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Kinda makes me wonder if the bottle they use as a tester is more potent than what they sell. The only "drop of bitterness" in this luscious composition is There is a very nice balance going on here. You cannot judge by the name however.

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I think it could be very warm and inviting - almost gourmand - on a man as well. Tom Ford Professional, clean and youthful Vetiver- young guy working in a nice office atmosphere where he wears a tie regularly 5. It is blended almost perfectly, lasts a great amount of time, and the sillage is just right down the middle. It is all masterfully blended to become this very intangible and unique being. Okay, NOW I get it!! Calm and powdery and a bit spicy. It smells very similar to Shanghai Butterfly, which could be an inexpensive dupe for this.

I remember like it was yesterday, I was strolling through the streets of Paris and to my delight, there is some kind of fragrant store on every street corner. I think I started on Boulevard Haussman, spending a whole morning and part of an afternoon in Galleries Lafayette and Le Printemps mind blowing experience.

Wandering, on a fragrant journey with no expectations or final destination, my nose had finally made it to the Mecca of perfume. Unbeknownst to me, Colette would be my final destination. Grace to their crappy customer service, I had ample, uninterrupted time to give the more than hyped houses of Le Labo and Comme des Garcons a shot.

They all fell flat, maybe, it was my worn down nose, my beat energy or my running-thin patience. My eyes lit up and my mouth watered as I stood in the middle of Colette. I may have had the biggest smile on earth, could this be love? I get the brightest citrus; bergamot and lemon mixed with a sweet and slightly creamy marigold. The musk is there, offering a fuzzy base for the first couple of hours. Then enter the vetiver; woody, slightly green and full of life.

Hi I am Narada! I discovered my love for all things fragrant after two years of living in France and running out of my sole bottle of cologne that I took with me, YSL L'Homme. Probably the greatest place on earth to run out of your signature scent. I tried to visit every perfumerie from Spain, all the way to Hungary. It has sweetness going on but not sickly sweet, it has an indolic vibe about it but not heady.

It is a very well blended concoction from Byredo that I'm glad I purchased. It's illage is moderate and the same goes for longevity. Much sweet so can be boring.. I'm not sure what's going on with my nose, but I get a distinct caramel accord in the opening - We're talking Prada Candy style caramel - with a touch of citrus.

It's very pretty and not what I was expecting. The drydown is similar to Hermes' Vetiver Tonka, which I also sampled recently, but it's slightly less silky sweet and more floral, more feminine. The musk in this also gives it a powdery aspect on me. It also reminds me of the green powder I get from Infusion d'Iris. I just wish it didn't become a skin scent after the first hour or so. This is really something - a high quality, unique fragrance. Feminine, sexy, and hard to describe because it's so unusual.

I can detect some of the same fruity notes as in Byredo's 'Pulp', but deployed far more conservatively here to lend a fruity ring rather than fruit overload as I find with Pulp. It holds quite well, giving several hours of fragrance, then eventually dries down to reveal a pleasant vanilla that had been lurking in the background all along.

This is one that's definitely on my birthday list! EDIT 3 weeks later: Oh my, how my taste has evolved in a short time. I still find Bal d'Afrique striking, unique and pleasant, but also now it's obvious that it's unisex. I can detect a certain animalic undertone, perhaps musk, that is extremely common in high end perfumes but that I have come to dislike on my skin. I can definitely imagine this suiting some men.

It's a very worthy candidate for a guy who's looking for a statement fragrance that's different from the common 'clouds of aftershave' frags out there. It's sexy in a different, more personal way. I just received my full bottle of Bal D'Afrique this week.

It didn't knock my socks off at first, like Sunday and Pulp. But it may be the most versatile of the lot. I love this creamy vetiver dry down. In fact, this is the only vetiver that I can think of which might wear better in the cooler months. It's sold as a unisex scent, but I'm not sure it doesn't lean more toward the masculine. I can't wait to try this one out at work this week. I like the smell of this one a lot. First a little sweet and then a warm soft vetiver. It is longlasting and subtle.

I find it vey suitable when I want something warm in the summer. It is clean and modern. It has a big drawback though. I get a very irritating feeling in my throat and when first sprayed it is hard to stand. It gets better as it dries down. If I have a word to describe this, it has to be "captivating". This perfume opens up with a fruity like sweetness surrounded by citrus. The opening is sweet, juicy and creamy at the same time.

The mid of this fragrnace is vetiver with that fruity sweetness in the background. The vetiver to me smells fresh, uplifting and professional at the same time. This fragrance is to die for; highly addictive. The base is more of vetiver to me. This fragrance captures the essence and aroma of Paris, France. This is Paris, France in a bottle. Projection - first 2 hrs. Beautiful flowers gorgeous fresh sophisticated fragrance. Long lasting good silage i Love IT second beloved frag fr.

Byredo first its Tulip. It's very elegant especially for a night gala affair. VIP's should only subscribe! It's very very nice. Bal d'Afrique is basically a vetiver based scent but there's more to that.. It's citrusy, fruity and floral, sweet and creamy but fresh! I get the pineapple accord right off the bat although it's not listed on the notes breakdown.. BdA works perfectly during the warmer days because it's vibrant, cheerful and uplifting.. It's definitely part of my scent rotation and i'm glad to have a bottle in my collection!

A straight path to a fresh fruits shop, and while you are getting there so many other Fizzy Soda drinks, Candy and Incense shops are passed along the way. But you ain't stopping for groceries, Walking straight to the fruit shop. But the fruit shop vanishes into thin air. Immediate reaction is 'Wow'. Full bodied, well rounded and fulfilling aura. I feel this is all done with a very few ingredients but the outcome is spectacular, Like Single Malt Whiskey.

Cant read the notes, probably because I am not an expert and I dont want to read the descriptions and be clouded by it. But the outcome is contradictory. It is very clear and not so clear. A mystery concoction in a public forum. Longevity is not so great but what a creation.

Viaggio D'Africa is what you want. Overall, it's a slightly more interesting composition, and costs far less. I was encouraged recently by a Fragrantica buddy to share this list of my Top 10 Vetiver based frags It is based on what ininstictinctively reach for when Vetiver is on my mind and the mood I'm in This is a fragrance forum and opinions will surely differ..

That being said, i gladly encourage all to get their noses on these frags and they'll be convinced these are in elite company in terms of Vetiver frags Roja Dove My Review says it all 2. Niche quality ridiculous price See my review please if interested 3. Tom Ford Professional, clean and youthful Vetiver- young guy working in a nice office atmosphere where he wears a tie regularly 5.

French Lover "Bois D'Orage": Vetiver An essential in ANY serious collector's wardrobe This DNA is the basis for the majority of Vetivers on the market today James Heeley lots of depth, dark in a similar manner to encore noire, but not as well blended. Very natural smelling, but definitely NOT for everyone For me- this makes Bal D'Afrique the superior blend at a discount I purchased Bal D'Afrique just 3 days ago, Saturday, because I was sooooo blown away from the fragrance when the sales associate introduced it to me on Friday.

After using it for 3 days, I could not be more disappointed in the fragrance!! It has NO lasting power and has poor sillage. I was totally shocked after being so impressed with the fragrance initially. Kinda makes me wonder if the bottle they use as a tester is more potent than what they sell. Clearly, something is different. I enjoy paying for quality but in this case, I did not get what I paid for. Therefore, I will be returning it and will not be trying it again.

This is an optimistic, vibrant, fruity scent that embodies an interesting story and a successful merging of disparate notes. It lingers for a long time, and has a freshly washed element to it that I enjoy - and a succulent citrus aspect, all of which make this is a balanced, gorgeous, happy fragrance that is simply put, a joy to wear whenever, wherever.

It is sophisticated, orange-sunset glow feeling. Gentle, rounded, true quality elegant blend. I perceive it as a soft citrus-floral with a tiny hint of vetyver, such tiny for me it's barely there. For unremarkable personalities, that are too busy trying to conform. Tatli ve ferah bir koku. Belirtildigi gibi cinsiyeti yok arada bir koku. Longevitiy and sillage is great. Men and women can use easily. Thats absolutely quality scent. Irresistible, earthy, sensual and deep yet discreet, this mix of musk and woody base beautifully blended with vetiver and some flowers is lovely.

Very unisex and will be appealing on either male or female skin. Suitable for a secret love affair with yourself. This fragrance is absolutely beautiful. At first spray I smell lots of citrus, vetiver and orange flower. Dried down to a soft and comforting musky, black currant just the right amount and violet.

These ingredients together are magical. To me Bal D'Afrique smells clean and it's just a happy scent. It lasts a very long time on me. The layering of this fragrance envelopes me completely. I don't say 'fruity' since that's not the vibe I got. Very agreeable in my wearing experience, long lasting 8 or so hours and a wonderful companion to many other parfum's. Really enjoy this, and I can tell this was a passionate make for Byredo. It smells historical and important. Starts sweet and balmy, fruity, then sweeter.

I smell violets too. Then the scent gets a vetiver vibe, with light leathery, dusty dry notes, which is interesting on top of the sweet balmy base. The musk joins in now too. Drydown is an ambery fruity balmy scent.

Sillage is moderate, longevity moderate. The balminess and fruity sweetness is an interesting combination, but this scent is too sweet for my taste. There seems to be a hint of iso e super and ambroxan in the base which is giving me a bit of a headache. This scent is probably quite a crowd pleaser!

A burst of life! I love this one! It's a happy scent , it's zesty and lifely and oh so sweet , ,very fruity at first and addictive then settled into a rounder, still very sweet but not as zesty scent. The amber and vetevier appear and the ceder. Great for men and women for sure and I am happy about the violet note in here. As I love violets I wish it was stronger but it's still there to give it sweetness and slight pharmacy candy feel.

Very slight , maybe just if you look for it ; A winner! Like a few other reviews I hate vetevier tonka and love this one. There might be a similarity but there also is a huge difference. I love this and can't wear the other. The VT has a sickly note in it that I couldn't tolerate and gave it away. The list of notes sound lovely, but on me this is very, very faint pineapple and stale cigarette smoke. That is all I get, start to finish - and it only lasts about an hour.

I tried a different sample in case that was the problem, but no, it's definitely the perfume itself on my skin. The pineapple is nice, but the smoky smell is very unappealing to me - it smells like something that needs to be washed. Sorry I can't be more thorough, but I literally get nothing else from this. I love the top notes of Bal D'Afrique so much, I have been into Mecca about 20 times to try this perfume on as I really want to love it.

But whats held me back are the base notes it dries down to. It smells very sweet and sickly by the end of the day. I absolutely love the initial spray and scent on my skin, and really would love this scent if it didn't become so sickly.

It's nothing "new" per se, but it's definitely beautifully blended. There are days I love it, there are days I regret buying it. It's not the best thing on my perfume shelves, but I can't say I don't enjoy the days I'm wearing it. I tried this on in the store and was in love with it. The smell reminded me of being at the park near my grandmother's house after it had rained and stormed in the day and then the sun comes blooming out afterwards.

However, after I purchased this and tried this on at home to wear, I swear I couldn't smell it on my skin after an hour. It's as though they gave me a diluted version of this perfume: This fragrance is in my top 5. This smells nothing like Vetiver Fatal to me; this is far sweeter, I can't smell vetiver at all. I could barely smell this after that one, even with a "coffee bean" break! I'm not much into sweet smelling scents but if I were to buy one, this may well be it.

It never gets cloying, never too sweet. But really, it's too weak and has next to zero silage after a couple of hours. I want a bit more bang for my buck at these prices. I've smelled this one several times now but I'm willing to give it one last go on skin before deciding to write it off for good. Creamy spicy yummy tea smell. So much love for the tea and this perfume. I adore this one. It's very sexy in an organic way. It's very much a "Come closer honey, I got something to show you" perfume.

The mystery is there. The glamour is there. The raw sex appeal is there. Josephine Baker would be proud. Citrus,florals,vetiver on a slightly woody backdrop. It is done cleverly but once again, I have tried this before. I see the perfumer Jerome has done 4 Atelier scents and that's what this smells like.

Very safe, non offensive and great for both sexes. Not mind blowing but suitable for the office and casual wear. Save yourself some money and check out the Atelier line which is more affordable unless money is not an option. I've loved, liked, or at least admired every Byredo fragrance I've smelled up to this point, but this one is just very wrong on me. At first I get a flash of a nice dark berry and citrus, followed immediately by an hours-long fog of Sure aerosol anti-perspirant.

The drydown is a weirdly nostalgic accord of sneaker sole and the synthetic leather of a basketball perhaps a tribute to Ben Gorham's previous career? This fragrance could easily have been called Locker Room. I'm glad to have had the chance to try this out, but I'm going to stick with Inflorescence and Flowerhead, both of which are glorious and practically flawless.

Exemplary fusion of notes.. I can almost detect each one.. The marigold, vetiver, cedar wood, buchu, and bergamot definitely.. I also agree that even though pineapple is not listed as a note there's something or a combination of somethings that mimic the smell of a sweet smoky pineapple. Listed as unisex and I agree, but leaning more towards the masculine..

I love smelling this scent on myself and it is a stylish and creative blend.. Longevity and silage are decent, but honestly not necessarily concerned with silage for the first time. This fragrance i will be selfish about, what I mean by that is I really don't care if anyone else can smell it as long as I can!!

This is my new love. The opening is great: It reminds me of some medication. I feel very mature, very sweet pineapple, which I do not see in the composition. After a while, the smell gets a little soap and water and cream with a hint of citrus and vetiver in the lead role.

Works for me like a soothing balm of the home medicine cabinet. It seems to me that the Bal d'Afrique is underestimated, and even I know why - it is their poor durability. I feel them very safe and comfortable. It is a cheerful and cozy scent. I do not know if this addiction, but when I'm wearing it-every move put his nose in places where I applied it. I can not explain it, but the smell has something addictive like a drug.

I would recommend even to test. Bal D'Afrique is an unusual light floral profusion, beautiful and well composed. The marigold makes it special and is not overdone. Bal D'Afrique is my favorite Byredo. Happy and fresh from the beginning all the way down. Many people claim this to be on the feminine side. I totally disagree to this view because sweet does not mean feminine.

My wife also tried it on and I can assure you that this is a masculine take on and the note combination is totally masculine. By the way buchu is perfect and vetiver combination in this masterpiece is perfect.

Amber musk and light No need to say more I can smell leather, amber, plenty of citrus and jasmin. It's hard to describe, but what I love about it is that it reminds me of a fresh cigar smoke in an open air beach bar: Might be caused by the vetiver. And there's the body range which makes it even more delicious when used together. The next time I put it on it was all about a gourmand smell and the next time after that the flowers were back. Yesterday it was gourmand again and today it's citrus but I love it that way and it's exciting not to know what the smell will be.

This is truly a mysterious and wonderful perfume, just love it. Bright pleasing opening, with some vetiver and fruit and some florals. That lasts on my skin for some 20 minutes. However, the drydown which is what really lasts for hours, is characterised by that same vetiver accord as is in vetiver tonka. If that is what you like, then this one has a less gourmand sweet opening than the Hermes Vetiver Tonka, but, in the end they are similar 'Nein danke' for me, but others may really like it and it's unisex and it lasts.

I treasure my vintage bottle This perfume is like a beautiful wooden tray with colorful exotic fruits… You have to love both — woods and fruits for admire this joyful scent. It opens with really pleasant, fresh, wooden, citrusy smell - like a wind in Amazonia. Then it settles down and you can smell sweet fruits. The concentration of it must be elevate. To me this smells like Green without the grassy notes found in Green.

At the top I was sure I smelled passion fruit, but that quickly vanished. After a while it settled into a clean smelling soap with hints of lemon and flowers, lovely.

As for sillage, one spray on the top of my hand, and people around me could smell it. This one I could detect on my skin after I took a shower. Perhaps a bit too feminine, but very nice. With such a name I was expecting something hot and noticeable, but I was disappointed. Quiet enough fragrance with the vetiver note as the leading. Smells boring enough for its name. Smells like vetiver and cheap cigarettes. I LOVE this stuff. Very airy and fruity. I got a small sample to try as I have been curious about this one, was not disappointed, in fact it is one of those that I keep reapplying thinking i can make it better by more but I think just stay the course and trust the quality that is there.

It's funny how some of us are on this hunt for that HG scent LOL Anyone agree with this? I bought my first high-end fragrance on one of my first forays to the amazing Barney's perfume counter in Boston. I said I wanted something unique, soft, without harsh edges to it.. It's beautiful and soft, but has a presence.

Doesn't change too much as you wear it, but is still lovely throughout. Yes, I agree that it can seem that it doesn't last. But I think it's sneaky I wore this the other day, having put it on at about 7a on my way to work.. I love the warm honey of the African marigold in this and the deep juicy black currants. This is a scent that is at once lively and colorful but does not offend senses of others. It can be grabbed from the shelf with confidence and worn easily by a woman comfortable in her own skin day or night.

I think it could be very warm and inviting - almost gourmand - on a man as well. Yes, the opening on this is just like Vetiver Tonka, however it's missing the cloying gourmand sweetness that turned me off of VT.

I don't get the neroli or any of the white florals in the initial 30 minutes, but I do smell the pungency of marigold. The citrus adds spice to the vetiver, making it more bitey and sharp than the smokey vetiver of Byredo's Black Saffron, or Chanel's Sycomore. Overall, it's very nice. If you found Vetiver Tonka overly creamy, sweet or gourmand with it's caramel, hazelnut, chocolate and tonka , Bal d'Afrique is spicy, airy and lovely. If you love both, Bal d'Afrique is a great summer holiday from VT.

This is a copy or rather maybe a modern version of Safari??? I will have to now order a sample. Today I got a sample of BdA. To my surprise, there were already 17 people who had voted that BdA reminds them of Hermes Vetiver Tonka, and lots of comments stating the same.

They are identical twins. I love Vetiver Tonka. I think it is the best fragrance for men out from the house of Hermes, and it is one of the top Vetiver fragrances I have smelt in my life. To put Bda in this category is to say a lot about BdA. It is magnificent else Hermes VT would not be: So nothing new from me except to say that since they, BdA and VT, are totally interchangeable in terms of smell, it comes down to price, silage, and longevity to decide whether to go with one or the other.

On this basis I have to say Byredo's BdA would be a better buy. On silage, they are both the same. I really loved this perfume, it was sweet, a bit fruity like pineapple and vanilla, sheer but has a subtle woodiness and a little white flower.

I also smell a nice amber. I was enjoying this until I refreshed my perfume it only lasted about hours on my skin and realized it was extremely familiar. It smells very similar to Shanghai Butterfly, which could be an inexpensive dupe for this. They are not the same, but there is too much of a similarity to purchase a full bottle. I already have a rollerball of Shanghai that I may never finish up.

I do recommend this, because it's beautiful, but if you don't mind a cheaper dupe you might check out Shanghai. Also, Byredo's description is that this perfume is supposed to evoke PARIS in the 's, with regard to some African influence at that time, so if you are expecting something that would smell just like Africa, maybe look into something dry and grassy like Timbuktu instead.

Or maybe even my favorite--the spicy Seven Veils. I really love this perfume. When I first sprayed it on, some of it went onto the scarfe I was wearing and I could not stop smelling my scarfe all day.

It really is lovely on my skin and lasts for at least 4 hours - even more if you spray some in your hair. I have compared it to Gypsy Water and even though, Gypsy water is nice, it has too much lemon for me. Bal D' Afrique has less lemon and is more elegant for day or night, gorgeous woody musk fragrance unlike anything else.

I could not choose between bal d afrique and hermes vetiever tonka. So I bought them both. First weeks I thought these perfumes were identical. But now, when I had time to well test both I can tell that: Bal d afrique is the weaker sister of vetiever tonka. It is more vibrant, brighter, lighter, more flowery if you would. Lasts nothing on me.

Gone before lunchtime if I spray it in the morning. Vetiever tonka is a darker, tobacco vetiever, loooong lasting and deep scent, absolutely beautiful and enjoyable. Quite a masculine scent. My husband kidnapped vetiever tonka bottle , he loves it too.

Yes these perfumes are similar in the opening, but only for a few moments, then they take their own unique character. I prefer vetiever over bal d afrique simply because the later does not last. Otherwise they are both so fantastically chic! This opens fresh honey very well Luscious will get drunk with this juice. You feel light, feeling the sea breeze and at the same time very elegant.

Do not think the common, it is very special I smell this flower that is African too. To love all that try this brand, it really is worth niche. I classify it thus: On my skin this fragrance is sweet flowery orange, that becomes a bit soapy after a while, probably because of the violets.

Personnaly, I would wear it in the summer, it 's a nice clean sent, good when it's hot. Has a great longevity. There is a very nice balance going on here. BD opens with a very peaceful accord of florals and citrus. I get jasmine and violet at the heart of the fragrance which is countered by the cedar, vetiver and amber dry down.

Balance is the key to this fragrance. It is blended almost perfectly, lasts a great amount of time, and the sillage is just right down the middle. Not overpowering nor nonexistent. Bal D'Africa is pure class. It is very well blended. The overall feel is of a warm humming, expensive smelling fruity amber that seems almost alive on your skin.

This fragrance is said to be inspired by African culture, and that African Marigold is included in the top notes. It's wondeful, it's a must have. Such a great one! A lovely surprise from Byredo as they usually seem to dissapoint me. The first blast is bubblegum sweet citruses and cyclamen. As soon as it settles fantastic mouthwatering vetiver joins in and a very natural smelling marigold adding the green twist.

I can only agree with people saying that "Bal d'Afrique" is a happiness in bottle, very up lifting, very unique. When it is at it's heart part it finally becomes "unisex" as the opening was purely sweet and feminine.

The heart part is joined in by cedar, it gets a bit dryer, still very sweet, but wearable by males. Even though the price is high for Byredo and it stays close to skin, also longevity is around 6 hours on me, I simply cannot say "no" to my urge to have a full bottle of this. Worth the price as it makes me happy. All I can think about is artificial banana flavoring. I guess this is Josephine Baker's banana dance, but not as lusty. Sweet and woody, with a hint of flowers, this is a perfect unisex fragrance.

This would be lovely if it wasn't for the fact that the fragrance is almost too subtle. I could barely detect it most of the time! I sampled this today, and quite liked it. At the time, I knew I had smelled something like this before, but I could't put my finger on it Right now, I could eat myself!

Quite similar to Vetiver Tonka by Hermes. Highly recommended to both men and women. Not overly masculine and not overly feminine.

Very moderate sillage, more like a skin scent. I went to Stockholm today and bought this one! The staff was really nice and he talked about the different scents!

I loved that place and also love this fragrance! The smell was for me unique, something I havent smell before, I went for a quick walk and then I decided to buy it! Its a really sexy nice smell, I love it! Longevity on this should be aroung 8 h which is great! It was on the tip of my tongue, but I could not figure it out. Then it dawned on me: That is the real mystery. Both vetiver and violet are listed above though vetiver is not listed at the other site I checked , and the violet might contribute to the sweetness in this composition.

In fact, my impression is that notes are vague metaphors for what the perfumer hopes to convey the impression of in his or her creation. I do not smell any tagetes in this composition, though it is listed as the number one most detectable by Fragranticans. To me, this is much more about vetiver than flowers. Calm and powdery and a bit spicy. I think that I might, but I'm working from memory, as my Hermessences vials were drained a while back.

The Hermessence was launched in , and this one in , but sweet vetiver was a good idea then and it is now, too. Lovely fragrance but nil staying power. I've practically showered in it and 30 minutes on I can hardly smell it. My little 2ml sample is going to disappear fast, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Maybe it's one of those scents you can't smell on yourself. The vetiver in this is why I could never adapt to it, it just makes it feel a bit too masculine for me. I was captivated by it initially in the store, I was looking for something different, new, not recognizable I ended up using this as a bathroom spray and it does make the place smell wonderful.

I wish I would have worn it for the day before purchasing I can see why so many love this, just too masculine for my taste. I've got just under half the bottle left of 50ml if anyone wants to trade.

Sometimes it is sweeter, another time it is more woody and dry. In some days I realy hate this fragrance but in the next I can fall in love whit this masterpiece — kind of schizophrenic emotions.

Also the place where I found it was so unforgettable… my wonderful vacation in Catalonia, Barcelona. It is very balmy in the same time and creates airy, a little dusty aura.

I can imagine Vicky and Cristina can wear it easily and Woody Allen could as well ;-. At the time of writing my first review, I just couldn't get along with the perfume. Wanted to love it but had to conclude that I didn't. Then, lo and behold, I tried it again and loved it see below. Now I hate it again. The violets jump out at me and the perfume seems brash, awkward and just unpleasant.

Sadly, have to relegate this one to the swap list. I can't wear something that seems so changeable! It's one thing to have a perfume evolve on the skin, changing over time to reveal its various elements, but quite another to have it send me running for the soap one day only to seduce me the next!

Sadly the bottom line is that this is now a scrubber for me. I tried this scent again, this time making sure that I washed the skin first to remove any trace of body lotion near my wrists.

The lotion I use is unscented but I read somewhere that even an unscented lotion can interfere with perfume. I also tried it when my nose was fresh, rather than after smelling a few others in the store. The scent opens with a fresh citrus zing, but not as sharp as it seemed last time. The sweet floral accord is smooth, sultry and superbly feminine.

I feel seduced and mesmerised by Bal d'Afrique. The sweetness is never cloying as it can be with gourmand or vanilla-type perfumes, it is fresh and subtle, suggestive of the fruits I mentioned in my earlier review.

It also has a slightly salty, cool accord - it's not always obvious but it's definitely there somewhere. Good longevity, lasting at least six hours on my skin, days on clothing. Projection seems fair, but I find that very difficult to gauge, so your mileage may vary. The understated sensuality of this fragrance makes it ideal for any time of day or night. I've been wearing this for a couple of days and it is my new signature scent.

I'm so glad I decided to try this perfume again. Had I missed out on this dream of a scent it would have been a minor tragedy. I simply can't stop smelling my wrist and my boyfriend adores the perfume as much as I do. It smells very similar to Clive Christian's X for women but is less scandalously priced! Superb fragrance, cannot say enough good things about it. If I apply sparingly, I find it far more pleasant than if I'm heavy-handed.

When I apply too much I get those horried violets that I despise so much. With just a couple of sprays I end up with the lovely salty, slightly cool and androgynous scent that I love: At first sniff I thought I adored this fragrance, but grew tired of it very quickly.

Upon application there was a momentary dash of sharp lemons, followed by a couple of hours of what I thought were fruits, so I was surprised when I read the fragrance notes here and saw that the only presence of fruit is in the citrus top notes. I thought I was smelling berries and perhaps peaches, but evidently not! The fruits were sweet and juicy which I loved at first, but was disappointed when the scent developed into a rather banal floral base.

I had hoped for something richer, warmer and deeper. Perhaps the vetiver and cedar come to the fore for others, but not on my skin. I smelt no trace of amber whatsoever.

Iamges: bal dafrique paris

bal dafrique paris

I guess that the source of this taget is in Afrique and due to taget is approximetaley similar to ball, so this perfume is named:

bal dafrique paris

Cant read the notes, probably because I am not an expert and I dont want to read the descriptions and be clouded by it.

bal dafrique paris

This is the second Steroids effect on body fat fragrance I purchased the other was Pulp. Therefore, I will be returning it and will not be trying it again. Dried down to a soft and comforting musky, black bal dafrique paris just the right amount and violet. My husband kidnapped vetiever tonka bottlehe loves it too. This smells like a confident smile of inner peace on a summer's day. Bal dafrique paris me, this is much more about vetiver than flowers. But I don't like it.