How To Properly Transition From Bulking To Cutting

Bulking & Cutting: How To Bulk Up And Cut For More Muscle, Less Fat

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Hi, would like to thank you for sharing a great workout. So going with that silly old school cutting method can still result in muscle loss even in that situation. Which works out as cals per day. But the goal should be to adjust diet and training to ensure the ratio of muscle to fat gain is as ideal as it can possibly be.

A Bulking Up Workout Plan For Skinny Guys To Gain Lean Muscle Without Ruining A Defined Physique

If you need to bulk up while not gaining fat then I recommend you avoid the typical bulking and cutting phase. If anyone is interested in being my workout partner could you send me an email? Barbells - Which is Better? And no, I meant that we do a class just about every day we can depending on my work schedule, ect. Are they more effective if they are shorter or longer?

The general concept of each is well known and widely agreed upon, but exactly how those concepts should be applied will vary. The typical old-school approach to bulking up tends to take things literally. There is some truth to this of course, as a caloric surplus is definitely required for building muscle. What this means is that there is also a limit to the amount of calories the human body can actually put towards the process of muscle growth. It just leads to you getting fat as hell.

See, once you have supplied your body with the extra calories it needs to build muscle, any additional calories you consume beyond that point will just be stored as fat.

And with this style of bulking where little to no attention is put on monitoring calories, and the attempted rate of weight gain is often hilariously high , this is something that always ends up happening. But who gives a shit? No one wants to unnecessarily gain extra fat, period. Even the super skinny. But, all of the advice I was hearing at the time made it seem like someone as skinny as I was needed to ignore everything and just eat a ton.

Eat big, get big, right? Why should someone who is barely lbs and the width of a broomstick waste time closely monitoring their calorie intake or try to gain weight at a slower more moderate pace? Someone with my body type should be gaining 20lbs in the next 10 weeks!!!

And do you know what happened? I built some muscle, but I also got fat as hell in the process. So fat that looking back at those pictures right now still makes me feel terrible. One day I may even fight the embarrassment and post them as proof that a super skinny guy can easily become disgustingly fat as a result of old-school bulking methods and just eating big with no real regard for closely monitoring the exact extent of the caloric surplus and the rate of weight gain taking place.

Even for the super skinny. Because the majority of that weight will always be fat, not muscle. Trust me, I know. And I know how tempting the thought of fast weight gain is to someone super skinny.

I also know how the weight gain feels awesome at first regardless of what the composition of that weight is. Instead, the goal here is to build quality lean muscle mass while keeping fat gains to an absolute minimum. The same goes for the rate of weight gain. Since muscle can only be gained so fast, the focus is on slow and gradual yet still consistent increases in body weight to ensure muscle is being gained without a ton of fat coming with it.

But the goal should be to adjust diet and training to ensure the ratio of muscle to fat gain is as ideal as it can possibly be. The typical old-school approach to cutting is really about just losing weight as fast as possible. If all of that sounds right to you, then please have a close friend or family member kick you square in the nuts or, for those without nuts, somewhere equally attention-getting.

And believe me, when following these methods… you can bet your ass that a significant amount of the weight you lose will be quality lean muscle instead of body fat. And now for the new-school approach to cutting. This is really just the smarter way to cut.

The goal here is to lose body fat while maintaining all of your hard-earned muscle and strength. Similarly, the rest of the diet plan especially protein intake is set up accordingly to suit the goal of preserving muscle while losing fat in a way that is the perfect combination of highly effective, enjoyable and sustainable.

So whereas an old-school cut ends with you having lost fat but also a significant amount of muscle and strength right along with it, a new-school cut ends with the desired amount of fat being lost without any problem, and muscle and strength levels maintained perfectly or, in some cases, possibly even increased. Feel free to check it out: And alternating between these types of bulk and cut cycles is really the ultimate recipe for disaster. Sounds pretty terrible, huh? No real new muscle or strength, and not really any leaner either.

Just spinning your wheels. Anyone who does is an idiot, and you can tell them I said so. That means if your goal is building muscle, bulk in a way that allows you to slowly but optimally build that muscle while simultaneously keeping fat gains to an absolute minimum. Superior Muscle Growth is tailor made for this exact purpose.

If your goal is to lose fat, cut in a way that allows you to lose that fat optimally while simultaneously maintaining all of your lean muscle mass at the same time. Wondering which phase to start with first? I just had one follow up question. Are they more effective if they are shorter or longer?

That will vary based on each person and their specific starting point, experience level, goals and preferences for how fat or lean they want or can tolerate getting. I was told there are two types of fats, one locates beneath your skin and the other reside in or around your internal organs. When cutting I always find that my libido goes out the window. What I hear is that this is not uncommon and kinda comes with the territory.

Is this your experience too and any tips to minimise or even avoid this?? Beyond that, I got 2 words for ya… calorie cycling. This is the easiest I can remember it being for sure. Jay…how much cardio do you recommend during a cutting phase?

At what point does cardio become too much cardio? The right way this time. In addition to my own time in the gym, I usually go to a spin class once a day with my wife. By the way…just finished the Best Workout Routines…completely awesome. Definitely a core book for me from now on. Thanks for putting the time into it. It depends on the specific person. For example, the intensity walking 4 days a week is nothing compared to doing HIIT 4 days a week. Not to mention, it depends on how or if your weight training routine is being adjusted to compensate for the cardio being done.

So another example… someone doing 2 lower body workouts per week who wants to add in some HIIT would be wise to maybe drop one of those lower body workouts to compensate for the added stress of HIIT. I will write it at some point, I swear. I mean, playing basketball while bulking just gives me a bigger job to do in terms of now having to eat more to make up for the extra calories burned. But, I like playing basketball.

Thanks for the info. To less than desired effect. And no, I meant that we do a class just about every day we can depending on my work schedule, ect. Obviously if you have some sort of conditioning related goal in mind, this changes. But if you just want to get really lean and not lose muscle in the process, I generally recommend no cardio for fat loss, or, if anything, some low intensity walking possibly fasted on your off days from weight training. But cutting back is doable.

My questions is whatis, what is the best way to start if you are a beginner who needs to lose at least 15 lbs but also wants to gain 10lbs muscle hence the beginner status.

Not sure what to do if goal is to loose weight and gain muscle at same time. The fatter you are when you start, the worse calorie partitioning will be which means the worse your ratio of muscle to fat gains will be.

Good question, but it would take a full article to answer it properly. So going with that silly old school cutting method can still result in muscle loss even in that situation. Third, in that situation a fat beginner , the person would actually have the short term ability to build some muscle while losing that fat. I still have excess fat around my lower stomach and back, but in general I look good.

I have not yet bulked once since I started gym almost a yr ago I have been following a similar program to the new style cutting. My personal goal is to get lean whilst keeping the muscle I have got, however would I be beeter off building more bulking then cutting as I have never bulked before? Geeting rid of the excess fat on the stomach is probably most important to me. Two things instantly stand out here. Largely due to a long period of being out of shape and being the fattest I had ever been in my life , I dieted for for about 4 months and hit my goal quite successfully.

From 92kg now 75kg. The experience gave me an understanding of the feed back I get from my body, and I have been hovering quite successfully between I almost do it sub-consciously. Glad to hear it dude. It sounds like a pretty solid approach. Hi, good informative article!!! What is my goal weight before cut? I have been half-ass bulking for about 3 months now, gained about 22 lbs high metabolism ectomorph lifting heavy, high sets, low reps.

You mentioned in the article that lowering the weights and upping the reps is the wrong way to cut and get defined muscles, could you explain the right way? Should i continue lifting heavy, with high sets and low reps and just change my diet? See 2 and 3 here. More if you have more weight to lose lbs per week , less if you have less weight to lose 0. When transitioning from deficit to surplus, a short period at maintenance is usually beneficial first.

How should I gradually start increasing my food intake? Is it the last month of 5month program? Plz help with this. Hi, I started bulking 15 months ago and went from 65kg to kg and look pretty cut excluding the abs which are still present but have decreased. How much times should i do cardio a week and what intensity. Also, should i still lift heavy or a percentage of my maximum? And yes, you should still lift heavy. Great read but slightly bedazled..

Could you simplify one question for me? If I am only a small woman but have some small amounts of stomach fat to reduce should I enter a cutting cycle or just use the muscles more lol thanks x. Thanks for the great advice!

What would you recommend to measure my body fat as far as being accurate and not over-the-top expensive? I write a bit more about this approach here see 4. Would take a full article to properly cover, though. Thanks for this logical and educated article.

I am tired of everyone out there advising people to eat till they puke. Seems like this goes on in every bodybuilding forum. Anyway, I have one question. So, a small frame with bit of muscle already on. For me, my 1 goal is to have abs not quite there yet and secondary to add lean muscle mass, about lbs. Goal is to lower body fat and increase size and strength. Currently on program to do just that.. I just got the answer from site you mentioned on here actually. I am 21 male, weighing I am now looking to cut down and as i have never actually done a cutting cycle before i was looking for help with it and your guide did just that!

I have know worked out i need around g protein, 67g of good fats and g of carbs. Which works out as cals per day. Now iv been hitting the gym 4x a week without touching cardio.

My question is coming down from cals per day to should i slowly drop the cals before jumping this low?? I must admit i always thought cutting carbs right down was how a cutting cycle worked so g of carbs seems quite alot, but i wont knock it untill iv tried it! Also you would it be sensible to start including a couple of cardio sessions per week? Very worried about this cutting cycle as i have always been a very skinny guy and now i am at a good weight i thought it was time to shred down but worried i may go back to looking too skinny!!

Yes, definitely be slow and gradual with how you adjust your calorie intake. Drop or so calories per week until you end up in a small deficit. I read the articles. I have a few questions about my training. I started a year back. I had an annoying belly and weighed around 85 kgs.

Within six months, I came down to kgs. I certainly must have lost a lot of muscle mass too, but most of the weight loss still came from fat. Around months back, I started training with weights. I gained a little muscle mass and did see some increase in my strength too.

That said, if you want to lose fat as quickly as possible and are willing to go through a rougher first few weeks as your body adjusts to the deficit, skipping the transition phase is also a viable option. Thanks for checking out my article! I hope you found the information useful.

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bulking cardio

You see, in the most general sense, they can be defined the following way: Your overall calories must be decreased mostly from the carbs. Wondering which phase to start with first?

bulking cardio

However, till now, I was creating a slight caloric deficit only, to somehow lose fat AND gain muscle at the same time.

bulking cardio

Hi Cris, my name is Gabit. That, however, is just my personal opinion and I feel that both cutting and bulking correctly are challenging. The typical old-school approach to bulking up tends to take things literally. Bulking cardio basically just want to do a few short intense cardio intervals a week. Bulking cardio which phase to start with first? Gain muscle while minimizing fat gains.