Whey Protein Myths Xploded - The Simple Secret of Supplementation.

Does whey protein powder have any steroids in them? Need plenty of answers!!!!!!?

does whey protein have anabolic steroids in it

Let's not forget the incidence of prostate cancer increases with age in men but blood levels of IGF-1 and GH decline significantly with age. About the Author Alex Hey! Peanuts may be a great source of healthy fats, antioxidants, and B vitamins http: What I got from that article severely compromises that. These substances can cause serious health problems for the athletes who use them. Are there any health conditions that could cause this? Of course, everyone now knows the importance of protein in the diet, especially for an athlete.

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About the Author Alex Hey! Are women who go to the gym in their 40s having a midlife crisis? There have probably been hundreds of reports citing injuries from coffee in the last year, but in reality coffee consumption has been shown to have several health benefits. Whey Protein Buying Dangers. You can find so much misinformation about so-called whey protein side effects thanks to the following myths about protein:.

Some people recommend running PCT twice as long as the anabolics, but in my experience an equal time frame works fine. This brings me to… Rule 6: Know all the signs and symptoms of side effects related to steroid use. This way if you will know ahead of time if something is going wrong. For example, increased acne is not an emergency; while swollen, puffy, itchy nipples precede gyno, which is a condition that will not go away, could get worse you will grow man boobs , and will require surgery to fix if you continue to stay on the juice.

That is all I am going to write right now about using steroids, anabolics, steroid alternatives, synthetic steroids, or any related topics.

If you intend to get any of those products, you better do much more research first and really understand what you are getting yourself into. These 3 Supplements Work. FDA , steroids , Supplements. This entry was posted under Medical , Supplements. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. By giving the time and details to these dangerous and unnecessary supplements,you indirectly promote their use. What I got from that article severely compromises that.

I hope this topic can be replaced by more significant issuss in the future. Steroids are a part of bodybuilding and professional sports. There are more steroid users in the game than you think, and even more older kids and teens who want to use steroids and will stop at nothing to give them a shot.

My job is to educate those people about steroid use. Firstly they must know that it is inadvisable to use any anabolics under the age of Secondly they must know that if they do use steroids or other anabolics, that they are going to need to run PCT in order to keep their hormones in check. If you chose to ignore me and use steroids anyway, do your research and run a proper cycle or you will pay for it for the rest of your life.

There are already dozens of sites that revolve around both sides of the argument. If educating people is the goal, I think highlighting a superior method would be the choice. I also attempt to educate about steroid use. Steroids have never been an option for me, and I continue to smash to the next level. Educating by example tends to be a powerful tool in convincing someone to get it right.

All the steroid issues in sports, coupled with my constant frustration at the involvement of the FDA in regulating supplements instead of allowing us to choose for ourselves, causes me to publish articles like this. For those people who voted in a recent poll that they wanted more reviews of muscle building supplements, well this post will make them happy too.

Firstly, I have never once thought any article on this site was used to promote anything. In fact, every article, no matter its intention or purpose, has always been informational. I learned more about steroids and how to use them after reading this article, but for example, just because i learned how to use crystal meth doesnt make my desire to do something i know is inherently wrong and bad for my body any greater.

You have recently come out of the wood work as an avid Project Swole supporter. All of your comments are appreciated. Ironically, i had been visiting this site for a while before i ever thought i had anything to contribute to the vast amount of useful information.

But, in all reality, with the explanations of how each muscle group works and the best exercises to make them grow, you are the reason i row, squat, deadlift, pull-up. Unless you went balls to the wall and injected like 10 grams of T a day, stopped cold turkey, and totally messed up your reproductive system.

You need to run PCT immediately after coming off a cycle. Better luck next time. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply. However, and it should be noted, that may not be the case for the cows themselves, just as large amounts of HGH can be problematic for humans, and that issue is currently being evaluated.

They may stop giving cows BST due to the health issues it presents to cows, but not due to any health issues to humans. So read my lips here gang, it won't matter if the milk is taken from "organic" non BST treated cows or not, the BST levels appear to remain the same and are a found in miniscule amounts and b in all probability are destroyed during digestion. Yes, there can differences in the amounts of some compounds pesticide for example between some organic foods e.

As for Insulin-like growth factor one IGF-1 that's more interesting and relevant, though it still appears to be a non issue to human health. Different whey product will have varying levels of IGF-1 depending on many variables such as: So, I can't give the levels for every form and type of whey see aforementioned article above " The Whey it is " to understand different types of whey.

Read " The Whey it is " for more info on that if interested. As an example cause I have the numbers handy on my desk and it's the form of whey I personally use! Remember, we are not talking gram amounts here but micrograms, which is one millionth of a gram! Could there be any negative physiological effects to consuming this amount of IGF-1?

Add to the reality how unstable and sensitive to digestion protein based hormones are, it's highly unlikely. Recall that IGF-1 was made a bit of a boogieman hormone when a link correlation was found between IGF-1 levels and prostate cancer.

However, that association was not found in later studies and any cause and effect relationship between the two is fuzzy at best, and even contradictory according to some studies. For example, some doctors find that PSA levels used as a predictor of prostate cancer often drops when giving older men growth hormone which increase IGF-1 levels which is not what one would expect to find if IGF-1 was a cause of prostate cancer nor is IGF-1 levels correlated to PSA levels.

Of course being a growth factor, able stimulate cell division and cell differentiation, it has been theorized that like other growth factors e. This is far from proven however and far far more complicated then it appears on the surface. For example, IGF-1 levels, as well as GH, are intimately connected the immune system, and have a wide range of essential effects on the body, such as keeping bodyfat levels low and muscle mass levels up, bone formation, and other effects.

So, painting IGF-1 as a bad guy hormone is both unscientific and simply incorrect. Would a person with a hormone dependent liver cancer want to inject versus eat large amounts of IGF-1 or GH? Probably not, but even that is unclear at this time. Let's not forget the incidence of prostate cancer increases with age in men but blood levels of IGF-1 and GH decline significantly with age.

The etiology of prostate cancer is a highly complex, and not fully understood interaction between diet, genetics, an inflammatory process, and hormones such as testosterone, DHT, estradiol, and other physiological variables and hormones both known and yet unknown.

The bottom line here is, microgram amounts of IGF-1 found in whey poses minimal because no thing on earth we eat poses zero risk! For example, IGF-1 has been shown to improve some gastrointestinal diseases and pathology, reduces muscle loss during certain disease states and other beneficial effects. It's also essential to remember from the many articles that have been published on whey written predominantly by yours truly that whey has been studied extensively for it's effects on cancer specifically, and across the board has been found to prevent various forms of cancer in animals with human data strongly suggesting the same effects in people , improve immunity, and other positive effects, such as possibly improve performance and treat over training syndrome OTS in athletes.

Thus, it's clear any increased risks from ingesting miniscule amounts of IGF-1 found in whey-if there are any at all-are offset by the many positive health effects of this well studied protein. Finally, we can address the possibility of any contamination from the anti-biotics given to the cows that may find it's way into the milk and then the whey. Several studies have found that in a small number of cases anti-biotic residues could be detected in commercial milk.

This has caused some people to use organic non-treated milk. Having done extensive consulting work in the whey industry, I can tell you all major manufacturers of whey protein powders test constantly for anti biotic residues, as the milk industry in general does.

The major whey manufacturers I have worked with test every single batch of incoming milk for anti-biotic residues and reject any batch that finds any amount, no matter how small. Only milk that gets an ND non detectable stamp of approval after testing is used to produce the whey.

Thus, there are no anti biotic residues in your whey supplements. I can't personally vouch for all whey manufacturers as I have not done consulting work for all whey manufacturers, but the handful I have worked with had an extreme level of quality control over the issue, and I have no reason to suspect other companies are not just as anal about it. I hope the above clears up any fears or confusion regarding questions people may have had regarding whey.

Considering how much research is out there on whey and its many positive effects on such a wide range of things, such as immunity, possibly preventing some cancers, improving performance, etc. It's off to blend up some whey for me! Will graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in the natural sciences, and is a consultant to major supplement, dairy, and pharmaceutical companies.

He has been co author of several studies relating to sports nutrition and health found in peer reviewed academic journals, as well as having commentary published in JAMA. He runs the highly popular web site BrinkZone. The BrinkZone site has a following with many sports nutrition enthusiasts, athletes, fitness professionals, scientists, medical doctors, nutritionists, and interested lay people.

William has been invited to lecture on the benefits of weight training and nutrition at conventions and symposiums around the U. William has worked with athletes ranging from professional bodybuilders, golfers, fitness contestants, to police and military personnel. You can download the book NOW:

Iamges: does whey protein have anabolic steroids in it

does whey protein have anabolic steroids in it

Some people recommend running PCT twice as long as the anabolics, but in my experience an equal time frame works fine. Latest Popular Comments Tags.

does whey protein have anabolic steroids in it

About the Author Alex Hey! William Brink is a contributing consultant, columnist, and writer for various health, bodybuilding, and medical publications. And, to take it further, if your friend who drives a diesel car was raving about how great his car is and suggested you try using diesel in your car, you would either laugh and reprimand them for being stupid, or just shake your head in pity and find some way out of that conversation.

does whey protein have anabolic steroids in it

If you tailor your daily nutrition plan to suit your exercise session, do you vary the supplements you take before and after training? The etiology of prostate cancer is a highly complex, and not fully understood interaction between diet, genetics, an inflammatory process, and hormones such as testosterone, DHT, estradiol, and other physiological variables and hormones both known and yet unknown. Do you think supermarkets sell corticosteroid responsive dermatoses does whey protein have anabolic steroids in it powder? Modern testing abilities being as sensitive as they are today, being able to search for things in parts per million ppmparts per billion ppb or even parts per trillion ppt in some cases, some hormone of some kind can be found in virtually anything we humans ingest, especially if it is derived from an animal source though plants also often contain some naturally occurring hormones or hormone-like compounds. So Winny steroid for sale do construction which I do a lot of lifting and running around and those kind of things? As I said, the risk of an impure product is extremely rare.