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Side Effects Bloodwork conducted by users shows that Cynostane has a more favourable effect on blood lipids, and liver values than superdrol itself, as well as other prohormones currently out on the market. Cynostane is a methylated prohormone. Choose your platform below: The main advantage of Cynostane is that, you will have low side effects compared to Superdrol.

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Originally Posted by Liftergym Cynostane is a methylated prohormone. What is Cynostane good for? Im curious if it affects the BP. Anabolic Innovations Cynostane 90 Caps.

I did legs yesterday, normally I hate doing legs, but I kind of enjoyed it. Have you noticed any sides yet? Day 11 Did chest yesterday, still felt strength gains. Day 13 I missed bi's and tri's on Friday, so I did them today. Saturday I did shoulders traps, and abs. Also 20 min of cardio. Both days I felt like I could work out all day. When I woke today my shoulders were a little sore.

I haven't had that in awhile. I decided to get another bottle and do an 8 week cycle. I was at lbs yesterday, but today I'm I've been eating pretty well. I might need to bump up calories a little bit. Day 14 I weighed Doing chest tonight before I go to work. I've been having some awesome workouts. I feel like I'm getting more out of them. Originally Posted by ZB I missed leg day on Wensday because I had a DR appt. I 'm up to lbs and my pants are getting lose around the waist and my abs are starting to show.

This is the most I ever weighed but I'm also the leanest I've ever been. Cynostane is a good ph for bulking, but I think it would be awesome for cutting. I'm getting ready to go do bi's and tri's now. I take 3 pills a day which is 30mgs. I take one when I wake up, one at my lunch break at work.

On the bottle they reccomend taking 2 or 3 a day. I've been thinking about taking another one before I go to bed, but I'm not sure if it would make much of a difference. One thing that I like though, is that there is actually enough pills in one bottle for a month if you take 3 a day. Day 22 I didn't lift at all over the weekend. I had to work all weekend and at the last minute I got invited to the Eagles game, so I didn't get no sleep Sunday before work.

I started working 3rd shift at 3 weeks ago. I'm still trying to get use to it. My workout yesterday wasn't that get because I was really tired.

Today I did back and had a much better workout. Strenght gains are still up. I'm doing an 8 week cycle. I didn't lift at all over the weekend. I wasn't and was assuming weeks was normal. Day 24 I did chest and bi's today. Had to do bi's today to make up a day.

I still feel like I'm getting stronger each week. I've been able to heavier on everything. I up to lbs. No I wasn't given any advice on it. I've seen other products that say anywhere from 4 to8 weeks. Maybe I might just go 4 weeks. How 's yours going so far. There is an other nomenclature for Cynostane prohormones too: Many persons are confused with these two nomenclatures for Cynostane prohormones but they are both the same compound. The Cynostane prohormones were first introduced by Anabolic Innovations with Cynostane.

Then many supplement manufacturers launched their official clone of Cynostane. Cynostane is a methylated prohormone.

Many users of Cynostane can tell that they have very similar effects to Superdrol but Cynostane is a just little bit weaker than Superdrol. The main advantage of Cynostane is that, you will have low side effects compared to Superdrol. Users of Cynostane should expect an average gains of lbs for a 4 weeks cycle. Due to the fact that Cynostane produces almost no water retention, Cynostane became very popular for recomposition cycle bodyfat loss while gaining muscle mass.

Cynostane is a methylated prohormone, therefore anyone running Cynostane should take at least a liver support supplement or a full cycle support supplement. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Iamges: buy anabolic innovations cynostane

buy anabolic innovations cynostane

Think about it, most of the AI Reps are always around answering questions regarding what yo use during a cycle, after a cycle, etc , and now they're gone.

buy anabolic innovations cynostane

Day 14 I weighed

buy anabolic innovations cynostane

Dosage recommended for a first cycle of Cynostane: Log in Forgotten Your Password? By myk7 in forum Supplements. You are commenting using your WordPress. Nolva Potency By curlman25 in forum Anabolics.