if not completely relevant. What I find problematic is the way the mob will attack anything they perceive as going against their mindset.

I would rather delve into the facts and science, which is not perfect, and discuss questions that I have rather than to be a follower. That is why I watch these videos. Did you even read what I said? I am not disagreeing about WFPB at all, what I am questioning is how much real significance it has to people who are not sick.

That does not mean that people who eat a big steak or hot dogs every day are not going to run into problems at some point and I am not defending that.

People are not used to thinking. You should try and look at the totality of evidence. You look at the Level of Evidence that exists. If most studies are crappy we have a problem. Greger has made statements that I question. I look at the article he is referencing and see if it is any good. I then make my decision. So, using the Black Swan analogy, we must conclude that smoking is harmless if we can find one lifelong smoker who lives to ?

This seems to be the essence of your argument. I also go over to google scholar to see if the full paper is available BUT I also look for papers which may disprove his position.

The totality of evidence does not support a vegetarian diet as being superior to a whole food, minimally processed diet that includes animal protein.

The studies the good doctor uses to support his POV always use a version of the SAD when comparing to a vegetarian diet. These factors affect the final results and one cannot say how much they contribute to the final results. You can in fact study study sub-groups like the Mormons and Adventists who have similar healthy lifestyles, but differing diets. You can control for risk factors, like weight and smoking status, and still find statistically significant health outcomes, like longer life spans.

Here is one example:. Mormon men and women over the age of 25 with four favorable lifestyle factors associated with significantly reduced mortality were expected to live about 9. In comparison, vegetarian Adventist men and women over the age of 30 with three favorable lifestyle factors were expected to live about Compared to the average U.

However, and more importantly, a later paper on the Californian Adventists found that those who adhered to a vegetarian diet for at least 17 years were expected to live 3.

This suggests that when restricting the analysis to long-term vegetarian Adventists, the difference in life expectancy compared to the Mormons would be even greater. It means statistically that they will live longer. How much time and energy do you think is put into the peer review of these many, many studies? Who has to the time to go through the methodology and numbers? I think it would be fantastic if some of these studies were truly broken down and explained to some of readers here.

There is a lot of good information here, no doubt. Just keep in mind how often the science is revised. In general the mainstream science is being revised in favor of WFPB, but is that the goal or is to move towards the truth rather than overshoot it the goal? I lot of people here seem to be incapably of parsing some of the digests of scientific studies or being critical of them.

It may well, but that puts the site and the arguments into more of a propagandistic role and not one of science as it presents itself. There can be good in this, or good reasons for it, but it all gets mixed up in many of these dicussions to the disservice of both points of view, in my opinion.

I definitely appreciate contrary and challenging points of view on NF. We all need to engage our critical thinking, improve our knowledge and respond effectively to the latest science. I totally agree with that!

The goals ought to be to get as many people as possible on the path to healthier living and a sustainable planet, in my view. Not sure what you mean. I assume the agenda of Travis and plant positive is to stick purely to the science, as far as I can see.

Unless you have an example of where they act dishonestly, in bad faith? Meanwhile, can anyone be agenda-free, including meat-eaters? Therin lies the problem. And that is why we have science! We can have reproducible experiments that test different hypotheses. We can then filter out failed hypotheses, extend or invent new ones, make predictions, amass evidence, and get closer to solving the human problems amenable to science. Imagine a cure for cancer was found. Imagine a cure for heart disease was found…oh wait….

Applying the Black Swan argument to dietary studies is a specious argument. Multiple factors affect endpoint results. And when environmental factors are controlled, genetics still plays a role. Even in inbred laboratory mice, the same diet does not affect every individual identically eg. At 8 months of age, both DIO and DR groups had increased hyperglycemic response during a glucose tolerance test, which was normalized in month-old mice.

At this latter time point, all groups presented similar performance in cognitive tests Morris water maze and inhibitory avoidance. Especially when mechanisms of action have also been identified. As a result, this better isolates the effect of diet alone.

Your argument strengthens — not undermines — the case for believing that these studies deliver meaningful lessons about the effects of diet on health. Greger and team, your ability to concentrate this information into short videos is invaluable to me for teaching my patients!

To anyone who reads this please consider giving a tax deductible donation to NutritionFacts. Normal range is depending on the lab. High levels of BUN means the kidney is working overtime! Nitrogen is the building block of Amino Acids and Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. The physiological process is your liver breaks down the excess amino acids into its individual parts and the Nitrogen molecules are then formed into the toxin Ammonia NH3.

Yes the same stuff you may clean your house with. Your body cannot tolerate the toxic ammonia so it is converted to a non-toxic form named Urea in your liver which is then dumped into your blood which we can measure with the BUN test and travels to your kidneys for excretion.

So to protect your kidneys do as the research supports and which Dr. So if you want to maximize your disease risk, smoke, think angry, negative thoughts, do not exercise, and eat a high fat, animal food diet! My patients that follow this lifestyle have the highest quality of life, meaning they are the ones most free of dis-ease.

Being a newbie to nutritional health I had no idea. Nice to have some meaning to my BUN score of 8 last month. That was on a mostly WFPB diet with no meat, dairy, or sugar.

With the occasional sardine or mackerel thrown in 3 or 4 times a month. Thanks for taking the time to write this post. It helps to hear from a doctor with a broad range of personal experience.

Thanks NF team and HD! For all the naysayers, as HemoDynamic has illustrated, the proof is in the pudding! Also, a satisfactory social life may help the extroverts among us. Great explanation of BUN, Doc. I also wonder about eGFR. I understand that it has something to do with the kidneys. Since mine is low, they did an ultrasound and then an MRI on my kidneys but found nothing wrong. Is this anything to be concerned about?

I would have your care provider keep an eye on your kidney function and ask them what the concern was for their findings. Protein or albumin in urine are high, cells or casts seen in urine. Having T1 diabetes, I have seen numerous internists and endocrinologists over the years. Rarely have they had sufficient respect for patients to even try to educate them. So I gotta say you have lucky patients. I wonder why my BUN score is so high? That could be but not for sure a sign of your kidney function starting to decline.

I suggest again that you find a physician who can help you through this. Nothing like proving it to yourself to eliminate any doubts! Thank you for that explanation. I eat mostly WF vegan, but he tends to slip back to animal foods, even though he knows his old diet is what caused his cardiovascular disease in the first place. I want to thank you for your detailed explanation of BUN values in ordinary blood tests.

I looked up my old BUN from 15, when I was eating a lot of fish and eggs, and compared it to recent years , when I have been eating a mostly vegan diet, largely as a result of info from this site.

I had a hard time navigating the comments section this time because a couple of individuals monopolized the posts. So I would like again to thank you for patiently sharing your medical expertise and clinical experience. I cut and pasted your remarks on the benefits of soy for my 27 year old son who lifts weights. He was dating a Duke nurse who told him to avoid all soy because of the phytoestrogens. I am grateful for your time and careful attention to medical issues that concern those of us who are serious about our own health and the health of our loved ones.

I am beyond grateful to Dr. Greger, the many volunteers and posters who share their knowledge with all of us. Thank you so much. Keep up your healthy quest. Remember it is for you you do this!! Diet seems to be the black and white territory, but there is also considerable gray in other important areas. If you have engaged with the views of a variety of vegans, does my perception hold up in your own experience?

But even in our use of language, we can be inconsistent and unaware creatures of habits so deeply ingrained as to be invisible. I have seen far worse digressions, Laloofa! Thanks for briefly sharing your perceptions and have a hellthy Halloween yourself. Conclusion Although excessive protein intake remains a health concern in individuals with pre-existing renal disease, the literature lacks significant research demonstrating a link between protein intake and the initiation or progression of renal disease in healthy individuals.

More importantly, evidence suggests that protein-induced changes in renal function are likely a normal adaptative mechanism well within the functional limits of a healthy kidney. Without question, long-term studies are needed to clarify the scant evidence currently available regarding this relationship.

At present, there is not sufficient proof to warrant public health directives aimed at restricting dietary protein intake in healthy adults for the purpose of preserving renal function. High protein intake was not associated with renal function decline in women with normal renal function.

However, high total protein intake, particularly high intake of nondairy animal protein, may accelerate renal function decline in women with mild renal insufficiency. You are quoting an old study from Newer studies have emerged and this study from The Western-style diet: They even include your quoted Nurses Health Study in their review: Renal function decline was observed with animal protein-rich diets but not with plant protein-rich diets, emphasizing the importance of the source of protein and fat rather than the amount regarding adverse health consequences.

Moreover, in a subgroup analysis with available data on dietary pattern and urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratios, the investigators found that high scores for a Western-style dietary pattern correlated directly with microalbuminuria and a rapid decline of estimated glomerular filtration rate aka.

A chronic nutrient overload causes various tissue-specific and systemic metabolic dysfunctions that increase the risk of kidney damage and promote CKD. Especially, the combination of high amounts of saturated fat, fructose, and salt promotes dyslipidemia, hormonal disturbances, oxidative stress, inflammation, and fibrosis with impaired glomerular function and hypertension.

The Standard American Diet is also high in grain consumption at the same time as all those other items. This may well be true, but these short little videos often fail to set the context for these relationships. Should advice be aimed at people with diseases from the standard American diet and everyone else be ignored, as if one size fits all.

It may not be called for or appropriate for everyone to eat the same thing or the same way, particularly since the state of the science is changing. Trying to predict what that means or that it will stop is not science even though it might concern itself with science. If you have evidence supporting otherwise please present it here for peer review.

There are a lot of factors that affect lifespan and health, and most what you is said here reduces everything down to diet. The way I read English as a natural born English speaker you could be a little less loose with the language and not lose your enthusiasm for the subject matter. I have three three English teachers that wod love to grade your last post! So, you have contempt for everyone who has not helped patients in their lives or just the ones that disagree with your or question your authority?

Look, I did not mean to set you off, which I clearly have. The reason I come here is that I am looking for information, and there is a lot of good ideas and information here.

But there are a lot of ambiguities as well. There is a lot of innuendo that I seek to clarify because doctor or not, most of this stuff is not well understood, even by the experts. You know that was not my intention, so why the ruse?

I have all the respect in the world for physicians, even when they are not perfect, medicine is an art. What would have liked me to say to that? Is this the way you would treat a patient in your office who had questions about what you were saying.

Claiming to be a doctor and an authority does not just work in one direction. I wish I could have a doctor who cared so much. But to have an MD who is on board is wonderful. Brux I apologize I do not remember you ever asking any questions. So if you did ask a question please restate it here so I can answer it. There are some people who can smoke, drink and eat unhealthy and live to be years old. George Burns comes to mind. There are always exceptions to the rule.

But I am teaching the best diet that I know for the population at large. If I have to tweak it at some point I will do so. Regarding your comment about the short videos they are done intentionally to keep the attention span of people who come to learn. The compendium should be looked at as the whole website and you need to take the time to watch those videos and do outside reading to educate yourself. Then you will understand why I promote eating a whole food plant-based low-fat diet.

And truly no one will really understand. My viewpoint and less they are physician practicing medicine and teaching lifestyle change. I have a unique view of the world and I am very blessed to be able to see so many people reversed their diseases.

No other human beings on the planet get to really see the amazing changes on such a large scale unless they are working in an environment that practices a whole food plant based diet as there first line of medicine. To see a patient make that transformation from sick to healthy by changing their diet and exercising puts a smile on my face.

Since the punchline of the research is that the proximate cause of the harm is inflammation and since that inflammation would be systemic, the harm would be to every system of the body.

This story is much bigger than just kidneys. Inflammation is at the core of every disease it seems. And excess animal protein and saturated fat tend to boost the inflammatory process. I agree the story is way bigger than just kidneys! Thanks for your note. If inflammation is really the key issue, it may be time to stop trying to look at things in isolation and start to look at how they interplay.

This article brings up some rather interesting points and give better direction for finding actual issues. I think that is the right idea! Nutrients work together like a symphony and we often focus on one piece rather than as a whole. G does have videos that mention the importance of total diet. He often points to studies that look at dietary trends and patterns.

The difficult part is that research is often focusing on one aspect of nutrition. These studies are still valuable, but taking into account the total diet, amount of exercise, and how we deal with stress may be a better focus and give better health outcomes.

Is it the diet or the exercise or the 10 times daily of meditation that is aiding our health? G hits on this a lot in many videos. I always try to remember to put all of the tips together based on the individual studies. Greger has a book coming out in December that is reported to be that big picture look. If you are interested, the book can be pre-ordered and all proceeds go to supporting this site: Since both animal proteins and plant proteins are made of the same twenty amino acids, the cause of inflammation has to be the differences in amino acid composition, or other compounds in animal foods, or both.

Do we know what in animal foods cause inflammation? This video will help your understanding and it is short, to the point and really good. I show this video a lot to my patients to help give them a basic understanding of inflammation and its cause.

I know sometimes when I click on the email link to view a comment it is missing or all of the comments do not show up, so maybe I missed something. Yes a couple of posts have answered the question. Why do you and Dr. Of course those foods are laden with huge loads of bacteria and who knows what other differences from fresh organic non-factory foods. Even organic meat is a problem in these circumstances Here is an article for you from Europeans microbe project discussing the problem of red meat.

This is the only statement you made. I thought this was about facts and science? Because someone might agree with you does that mean they should not challenge the logic of a study that might not prove what it says it proves?

Then you point to an article that is shorter and has less specifics than they one mentioned in this video. Can you point to the actual comment please? What do you think that means? Does that significance of that just bypass your thinking process? I like to think of my point of view as reading the fine print … i. After all I am hear listening and reading. Is that what you think? It seems to be a concept you fall back on. Sometimes you have been impolite. For instance you hassled a person new to this comment section about the use of an initialization which was completely unnecessary.

I linked to an article on the subject. Here it is again. Did I get that initialization right? Animal products are bad for you. One reason is because the microbes in our gut that live on animal products cause inflammation in our entire system when we consume them; another reason is because the cholesterol and saturated fat in animal products cause many diseases,. Here is the entire article: Cholesterol, fat especially saturated fat , and animal protein are the major culprits in animal products that are associated with higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

They are also associated with the development of the many risk factors that lead to these diseases, including obesity and hypertension. What do you want to prove to people when you interact here? Is this a hobby or is it a job?

So redefining a term like WFPB diet had better just be a hobby for you. Just remember if you are a paid shill you are committing a crime, and you should talk to a lawyer about the consequences. What is wrong with you that you need to lash out at people with accusations like that?

In English, plant-based does not translate to plant-only any more than animal-based diet means animal-only. The constraints of that statement have not been experimentally verified or qualified. It is clear you are not a scientist and your way to participate here is to try to be a bully to make points with people.

More often than not the longest lived people on the planet eat or ate diets with animal foods, it is the norm. A norm that is far different from the average American diet. Inflammation from endotoxemia following meat and dairy ingestion leading to endothelial dysfunction is the smoking gun behind most, if not all, of our modern life style diseases including kidney disease.

Routine and systematic endotoxin release over time destroys our vascular systems. Dr Greger, you continue cherry-picking. What you are telling is only half truth. What a bloody havoc it wreaks in human body, boys start developing breasts not to mention other disasters it causes. I appreciate your research and I devour your articles and videos and presentations but a researcher of your category should be more objective and not utterly biased.

Cite evidence for your claims about gynecomastia in boys because of soy. I have a 17 yr old male grandson who has been vegan since birth and had consumed quite a bit of soy products and soy formula as a baby from about 8 mo. He is an excellent student, super healthy has never been sick or needed to go to a doctor. Grades and test scores excellent. Interacts well with teachers, adults and peers. No issues or problems at almost 18 years old.

I am sure someone will respond with being sure of organic non gmo and plenty of fresh fruits veggies etc and yes , that too, along with lots of pasta.

But one swallow does not make a summer. You know of that case and I know of many others whose results are just the opposite. Apart from that there are many wiser people than myself and they will tell you the same. And they are not only Americans. Just see the results from all over the world instead of stewing in your own American juice. Look at Dr Greger, he also looks at other countries as well.

America, unfortunately is not the only country, even though you Americans still consider yourselves the navel of the world but this is a very provincial view. And America, unfortunately, is slowly bubbling under.

I would appreciate references for me to validate your claims because I have reviewed much of the literature and I cannot find any studies that support your claim. Soybean isoflavone exposure does not have feminizing effects on men: This number is provided to you when you place your order. Apparel and accessories have to be returned in their original condition.

You must email customer support before you can send the merchandise back. WIth the purchase order number, you will be given a return authorization number if your product is eligible for return. Reimbursements are made to the credit card used for the original purchase and can take up to two billing cycles to appear on your statement.

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Can i take this and casein the same day or no. If so how long in between do i have to wait to take them. For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Carnivor official website for more information. In reference to C4, I would consult with your physician before taking both product together. Will this product help a 16 year boy? This product is intended for adults 18 and up, sorry John. Have your parent or guardian ask your doctor what options or alternatives are available.

Because of possible interactions with medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product. Is this after a workout or throughout your day? It may be, but to be sure, see if they subside if you stop taking for a while.

I think you have done too much with your abs in your workout a little bit pain can comes with workout and you have to give rest to your body to recover it. If you are having too much pain consult to your doctor. I just started using carnivore after looking at it in my pantry for some time. Also, I added it to a bowl of plain oats with a banana, a few blue berries, and a little syrup for taste and it was fantastic. I have been using carnivore since it xame out, off and on.

It is great for me. No gas, bloat, or problems. Put a banana and peanut butter in the vanilla flavored powder and it is a nutritious mass gainer. If you think this is the product for you, you should try it. Let us know if it works. If not perhaps we recommend something else. I have been using Carnivor for the past 3 months and have NOT experienced any of the side affects listed about. The chocolate is the best flavor. The taste is not bad. For me it is a great product. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician if your skin continues to break out with zits and pimples.

As we know that it contains maltodextrin that has a high glicemic index. Furthermore, we picked apart hundreds of user comments and customer feedback. Then, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need. Muscle Milk can be purchased through Amazon or using their Official Site. Muscle Milk is a non-dairy protein shake that contains a blend of high-quality proteins.

These shakes are specifically designed to provide sustained energy to athletes, sportsmen, and those who lead an active lifestyle following a workout or athletic event. The entire line of products shakes, protein powder, bars are intended to supply a protein boost to users, but the added protein also results in added calories which means a consumer of the products may gain weight. This is how much it costs to start on the respective program.

We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment. Muscle Milk was started by CytoSport, an American, sport-focused supplement producer that has revolutionized the concept of ready-to-drink forms of protein supplement. Muscle Milk is a lactose-free, non-dairy beverage that is free of trans fats, and it does not contain high fructose corn syrup. Muscle Milk is known for its milkshake-like taste and is available in all the favorite flavors of milkshakes — banana, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Muscle Milk claims on its label that an individual can drink Muscle Milk as a complete supplement instead of a meal. Dieticians are of the opinion that it might not be as simple as that. The company also claims Muscle Milk contains special ingredients that are body-building nutrients and that help develop lean muscle mass.

Muscle Milk allegedly contains a protein formula that is very similar to that of human breast milk. Sodium caseinate is the scientific name of casein. This can be found in the milk of mammals and is a rich source of protein. Casein is used as an additive to food for industrial purposes. It is the main Muscle Milk ingredient.

Some people can have allergic reactions to this ingredient. Milk protein isolate is used in supplements, energy drinks, and bars to boost the content of protein and improve flavor and texture. It is also added to milk and yogurts to improve their nutrition levels.

Wheat protein isolate is particularly popular among bodybuilders and athletes because it is rich in protein but low in carbs. High protein can help in the growth of muscles. The lactose and fat are filtered and made into a powder. This is considered to be the purest form of whey powder.

Studies show that when wheat protein is ingested during strength training, it gives increased muscle size and helps create a lean body mass. Lfcin is released from the protein Lactoferrin. Lfcin has strong antimicrobial and weak antiviral properties.

Lactoferrin also has immunological and anti-tumor properties. This is one of the most abundant building blocks of protein in the body. Usually, enough glutamine is available in the body, but prolonged illness or stress or injury can decrease glutamine levels. Other ingredients include sunflower oil, canola oil, crystalline fructose, and medium chain triglycerides. There are also artificial colors, and flavors added. This supplement is not necessarily a better choice for healthy eating than real food sources of protein.

Perhaps, if someone is unable to ingest natural food protein due to other health conditions, Muscle Milk might be a useful option.

If the goal is to gain muscle, calorie-dense Muscle Milk nutrition is worth a try. Two scoops of the product contain calories, and many users have expressed satisfaction with the effectiveness of this shake.

Many have opined that Muscle Milk could replace a skipped meal and was easier since it is ready to drink. There is no evidence that Muscle Milk is a supplement that aids weight loss. In fact, some users have complained of weight gain.

The low-calorie, no- sugar version, Muscle Milk Light, was introduced as a better choice for those who want a high protein supplement intake without gaining weight. One can potentially reap the Muscle Milk benefits but still lose weight by using this shake as a meal replacement. The product is available as a ready-to-drink supplement and also in protein powder form.

The beverage is available in many flavors such as banana, vanilla, and chocolate. The price for Muscle Milk varies depending on the product and size. On average, a 2. The Muscle Milk protein powder price for a 2. It is more expensive than other protein powders on the market. Each serving of Muscle Milk contains calories.

As these protein shakes come in handy ready-to-drink containers, they are convenient to carry around and drink whenever one is hungry.

This can cause a gain in weight. Excess of these vitamins cannot be excreted easily, and vitamin toxicity can occur, resulting in nausea, headaches, and vomiting. Gas, diarrhea, stomach cramping, and bloating have been reported.

Protein drinks such as Muscle Milk are reported to have worrisome amounts of cadmium, lead, and other heavy metals. When consumed on a regular basis, these protein drinks can pose serious health issues to vulnerable people such as pregnant women, children under the age of 18, and people with kidney problems or diabetes because of the presence of heavy metals.

Excess cadmium can be harmful as it can accumulate in the kidneys. Too much protein can also damage the kidneys. Except for Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein which mentions a daily intake limit, none of the other products have any prescribed limit. This could lead to the consumption of excessive levels of a product. Many athletes tend to use protein supplements such as Muscle Milk to add nutrients to their daily diet.

When more nutrients than necessary are consumed, the nutrient will not improve performance. The body will either increase excretion or store the excess nutrition.

There are quite a few lawsuits against Muscle Milk. CytoSport, the company that makes Muscle Milk, has frequently been sued. The term shake immediately conjures the image of a tall, frothy milkshake when the product is water-based without a trace of milk. In response, CytoSport argued that it had never marketed protein Muscle Milk as dairy milk, but that it had modeled its products after another milk. In , the company was served with a class action lawsuit for false advertising claims.

In January , the maker of Muscle Milk and other supplements was served with another lawsuit that alleged that the company engaged in deceptive marketing tactics to persuade consumers to purchase its range of products. There are several alternatives to Muscle Milk on the market. It contains whey, but in its hydrolyzed form which is very easily absorbed.

It is less expensive than Muscle Milk, but it contains soy, lactose, and artificial sweeteners. Pro Jym Protein is the brainchild of Dr. Jim Stoppani, a Ph. This protein shake has 24 gm of protein. It is a slow-digesting shake that can be consumed at any time and has high micronutrient levels, especially calcium. The Muscle Milk Pro Series contains a huge serving of protein, almost 50 grams.

This powerful protein powder is intended to be an excellent source of protein for building muscles and for fueling recovery after strenuous exercise. This powder mixes easily with smoothies, milkshakes, and other recipes. The drink can be consumed before exercise, after a workout, and before bedtime.

To take full advantage of this protein, an individual must take this powder minutes after a workout. Muscle Milk Light is available on Amazon and in many online stores. Muscle Milk Light has 0 gm of sugar. These light protein shakes contain a blend of proteins that provide energy and strengthens muscles.

The shakes are available in two flavors, vanilla, and chocolate. This protein shake has calories with 0 grams sugar and a negligible 1. While the fat content is low, the drink still provides 28 gm of rich protein. It is available in ml ready-to-drink containers. In Muscle Milk, whey protein is an ingredient in the form of whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, and whey protein concentrate in addition to casein. Several scientific studies have proved the efficacy of whey protein in contributing to gains in lean muscle, better body composition, and fat loss.

It promotes better recovery following endurance exercises.

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anabolic protein shake wiki

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anabolic protein shake wiki

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anabolic protein shake wiki

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