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Are Steroids Legal in Thailand

are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand

Jul 26, at 6: By norgrit , May 4, in Health and Medicine. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So where do you work?


Thanks again for the reply and other info on the blog. Check Approved Sources section on Evo! Hi Paul, I have no un of these drugs. I am leaving Thailand tomorrov and In the store 7 eleven and family mart I have bought medications: I dont want my pain medication confiscated. Nov 07, at are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand Oct 02, at 6:

At the station the price starts going up significantly. Apr 19, at 3: Is there a problem bringing my legal pills with me? One time I just walked straight through and they never X-rayed or inspected my luggage. Hi, I was wandering are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand taking antidepressants such as fluoxetine from Thailand to Europe? From the time I spent in Thailand I found one pharmacy who had it all and I could buy every steroid know to man at this place for a fhailand price. Feb 07, at 9:

Iamges: are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand

are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand

I was just happy to have some gear. Am I ok to take these with me? I have a letter from doctor but is this ok? All these supplements are legal in USA and Australia. Jan 19, at 5: Nov 18, at

are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand

We are travelling to Phuket this week, we take a paracetamol and codeine pain tablet that you purchase over the counter in a Perth chemist. It's a violation of PayPal to buy or sell pharmaceuticals of any type even if they're legal to import. If i brought 5 pills in of hydrocortisone to thailand which is a ridiculously small amount without a prescription and got searched which is also pretty slim chance what would happen. Sep 18, at 4: Paul Jevtovic, the executive director of the Australian Crime Commission, says its latest Illicit Drugs Report found a 57 per cent increase in the number of border seizures of drugs like steroids and human growth hormone in one year. Will this need a DR. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand

I can obtain a doctors note and everything and apply, I am just wondering if they are going to give me problems at the airport. British Dispensary Office in Bangkok Thailand. Do tbol good for cutting sell Claritin-D, which is an allergy medication. Lifting is as much a part of their culture as are anabolic steroids illegal in thailand and oppressive authoritarian governments are. I take Klonopin and ambien daily. I have to bring medications for migraines that are tahiland the narcotics list.