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East Germany’s Steroid Shame

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More sports media notes at www. Amazing article on the East Germans. The omnipresent blue pill, officially known as Oral Turinabol, was manufactured by the government-run drugmaker VEB Jenapharm. The results of East German sportspeople appeared at the time to be an immense success: State-endorsed doping began with the Cold War, when every Eastern Bloc gold was an ideological victory. As a high school junior I watched in horror as Black September unfolded in Munich.

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When East Germany collapsed, the young athletes quickly learned what those supporting substances were: Film Festival on Monday night before an already close-to-sold-out theater in Culver City. Boglioli remains a staunch voice for fair play and clean athletes in swimming and the Olympics, hoping to keep the topic in the forefront. If Germany is willing to admit they cheated and erase the records, then the medals should go to the right people. The USA team set nine American records at those Olympic Games only to see every record eclipsed by an East German swimmer riding high in the water from a systematic state-orchestrated drug program that claimed titles in 10 out of 11 individual races.

Then a photo of himself aged Several years after retiring in , the masculine Heidi underwent a sex change operation to become Andreas. He shows photos from his female youth while speaking calmly about the daily drug regimen. Yet the all-male-looking former star is condemned to a life of daily reminders about what East German doctors did to him: But there is mounting evidence of the health toll the doping is taking on its victims.

She also volunteers her time assisting fellow doping victims. Geipel is herself living with the consequences of the blue pill: A generation of East German athletes form a unique case study on the life-long effects of doping. But, says Simon, not even this catalogue of horror stories will convince athletes to go clean. Doping is, of course, banned, but outside observers allege the practice remains widespread. They tell the athletes how long the doping will show up in tests, so athletes know when to stop using the substances.

The difference today is that with doping being more sophisticated, it requires much more cooperation from the athlete. The only way of ending doping, argues Krieger, is to erase all sporting records tainted by doping. Look at what the cyclists in the Tour de France have to do. Sure, athletes make a bunch of money, but their managers benefit from them. Instead, he spends his free time speaking about doping to local school classes. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.

Former East German swimmer Christiane Knacke-Sommer tries to cover the lens of a photographer as she arrives at the Berlin-Moabit court as first witness for the doping trial April 20, She confirmed that she had been given steroids from her coach. The 15 Worst Presidents in U. The World Press Photo of the Year contest: And the nominees are Request Reprint or Submit Correction.

Some East German competitors are launching a case against the German pharmaceutical giant Jenapharm. They claim that the East German firm knowingly supplied the steroids that were given to them by trainers and coaches from the s onwards until East Germany's demise in Jenapharm, now owned by Schering, argues it was not responsible for the doping scandal and blames the communist system.

Last month, meanwhile, Germany's athletics federation announced that it was checking 22 national records set by East German athletes. The investigation came after Ines Geipel, a member of the record-holding East German women's 4x metres relay team, asked for her record from to be struck off.

She revealed she had been doped. This state-sponsored doping regime played a decisive role in the dazzling success of East German athletes in international competitions - most notably at the Montreal Olympics and the Moscow games. But it also left a terrible legacy, the athletes' lawyers argue. The victims all received Oral-Turinabol - an anabolic steroid containing testosterone made by Jenapharm. The "blue bean" had astonishing powers - accelerating muscle build-up and boosting recovery times - but its subsequent side effects were catastrophic: An estimated athletes developed serious ailments.

The most public face of the doping scandal is Andreas Krieger - a shot-putter who took so many male hormones she decided to have a sex change.

One of the few other victims to have spoken publicly about her plight is the swimmer Rica Reinisch, who at the age of 15 won three gold medals in the Olympics. I was lied to and deceived. Whenever I asked my coach what the tablets were I was told they were vitamins and preparations. According to Prof Dr Werner Franke, a microbiologist who exposed the doping scandal after the fall of the Berlin Wall, East Germany's secret police kept meticulous records of the impact the drugs had on performance.

The aim was to show the superiority of the communist regime to its capitalist neighbour West Germany. In the Munich Olympics, East Germany - a country of 17 million - reached the top three in the medals table with the United States and the Soviet Union.

Four years later, East German women won 11 of the 13 swimming events. Franke contends that scientists from Jenapharm attended these secret committee meetings.

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east german swimmers

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east german swimmers

The drug regimens, given either with or without the knowledge of the athletes, resulted in victories in international competitions, including the Olympic Games.

east german swimmers

June 4, super sandra steroids Yet the all-male-looking former star east german swimmers condemned to a life of daily reminders about what East German doctors did to him: A rare exception was the east german swimmers by the sports writer ewimmers former athlete Doug Gilbert of the Edmonton Sunwho said:. All victories by East German athletes are tainted due to the widespread use of drugs. You will pay the price. This page was last edited on 7 March swimmers, at