Anabolic Steroids SA: axio labs? (1/1)

US Steroid Dealer Busted For Manufacturing ‘Axio Labs’ Anabolic Steroids

axio labs anabolic steroids

They are a little expensive, but quality gear. The pakaging has serial numbers and batch numbers on it that can be authenticated on their site. Remember me Forgot your password? I get the feeling he's not local. RwR is very very good no denying that but axio i dont agree with you.

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Axio is the real deal. Netro Offline Gold Boarder Want some Well I used their Anavar with absoultely 0 results They are a little expensive, but quality gear. Inja Offline Gold Boarder Posts: They sold every steroid widely available. It is not what car you drive, but the size of the arm hanging out the window.

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Iamges: axio labs anabolic steroids

axio labs anabolic steroids

Trust me no fake AXIO will be distributed here. Lesa Offline Senior Boarder Posts:

axio labs anabolic steroids

There is test that is mg but i dont trust it one bit. Dj has it spot on, chemically not plausible. RwR is very very good no denying that but axio i dont agree with you.

axio labs anabolic steroids

Remember me Forgot your password? He was eventually apprehended in South Africa axio labs anabolic steroids has been fighting extradition to the United States since Well I used their Anadrol 50 prohormone with absoultely 0 results How does it compare to other brands? Then its not the acetate ester attached and what is formed is more of a tren mix.