can diabetics use steroids ?

Using anabolic steroids when suffering from diabetes?

anabolic steroids diabetes type 1

Aromasin is a steroid compound but nobody mentioned to me that it might make my sugars go high. Also, a pain management clinic might be helpful for your husband as long as someone is carefully managing his diabetes. My goals are gaining alot of strength.

Re: Using anabolic steroids when suffering from diabetes?

I just started on Arava last week. He now has steroid induced diabetes and the doctor sent him home not any better with yet another prescription for a steroid. Please consult your medical team for a frank discussion on how they might affect you. My BSL was fine for a few hours but when I checked it going to sleep it was 22!! A1C Aug 7. Look under "Additional Side Effects":

Two days after the injections I started vaginal spotting which has become a mild period. My last period was in August Could this be caused by the injections? I had colo-rectal surgery In Sept. My oncologist said all my follow ups have been clear since. Any advice would be helpful. I found out I have pneumonia and the doctor gave me a shot of steroid and a shot of antibiotic.

Then was give the four pack of steroid and some pill form of antibiotic. I did not eat anything but toast that morning and cucumbers around 1pm. Then at 12am I check my sugar, I ate at 9pm, after eating some spaghetti and a couple of snack size candy bars at8pm. My sugar was My sugar level has nevery been that high.

Is it because of the steroid shot. So that means I need to look closer at my levels during the dayand watch what I eat while I am on the meds? Yes, your blood glucose is likely high from both the pneumonia and the steroids. Had chest pains and ER doctor took all heart tests needed and x-rays and determined I had an inflamation of the chest covering of my lungs.

My Primary cam in ER and thought I had pluresy. Maybe the same thing? I take Onglyza daily and Prandin at meals. What else can I do to lower my blood sugars. I ate only soup when I got home from the ER and drank lots of fluids. I have some metaformin given to me to try but I get severe diarrhea, but should I take it anyway is it better than the Onglyza or should I take both a while.

I feel really bad. Your blood glucose should come back down but it may take several days, maybe more. Your doctor can prescribe the right type and amount of medicine for you. Hi i have type 1 diabetes and asthma, this is a lethal combination as i am on a course of steroids due to my breathing problems at the moment. My sugars are so high my blood meter will not give me a reading it says its Hi so it is always a worry for me.

I have increased by insulin but it doesnt seem enough. Please call your physician, endocrinologist, or diabetes educator whomever helps you with your insulin doses. You obviously need a larger increase in your insulin doses but you should have some guidance for how to best increase them.

I am an insulin dependent diabetic have been for 65 years. I had a pneumonia vaccine shot yesterday. My blood sugars have been very high today. I am on a pump and have been injecting a lot of insulin today. Will the pneumonia vaccine cause this high blood sugar. Today they averaged However, you should consider other possibilities, too, such as a pump malfunction, a blockage in or a disconnect of your infusion set, old or expired insulin, or an infection at your infusion site.

Check for ketones and continue to give yourself insulin boosters, but if your high blood glucose levels persist, call your health-care provider.

Just reading the posts and was interested by the one from marilyn and although it was january and I am sure she has had her baby just thought would post a response!

For ladies with type 1 and like her carbohydrate counting dafne , then managing the rise caused by the steroids is relatively easy to do. They may need to increase their background insulin also which is easily identified as they would be testing so frequently. Am getting a steroid injection for back pain. I called my primary care who is my diabetic coach and she says not to worry the numbers will come down. I am very anxious about this all. Does the sugar rise right away and can I bring the numbers down with high protein and low carbs and increased insulin?

My advice, though, is to have the injection, check your blood glucose levels frequently, and if you start to see them climb which they likely will , call your doctor for guidance on adjusting your medication. Treat this like you would treat a sick day: Be firm and persistent with your doctor about this, but first, wait and see how the steroid affects you. Am so greatful to all that have contributed here will like to know if there is any complication in diabetic pateint that can lead to decrease in blood sugar like anaemic patient not havin malaria n cystic fibrosis not having tyhoid.

I have diabetes 2 and have sciatica and the Pain management Doctor will have to inject Meds in my back or spine. I am not sure this will effect my diabetes. So the next step is injections.

I am told this presurge will be in a hospital. I guess like a uperdurial. I am taking Janumet and Levimir insulin, 42 twice a day. My sugar is in control now. If your back injection contains a steroid and it very likely will , expect your blood glucose levels to increase for about 2—3 weeks afterwards. Check your blood glucose several times a day during this time, and if you see that your glucose levels are rising, call your doctor.

You may need to take a meal-time fast-acting insulin, like Humalog, NovoLog, or Apidra, temporarily during this time to help lower your blood glucose. Hello, I had a blood test a week ago , and today my family doctor had call and said that I was a diabete. My A1-c was He thought that it could be from the prednisone that I have taken for years 5mg every other day. I have been in a lot of pain. So do you think this could cause my blood glucose to be so high? He wants me too come back next week.

If I stop the shots and come off of prednisone well it come down? How long do you think it will take? I just started on Arava last week. My thoughts are that your A1C of Ask your doctor to refer you to a diabetes educator or a diabetes program in your community.

I have had multiple problems. Bone fragment in my spine. I am having the steroid shots. I try to make sure my pre. My spike seems to come about 4 to 5 hours after the injections. Use a titrated dose. In between my regular doses of insulin. This seem to keep me more level. Of my regular dose And recheck. Of my regular dose again. This seems to bring me down from the high range.

It dosesnt seem to last more than days. I have bursitus and archilles tendinitis. Yesterday I had a steroid injection into my heel. Pain seems a little better. My BSL was fine for a few hours but when I checked it going to sleep it was 22!!

I took Humalog and stayed awake a few hrs and rechecked BSL before sleeping — was 18!! Took more humalog and set alarm to wake me 3 hrs later — only down to More Humalog and took a mg Metformin my usual daily dose. Was wondering if it is time to increase my Lantus dose and if so to how much? Was thinking 30units BD???

After reading above posts I have figured this is going to take a few weeks to settle down. Am I doing the right thing so far regarding altering Lantus and giving more Humolog?? Or should I contact my GP? As you are finding out, steroid injections can cause a significant increase in blood glucose levels and a need for higher insulin doses.

Talk to your GP about adjusting your Humalog dosing during this time and check your blood glucose at least four times per day, before meals and at bedtime. The effect of the steroid usually lasts about two to three weeks. Initially you will need higher doses of Humalog to get the blood glucose levels down, but gradually these doses will go down as the steroid gets out of your system.

Checking three hours after the additional Humalog is the right thing to do. If you find that the doses are not bringing your blood glucose levels down enough call your GP to see if another adjustment is needed. Been a juvenile diabetic since age On Humalog and Humulin insulins two times daily. Humalog 12 units and Humulin 10 units. Was given shot of cortisone on right hip 29 April. Am also practicing Bikram Hot Yoga 5 times a week.

Noticed that 2 weeks after the cortisone shot in the muscle my blood sugars went drastically low. On Wed I got confused as driving and when traffic light red stopped and decided not to move when came green in spite of cars honking. Also realized after several major sugeries each time upset sugars DROP drastically. I know yoga works every muscle down to the cellular level and so I will give up driving until 1 month later.

Forgot to mention given cortisone on hip on account of bursitis. Lots of interesting information. These high numbers people mention, , , etc. I think American numbers would be divided by 18??? Has anyone out there taken this amount… if so what were results on BS. I am Type 1 diabetic. A1C values are written as a percentage in the US, such as 7. Plan on checking your blood glucose levels at least several times a day, and make sure you have a plan for how you might increase your insulin should you see that your glucose levels are rising.

It was only on 26 May, almost 1 month after the shot was given that I was once again able to recognize that my blood sugar was dropping. Also, when I was my regular doc about this she agreed that yes, 2 weeks later it can drop. Yet when I went to see her one week later to get her to fill out forms from motor vehicles with regards to my ability to drive she told me a different story.

She said cortisone makes the blood sugar go up and I need to see a diabetic specialist to get this resolved and in the meantime I should not drive and she is getting motor vehicles to take my licence away. This is affecting me mentally and emotionally drastically. I cannot accept this any more. I need help coping with this mental anguish she has created in my life.

This is why she wants me to see the specialist. After being an insulin dependent for some 50 years I have realize a long time ago that docs are really great with theory. A few docs have actually told me this. Take for example the time I went for my second breast cancer operation. The first one was in The right breast was removed including some lymph nodes and all this was accomplished in only 6 hours. It amazed the surgeons.

This is because practice Bikram hot yoga and exercise and eat healthy. When cancer came back 5 years I went through a second operation and realized that each time I am upset my blood sugar drops and this went on all the time.

Each time I posed this question to the diabetic specialist he ignored it. I finally stopped asking. Now, after this cortisone injection 30 April and after what happened 15th and 17th May this problem seems to have disappeared.

What has happened to me may not be happening to other diabetics. It has happened to ME. I can certainly understand how upsetting all this has been for you. You may want to consider seeing a diabetes specialist, or at least another physician to help you with this matter. People who take insulin and who are at risk for low blood glucose levels are able to drive, but they are encouraged to check their blood glucose before they do so.

It seems like you need another medical opinion to help you sort this out. I know about type 2 part and everything. My husband has it for the last 12yrs. I just need some advice. Our primary doctorfor the last 7 months has really been neglecting my husband. We have been going to this doctor for 12yrs. He takes the pills and now the insulin as well. Anyway about 23 yrs he had major back surgery cause a transmission where he was working at him and four other guys was pulling out of a car, well it slip, three guys slpit and the transmission landed on his shoulders so he is it down all by himself, did walk out of there that day and never went back to that job.

They had to take bone stuff he said graph whever and fix his back. Out of his pelvic bone part. Sorry for mispell I have lupus, brainfog, anyway our doctor for the last 12yrs has alway rx him his pain meds and his other stuff ok. Well now since january she refuses to rx him no more pain meds and he was only getting once a month anyway. Also he had a truck accident in and totalled his truck but never went to the hospital to get treatment for it, anyway jjan, and march was the last time she rx him his pain med.

He slipped and fell two weeks ago in my kitchen. His sugar levels has raised up to Its up and down between to since she has been neglecting him.

Do u think I have a case, and do u think I need to seek a very good lawyer to sue her, yeah I know get my second opinions gets evidence. But do u think she being negligence tho… I am going to persue this no matter what. He is 59yrs old. I have been with him for 20yrs.. Getting second opinion is important. Also, a pain management clinic might be helpful for your husband as long as someone is carefully managing his diabetes. This is where a team approach comes in.

Hello, Last year, August time-frame, I was diagnosed with diabetes. But not on any medication. About four months later, I was informed that I no longer had diabetes normal A1C 6. However, the scare made me check my BC often in the mornings — which were stayed around 98 — However, four days ago I received a Cortisone shot in my shoulder to reduce the swelling around my Rotator Cuff. Because I was feeling a bit ill, I checked my BC last night and was shock to see it at , and this morning was spiked at … After eating two hours ago — my levels are at ….

I am hoping everything returns to normal soon. My question is how long does the high symptoms last, and is it normal to have the spikes? It may take a week or so for your BG levels to return back to a safe range. Just wanted to thank you.

I saw when you posted this, and that you are still responding to comments. After doing a search for high blood sugar, in response to a cortisone injection, this was far and away the most helpful page. I first checked my sugars just for fitness, and noticed how high my sugar levels get after high carb meals, and both my parents are type 2.

I thought because I was so fit, diabetes would not be a problem. Last autumn I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy, six weeks of radiation and started on aromasin a hormone blocker last April. Aromasin is a steroid compound but nobody mentioned to me that it might make my sugars go high. Blood glucose readings were getting in the to range so my doctor added byetta and then insulin to the Janumet. It brought the sugars down to to range.

The diabetes educator in his office has me increasing insulin daily with the goal to get my sugars below I have four injections daily and they hurt.

The insulin and byetta are very expensive. Nobody — not the oncologist or my primary care doc — mentioned or took into account that aromasin and diabetes are poor mates. The Byetta is probably not helping you enough at this point; you may benefit from taking both meal-time and basal, or long-acting, insulin. Another option to consider is to use a mixed insulin which is a combination of short and long-acting insulins , and this type of insulin is injected twice a day.

Talk to your doctor and your diabetes educator about your options. Hi, i have had well controlled Type 1 diabetes for 20 years. I recently found out i was pregnant.

However, it also looks as though i am being diagnosed with vasculitis and lupus. Rheumatologist wants to put me on low dose steroids and continue them for as long as possible, if not the whole pregnancy. Is it possible to maintain tight glucose control whilst on steroids??

The rheumatologist will kill you. The way to avoid all the horrible steroid side effects the rheumatologist will describe is to get the steroids the way neurologists and emergency room doctors do it — all at once. A ton of them, but for 3 days or less.

Your blood sugar will blast off during that time but be pretty normal after a week or two, and your lupus will behave for 2 or 3 months. The obstetrician and gynecologist should manage your steroids instead of the rheumatologist anyway because they also affect the development of your baby. You will find it very difficult to manage your blood sugar while on steroids. It will become more and more difficult and need more and more medication as the weeks go by. Hopefully, if the steroids are low dose, as you say, it will be doable!

But make sure you voice your concerns with your team and that you have a plan in place for follow up. I am pre-diabetic and not currently on any medication. A few months ago, I went to a dietician class and was given a blood glucose monitor and my doctor said I only need to check it once a day. I check it in the morning. My blood sugar has usually ranged from Yesterday I had a steroid injection in my knee for osteoarthritis. This morning my blood sugar was I checked it about 45 minutes later before eating and it was Then after eating, it was and I feel a little dizzy and last night woke up sweating.

Should I be alarmed with these blood sugar numbers or just wait the 2 days-2 weeks for the steroid to wear off and just monitor my blood sugar? At what blood sugar level should I go to my primary physician? Again, I am currently not on any medication. I was not advised that my blood sugar would rise with the injection or I would have declined it.

Also, since my blood sugar is high, will this affect the 3 month test I will be having soon? You may want to wait a little while say, a few weeks and see if the effects of the steroid injection wears off. You can always let your doctor know, but he or she will likely tell you to wait a bit. You might hold off on getting your three-month test A1C as your higher glucose readings will most likely impact it. It may be best to wait until the effects of the injection have worn off.

I am Type 2 Diabetic for several years now and I started off with oral diabetes meds. Now I am still taking Metformin 1,mg twice day and I am also taking two different type of insulin, which are 20 unit of Novolog aspart with every meals and 55 units of Lantus glargine at night before I go to bed… Last month my A1c was like 6.

I went to visit my Dr. Other kinds of sugar found in candy and commercial food product may take longer to work because it takes time for them to break down in your digestive system.

So when I go places I make sure I have me a tube of Glutose15 on me for emergency and my insulin. I do agree it gets frustrated when you get all these side-effects unexpectedly and just need to continue to monitor your glucose when you get injected with steroid.

Just like to share my experience with you and wish all of you well…. Since I have been on the steroids I am now a diabetic,I was wandering if when I come off the the steroids will I still be a diabetic?

Warm regards Marion Lloyd. Right now I am furious. My husband evidently has chronic bronchitis. He was put in the hospital because he needed iv meds. He now has steroid induced diabetes and the doctor sent him home not any better with yet another prescription for a steroid. All the years he has been treating him for this, he has never told us the danger of getting diabetes nor has he done any blood tests to see if all these steroids were affecting his pancreas.

My is now taking 3 shots a day of insulin. I am so frustrated I could scream!!! I am having a lot of back pain due to a pulled muscle, can I take Celebrex I am type 2 diabetic and am just on tablets and diet to control it.

I was on meds for diabetes for a while and was able to go off due to extremely careful eating, etc. I got my A1c to between 5. My glucose readings were in AM, usually before lunch and dinner, 2 hrs after eating, and at bedtime.

Unfortunately I needed a cortisone shot in my knee 2 days ago and am getting readings still at and 4 and 5 hours after dinner. I know it has only been a day or so, but how long do these higher readings keep up? My plan for tomorrow is to go as carb-free as possible to hopefully help the situation. I was so proud of the good work I had done controlling and am afraid to see it ruined. The blood sugar effects of a cortisone shot may last for a week or even up to several weeks.

Then give your doctor a call. Are you able to do physical activity? Hello Amy, About 8 years ago I allowed a doctor to give me a cortozone shot in my knee. With in 30 days I went to the hospital for blood surgaars of They first tried pills and that did not work. Two weeks later i was put on insulan and have been on a insulin pump ever since.

There is no history in my family of Diabetes and I am the only one that has it. Prior to the cortosone shot there was no indication that i was even at risk of hving it from past blood work. Is there anything that shows that this can happen from cortosone? However, this is a good question to ask your pharmacist. I am a type 2diabetic. I also have 3 fractured disc in my spine. I have been being treated with steroid injection, in my spine.

Before the injections, I was keeping my weight, around Today at the doctor. I had gained 20 lbs. I am very interested in the new medicine, Invokanna. Butmy insurance Medicare and Medicaid, will not pay for it. Any ideas on how or who would help me pay for this med. Because I am scheduled, for more steroid injections, and do not want to gain more weight. You can try a few things: First, talk with your doctor about Invokana and why you think you would benefit from being on it.

Then, ask your doctor to fill out a prior authorization form. This can take a lot of work to complete, so stay on top of your doctor and his office staff to make sure that the paperwork gets completed. If the request is denied, you can appeal the decision. They may be able to help you. I was hypothetically wondering what the effects of anabolic steroids would be on a type one Diabetic. I do not personally use those drugs, but there are a few really big guys at my gym that I think might be on it and after reading this helpful forum, I got curious about those effects.

Anabolic steroids are essentially man-made versions of male sex hormones. Some athletes and fitness enthusiasts take them to build muscle and enhance performance.

They can cause very serious side effects, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, liver and kidney damage, and breast growth and testicle shrinkage in men. Anabolic steroids may cause insulin resistance, which, in turn, can lead to high or uncontrolled blood sugar levels. A friend of mine who weighs pounds and has always eaten a very healthy diet was given massive doses of antibiotics. Then she was told she has type 2 diabetes. I have never known a thin person to develop type 2 diabetes.

She has always been faithful in walking almost every day. I thought only overweight people would have type 2 diabetes.

If anyone can answer this, I would appreciate it. She is 80 years of age. You ask a very good question! There are several possible reasons. These include genetics, or family history. Having parents or siblings with diabetes automatically raises your risk.

Other factors that can raise diabetes risk include high blood pressure, inactivity, poor eating habits, and smoking. Too much of this fat can affect how glucose sugar is metabolized in the body. Treatment of Type 2 diabetes in a thin person centers on a healthy, lower-glycemic index eating plan, physical activity, and in some cases, medication.

Finally, newer guidelines recommend that all adults over the age of 45 get screened for prediabetes and diabetes. Yes, steroids can sometimes induce diabetes in certain people. I suspect that your weight loss is due to your high blood sugar levels. Given how high your blood sugars have been running, you likely need to start on insulin.

Please find a doctor who can start you on insulin. This will help to bring your blood sugars down and hopefully slow your weight loss. Does anyone know how much prednisone raises blood sugar level?

My father is a type 2 diabetic and likes to blame his meds for his high blood sugar. He wakes up at and is throughout the day. Of course he is not taking care of himself but insists that because of the steroid it will never be below Its a lot harder to control diabetes with type 2. A doctor can figure out if extra meds are needed. No diabetic should EVER settle with high blood sugar.

I am woman of 31 years old, I diagnosed with gestational diabetes of which i was given insulin before my delivery. I am confuse I dont want to take insulin again. Ask your primary care doctor for an A1C test when your baby is around months though.

My husband suffered a stroke last July and has had diabetes for years. He takes metformin, glyburide and insulin, as well as high blood pressure meds. His blood sugar levels have been perfect for the last 3 months, but after a steroid shot in an arthritic shoulder 2 days ago his blood glucose levels have more than tripled. Should I increase his insulin dosage until we see a drop, and if so, how much?

Neurontin or any other antiseizure medicaiton, that one being by far the saftest aspirin, magnesium which will give you the opposite problem if you are not careful but none of them really hold a candle to morphine. Yes, thin people can certainly develop the disease. Weight is only one of many contributing factors. Thank you in advance! Why does my legs jump around about am and wake me up?

Last night I got up and jumped up and down, stretched, and walked around my house nothing worked. So I read my book until it stopped and I could sleep. This morning I over slept until 9am I would like an answer if anyone has one for me. There are a couple of meds out there for that. Of course it wakes you up and you never get enough sleep. Sometimes gabapentin works for it. Nutritional supplements like l-tyrosine are occasionally helpful. Sometimes the antidepressant bupropion Wellbutrin is helpful.

That creates a lot of stress, makes diabetes worse, and reduces your energy and ability to concentrate during the day. In theory this is treated by sleep doctors, but most of those just want to sell you a CPAP and charge insurance a ton for doing a sleep study. You have to be sure to find one who is interested in PLMS or just get your primary care doc to let you try some drugs. Last July my mother was diagnosed with a meningioma tumor behind her left eye.

We assumed it was restless leg. After finding out about the tumor that explained the problem. Might want to check it out if it continues. I had a cortisol hop injection a few months ago into the hip after a severe fall.

My blood sugar were over every time I tested them for over 10 days! I tested every 2 hours, drank copious fluids, including Powerade zero by mondo quarts! Due to no recourse, I had to have my knee injected today. Blood sugar keep going into s, although and taking a great deal of like before. I was looking for an answer of how long and injection to each area would cause an increase in glucose. I have had 3 steroid injections and each time my sugar has dropped to the point that at this last appointment they had to find me a pack of cookies because I felt as if I were going to pass out, I was also nauseous, dizzy and very hot and started to sweat a lot.

Hi Michelle, Steroid injections most commonly can lead to high blood sugars. Are you going to be receiving more steroid injections? Also, do you check your blood sugar when you get these symptoms? I ask because steroid injections can cause flushing in some people, which is not necessarily related to blood sugar levels.

Anybody have this effect? If so, what are your comorbid conditions? I have asthma and an autoimmune illness called Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis. Any info would be appreciated.

I have just recently tapered from 30mg steroid down to steroid free hurahhhhhhhh. My insulin needs have not reduced atall. Hi Louise, It can definitely take a while for the effects of steroids to dissipate. My advice is to wait another week or so and see what happens. My blood sugars can be and an hr after I take my insulin injection my sugar will be ?

I only take Metformin mg 2X a day for my diabetes. In fact the first time I took it is probably how I developed diabetes, back 4 years ago, from bronchial pneumonia. I had used for inhaler for more than four years to control asthma due to that my blood sugar rises to Its a prediabetic condition for me. This blood sugar is not decreasing from last one year. I cannot attain normal blood sugars levels in future. Please suggest I cannot attains normal blood sugar.

Yup, it does increase. My blood glucose got as high as one afternoon. Average, so far, is around I have eight days left on taper. I also have infections, and lupus going on. My doctor who gave me the steroid injection should have known and warned me about the increase in sugar level. I had been worried sick for the past 2 days when my sugar level went up to over 9 in the fasting mode. I have been able to manage it below 6.

I am type II. Usually run about after meals. As for using the anabolic steroids, that is a whole other matter. This substance Sustanon is an oil based combination of 4 different testosterone compounds.

It has all the typical side effects of this kind of drug including conversion to estrogen apparently steps need to be taken to combat this although I don't know what they are , high blood pressure, water retention, acne, premature balding, prostate hypertrophy, among others. I found some references to the fact that you should take anti estrogen drugs along with this to help prevent the water retention and shrinking of the testicles. On the plus side, injectables tend to have slightly less liver toxicity than the orally administered drugs.

Not sure though how "less toxic" this is and how safe it really is. Cancers of the liver have been shown to be correlated with AS use. Steroid use has also been shown in the short term to raise total cholesterol and lower HDL. Some small studies have shown some structural changes to the heart although this isn't conclusive.

Ok, just found something too that anabolic steroids AS can also increase insulin resistance - so don't be surprised if your glucose levels go up. It can also affect the thyroid, but both these symptoms have been shown to disappear after discontinuation of the drug.

Apparently, due to the high black market demand for this substance, there is a booming business in it's production in Mexico and while I have nothing against Mexico, you never know the consistency of drugs not manufactured for a legitimate market. Sometimes drugs for animals are passed off as human quality. All in all, diabetes completely aside, taking steroids is a dangerous undertaking. T1 since , dialysis in , kidney transplant in 02 from my cousin, pumping 03 - 08, pancreas transplant Feb You can build muscle without taking steroids Thanks to you all for your feedback..

Is there any other prroof that anabolic roids will change blood levels? I am definaely going to stay away from Sustennon as I have been informed its not good especially for a first timer. So this person recomended Test E and some other stuff.

Any thoughts about this? This person also said it really shouldn't affect my disease at all. Originally Posted by mark Look under "Additional Side Effects": It talks about how power lifters had much more IR than power lifters that did not use steroids, but also had more IR than obese and sedentary people.

Here's the bottom line though. If you are the sort of person who wants to take steroids and doesn't believe that the side effects will hurt you, then you will take them no matter what we say. Best of luck to you. MarkM liked this post. I am so thankful to all of your posts. I have decided to not go with the steroids and just keep trying my best at the gym and really watching what I eat and how I eat.

This is just what I needed. Very much thanks to Cora for all those useful sites. I seriously couldn't find much of anything for some reason when i checked but hey you are all very right and very knowledgable so i thank you again.

Iamges: anabolic steroids diabetes type 1

anabolic steroids diabetes type 1

I lost 45 pds. She went to the doctor yesterday, and he gave her injections in both knees for arithritis.

anabolic steroids diabetes type 1

Started off with thigh pain and then lower back.

anabolic steroids diabetes type 1

My blood sugar were over diabetse time I tested them for over 10 days! Its not the anabolics that will mess you up, its all the other diabtees that we do in our lives. Why does my diaabetes jump around about am and wake me up? Blood glucose readings were getting in the to range so my doctor added byetta and then insulin to the Janumet. Hi Paulette, If your back injection contains a steroid and it very likely willexpect your blood glucose testosterone deficiency symptoms to increase for about 2—3 weeks afterwards. Then after eating, it was and Your blood sugar will blast off anabolic steroids diabetes type 1 that time but be pretty normal after a anabolic steroids diabetes type 1 or two, and your lupus will behave for 2 or 3 months.