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Bonin has raised a battery of issues, some alleging violations of his federal constitutional rights at the trials themselves and others alleging errors by the district court in denying the petitions. There are women who develop a fascination with men convicted of violent crimes, especially violent crimes against women. Mark Shelton, 17, was next, reported missing from Westminster on August 4, his body recovered a week later at Cajon Pass. Convicted on all counts, Bonin was sentenced to death.

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On the last day of summer vacation in David McVicker was thumbing for a ride to Huntington Beach. Bonin offered McVicker a ride. Bonin asked the young man for sex and McVicker asked him to stop the car. William pulled out a gun, drove to a remote area and raped the boy. Bonin began to choke McVicker with his own T-shirt--the same method Bonin would later use to kill several of his victims.

McVicker, gagging, thought he was going to die. The attack on McVicker was especially notable for a couple of events: Feeling dirty and ashamed, he told only his best friend what happened. His mother never wanted to hear the details, McVicker said. School no longer mattered and he quit school that same year. He attended continuation high schools, but never received a diploma. As Bonin's execution neared, McVicker said nightmares replaying the rape plagued him.

McVicker did go to the police and based on his testimony, Bonin was convicted of lewd and lascivious conduct and sent back to prison. He served about three years behind bars. Despite having been convicted of kidnapping and two counts of sodomy with a child in , being diagnosed as a sexual predator and demonstrating criminal sexual conduct seven years later, Bonin was released by the California prison system in Less than a year after being released from prison for the McVicker attack, Bonin found himself behind bars once again.

He was picked up by Orange County officers while he assaulted a year-old hitchhiker. Incredibly, a records mix-up allowed Bonin to walk out of jail before his trial. Not surprisingly, he never showed for his day in court. That simple clerical error would eventually result in the deaths of more than three dozen young men. Freed by a stroke of fate, Bonin had no intention of ever leaving witnesses to his crimes.

Parents were afraid to let their children out of the house, and it appeared that the police were powerless to stop a vicious killer who liked to rape, strangle and stab. The Freeway Killer could practice his grisly trade at will. The first to die was an exchange student from Germany named Marcus Grabs. The year-old was on a backpacking tour of the United States. His last mistake in this world was accepting a lift from William Bonin.

Sometime between 6 p. Grabs had been stabbed more than 70 times and was found with a yellow nylon rope around his neck. An electrical cord was wrapped around one ankle. William later told a friend that he had killed Marcus Grabs out of self-defense, although this explanation is unlikely to be true.

Butts accompanied Bonin on several of his killing forays, and was as depraved and twisted as William. Butts would eventually be arrested for his role in the freeway killings and saved the taxpayers of California a great deal of time and expense by hanging himself in his Los Angeles County jail cell. Bonin and Butts had struck again. Hyden was raped and strangled with a ligature. His throat had also been slashed and an attempt had been made to castrate him.

He had disappeared while riding his bike to the movies three days earlier. His head had been bashed in with a tire iron, he had been sodomized and strangled with a ligature. For some time, Orange and Los Angeles County officials denied that they had a serial killer on their hands. But the facts were there: Psychiatrists at his Los Angeles trial said Bonin was likely in a manic state when he killed.

His violent sexual urges would finally be irresistible. Earl Hanson, a Los Angeles attorney who represented Bonin when he confessed to the murders, compared Bonin's thirst for violence to a dope habit. On the morning of February 3, Bonin and another sexual psychopath, Gregory Matthew Miley, were cruising the highways when they saw year-old Charles Miranda in West Hollywood. Picking up the young man, they drove for several blocks and parked the van. Frustrated with his impotence, Miley raped the teen with a blunt object.

Then Bonin took over again. Norris, the prosecutor who convicted Bonin of 10 murders, said Bonin often goaded and belittled his accomplices into helping with the killing. Miranda's nude body was found in a Los Angeles alley. They wanted to kill again. Their next victim was year-old James McCabe who was waiting at a bus stop for a bus to Disneyland. James McCabe, who was looking for a trip to the Magic Kingdom and met lurking death instead, was found three days later near a dumpster in Walnut City.

Other murders followed quickly: Ronald Gatlin, 18, of Van Nuys. Disappeared from North Hollywood March 14, Sexually assaulted and strangled. His body was discovered the next day in Duarte. Harry Todd Turner, 14, Los Angeles. Disappeared from Hollywood on March 20, His body was found five days later near the Santa Monica Freeway.

Glen Norman Barker, 14, Huntington Beach. His body was found March 22, , beside Ortega Highway. Russell Duane Rugh, 15, Garden Grove. Disappeared while waiting for a bus to take him to his fast-food job. Steven Wood, 16, Bellflower. Last seen April 10, , on his way to school. His body was found the next day. Lawrence Eugene Sharp, 18, Long Beach. Last seen April 10, His body found May 18, , in a trash bin behind a Westminster service station. Darin Lee Kendrick, 19, Cypress.

Disappeared April 29, , from a Stanton store where he worked. His body was found the next morning. Bonin had the police running in circles and was enjoying the publicity his killings were receiving. A nondescript arrest would soon blow the case wide open, however.

In May, police busted a car thief named William Pugh. The year-old was more than just a thief, however. He had been along for the ride when Bonin killed Harry Turner and would eventually serve six years for voluntary manslaughter — part of a plea deal in exchange for his testimony.

In an attempt to save his own skin, Pugh told authorities that he had accepted a ride home from a man who had boasted of the Freeway Killings. On the morning of June 2, , Bonin and another accomplice, a mentally challenged drifter named James Munro picked up year-old Steven Wells. Wells agreed, Munro said, and shortly after he was bound, Bonin began to assault him verbally and physically.

Munro said he watched TV in another room while Bonin tied up and sexually assaulted the youth in his own mother's bedroom. Bonin called him in, he said: Bonin went to get a glass of water and I told him, 'No, don't do this. There is nothing that you or I can do to stop it.

Bonin said Munro helped kill Wells, but Munro claims he was in another room when the man was strangled. Regardless, his actions amounted to first-degree murder, which could have put him in the gas chamber right next to Bonin and Butts. Sadly, if the killers had tarried just a little longer at their apartment, they would have been observed by the LAPD detectives who had begun surveillance of William Bonin.

Capture and Confession - Over the next few days, detectives kept a close eye on William Bonin. For the next week his activities were unremarkable. He would go to work as a truck driver each day and return home to his apartment late at night, after visiting with friends around town. Munro, fearful for his own life, fled back home to Michigan. Police officers tailing his van observed him trying to pick up five different young men, finally succeeding with a year-old boy. They watched as Bonin drove to a deserted beach parking lot and by the time they approached the van, they were able to arrest Bonin in the process of sodomizing the teenager.

Butts was picked up shortly after Bonin, and Munro was arrested by Michigan State Police a month later. The Freeway Killer team was behind bars. This time there would be no clerical errors. Bonin expressed no remorse for what he had done although he did demonstrate embarrassment and regret at being apprehended.

Once confronted with the evidence he freely confessed to police. After his arrest Bonin told a reporter "I'd still be killing. I couldn't stop killing. It got easier each time. Bonin confessed to killing 21 young men and boys. He shared aspects of each crime in horrifying detail. Describing how he Munro murdered Wells, Bonin sounded like he was describing a weekend event to coworkers on Monday morning.

I twisted it, and he was strangled. Norris, the Los Angeles deputy district attorney who prosecuted Bonin. Here we are talking about killing kids, killing one and throwing him out like a piece of trash, and then going back to get another.

It made me sick. He took advantage of the American legal system and appealed his sentence. Every time an appeal failed, he tried a different route. Finally, 17 years after the judge pronounced sentence, the U.

Supreme Court told the lower federal courts that no more stays would be issued unless they were issued by the Supreme Court. Bonin, had a date with the executioner. In his year fight, Bonin encountered one piece of good luck. After Robert Alton Harris died slowly and uncomfortably in the California gas chamber, a state court ruled that that method of execution was cruel and unusual.

An alternate method would have to be found. California settled on lethal injection. In almost every instance, lethal injection was found to be a quick and relatively painless way to execute a convict.

By the time Bonin had worn out his appeals, he had published a book of short stories, had an exhibition of his abstract paintings at a gallery in Seattle, and corresponded with many of the survivors of his victims. The day of the execution, Bonin was taken to a special holding cell on Death Row, issued new uniform pants and shirt, and given access to his spiritual advisor. For his last meal, he ate pepperoni and sausage pizza, Coca-cola and chocolate ice cream.

An hour earlier, technicians had been in the chamber, preparing the syringes and other medical supplies needed for the execution. Fifteen minutes before midnight, Bonin was taken from the holding cell and walked into the execution chamber. We have to take the word of the prison staff for how he acted during this time, because no witnesses were allowed to see William until he was strapped down on the gurney and the tranquilizer had been administered. The execution was scheduled to begin at Witnesses said it was impossible to tell if he was even alive at this point, because he was laying with his eyes closed, breathing in a very shallow manner.

William Bonin was dead. The benefit payments, which Bonin began receiving for a mental disability in , should have ended when he went to prison in But the money kept flowing even though prison officials notified the Social Security Administration that Bonin was behind bars.

Of the men who assisted Bonin during his killing spree, only Miley and Munro remain in prison. Miley is serving a to-life term for 1st Degree murder, and Munro has served more than the minimum of his 15 to life sentence for his second-degree murder plea.

He was eligible for parole in , but the parents of Steven Wells have made it a point to make sure he serves the maximum. If I'd known that 15 years to life meant I was never going to get out of prison, I would never have pleaded guilty," Munro told the LA Times. Well, I'm still waiting. I wish I could be happy; I just can't find my way out of this maze.

We tried up until two or three minutes before the execution," said Barbara Brogli, whose year-old son disappeared about the time Bonin was plying his gruesome trade.

His bones were found years later near Ortega Highway. If [Bonin] did do it, the man's been punished and he'll be dealt with at a higher level. For quite a while, I've been really praying to find out, to know whether he's dead or alive, and I've been praying for strength to get through it. I really believe my prayer was answered and God will take care of the rest.

Along with several accomplices, Bonin raped and killed as many as 20 young men and boys, crimes for which Bonin was eventually executed. Bonin was born and raised in Connecticut. His father was a compulsive gambler and alcoholic, and his mother frequently left Bonin and his brother in the care of their grandfather, a convicted child molester. At the age of eight, Bonin was arrested for stealing license plates, and he soon ended up in a juvenile detention center for other minor crime; here, he was sexually abused by older boys.

By his teens, back home with his mother, Bonin began molesting younger children. After high school, Bonin joined the U. After a brief marriage ended in divorce, Bonin moved to California. In , at age 23, Bonin picked up his first arrest for sexually assaulting young boys. He was imprisoned and released in , but was soon back behind bars for raping a year-old boy. By , Bonin was back on the streets, and reportedly told a friend that he had no intention of going back to prison; not because he was going to give up preying on youngsters, but because he had no intention of leaving witnesses.

Bonin's first victim was a year-old hitchhiker named Thomas Lundgren. The youth was kidnapped, assaulted and killed on 28 May An autopsy showed that he had been strangled to death. Bonin carried out the crime with his primary accomplice, Vernon Butts, a year-old factory worker who boasted of being a wizard, and who slept in a coffin. Cruising around in his van, Bonin sometimes accompanied by Butts would hunt for victims around Los Angeles, usually selecting young male prostitutes or hitchhikers as victims.

Before the end of , seven more teenaged boys were found raped and murdered. On the first day of , year-old Michael McDonald was brutalized and killed.

A month later, on 3 February in Hollywood, Bonin abducted and killed year-old Charles Miranda, this time assisted by a young man named Gregory Miley. The victim was garroted, and his nude corpse dumped in an alleyway. Bonin then suggested to Miley, "Let's do another one," and so they went hunting for the second victim of the day.

A few hours later, they abducted, raped and killed James McCabe who, at age 12, was the youngest victim. Bonin killed three more boys in March, another three in April and two in May. The final victim was a teenager named Steven Wells, who was killed on 2 June Bonin was assisted in this final murder by his roommate, year-old James Munro.

By then, Bonin was under suspicion in the recent spate of murders due to his criminal record. The police put him under surveillance, and, on 11 June they arrested him in the act of assaulting a year-old boy, Harold T. In custody, Bonin confessed to abducting and killing 21 boys and young men.

Police also suspect him in approximately 15 other murders. He was eventually charged with 14 of the murders to which he confessed. He expressed no remorse and told one reporter, "I couldn't stop killing. Convicted on all counts, Bonin was sentenced to death. It was not until 23 February , 16 years after his arrest, that he was executed by lethal injection.

He was the first person to be executed by lethal injection in California history. His main accomplice, Vernon Butts, was accused of taking part in six of the murders, but he hanged himself while awaiting trial. Gregory Miley and James Munro were given sentences of 25 years to life and 15 years to life, respectively, after pleading guilty to taking part in one murder each.

Both men are still incarcerated. Munro has been trying to appeal, claiming that he had been tricked into accepting a plea bargain. A fourth accomplice, who had been present at one murder, was given a six-year sentence for manslaughter. Young men and boys continued to turn up dead along the freeways of Southern California after Bonin's arrest, leading police to initially believe that he had other accomplices who were still active. However, these later murders turned out to have been committed by Randy Steven Kraft, who acted entirely separately from Bonin but who happened to have a similar method.

In fact there was a third freeway killer, Patrick Kearney, who also happened to select young men as victims from the freeways of Southern California during the s.

The three independent killers collectively may have claimed up to victims. Detective, Retires At San Diego Union- Tribune. Gets Death- Penalty Review. Moves Closer To Execution. Execution Stayed For Convicted Killer. Loses Bid For New Trial. Death Of Serial Killer. Lethal Dose awaits L.

Court Upholds Gas Chamber Ban. Execution Protest March Leaves S. State's First Lethal Injection. Bonin Executed; Capital Punishment: Condemned Killer Denied Late Appeals.

Family of Freeway Killer: Agrees to Repay Government. Bonin on Social Security. San Francisco Chronicle Online Archives.

Remains May Solve Boy's Disappearence. Boy Who Vanished In William George Bonin, Petitioner-Appellant, v. In these consolidated cases, Bonin, a California state prisoner facing a sentence of death, appeals from the district court's denial of his two petitions for habeas corpus relief pursuant to 18 U. During the pendency of these appeals Bonin's appointed counsel, the California State Public Defender Public Defender , filed a request to withdraw as attorney of record which we denied in an unpublished order.

The Public Defender subsequently filed a motion for reconsideration, arguing that, because its own ineffectiveness may constitute grounds for relief, conflict of interest concerns mandate the appointment of new counsel. After additional briefing and further review, we adhere to our original denial of the Public Defender's request to withdraw, and we deny the motion for reconsideration.

On August 22, , he was sentenced to death in Orange County for the first degree murders of four victims. On July 12, , after his direct appeals failed and his requests for state habeas corpus relief were denied, Bonin filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in federal district court arising out of his Orange County convictions and sentence Orange County case , and on February 7, , from his Los Angeles convictions and sentence Los Angeles case.

The two cases, although not consolidated in the district court, were before the same district judge. On May 17, , Bonin filed a "First Amendment" to his Orange County petition, seeking to add eight new claims; the district court dismissed these additional claims, holding that they constituted an abuse of the writ. The court then denied Bonin's motion for reconsideration of the order dismissing the "First Amendment" in the Orange County case.

No attempt was made to add any claims to the Los Angeles case until December 24, , when Bonin filed a motion proposing to add five new claims.

On January 7, , the district court dismissed Bonin's motion to amend the Los Angeles petition because 1 over seven months had passed since the May 13, , deadline with no justification for the delay, and 2 the court held that the five "new" claims were identical to claims Bonin previously had attempted unsuccessfully to add to the Orange County case.

Later in January, the district court conducted a three day evidentiary hearing in both cases. On August 18, , Bonin filed a "Motion to Amend [Both] Petitions And For Relief From Judgment" setting forth six new claims that had never before been presented either on direct appeal, in state collateral proceedings, or to the district court.

The court construed this pleading differently in the two cases: On September 29, , the district court issued an order stating that it would treat the Rule 60 b motion in the Orange County case as tantamount to a second petition, the new claims were abusive, and Bonin would have to satisfy McCleskey's "cause and prejudice" test before it would reach the merits of the claims. After Bonin had an opportunity to submit a supplemental brief on whether he could satisfy this test, the district court, on October 6, , denied the Orange County 60 b motion.

On November 9, , the district court denied the Rule 15 a motion in the Los Angeles case and on the same day issued its Order and Opinion denying Bonin's Los Angeles petition. Bonin has appealed from the district court's orders in both cases. Because final judgment already had been entered in the Orange County case when Bonin first sought to raise six new issues, the district court properly construed Bonin's motion as a request for relief from the judgment pursuant to Rule 60 b.

The district court was also correct in treating Bonin's motion in the Los Angeles case as an untimely Rule 15 a motion to amend the pleadings. The alleged ineffectiveness in the Orange County case relates to the question whether Bonin can establish cause under McCleskey for bringing six abusive claims.

In the Los Angeles case, counsel's incompetence is alleged to be relevant to the determination whether the district court abused its discretion in denying the motion to amend. Because the two cases were in significantly different postures when the issue of present counsel's ineffectiveness was first presented, we will address the request to withdraw as it relates to each case separately.

Along with Bonin's supplemental brief on cause and prejudice filed with the district court in the Orange County case, the Public Defender asked to be relieved as counsel of record because of a conflict of interest stemming from the possibility that its own ineffectiveness in representing Bonin during his habeas proceedings might constitute the requisite "cause" for Bonin's failure to raise the six new claims in a timely fashion.

The district court rejected the Public Defender's request, relying on Coleman v. The Public Defender had alleged the possibility that it may have been ineffective in pursuing either Bonin's state or federal habeas petitions.

In denying counsel's request to withdraw in the Orange County case, the district court ruled that because "[t]here is no constitutional right to an attorney in state post-conviction proceedings," id. The Public Defender now asks us to reject the district court's facially sound reasoning and grant its request to withdraw. We were faced with a somewhat similar situation in Harris v. Harris had argued that the cause for his failing to raise a mental health claim in his first habeas petition was ineffectiveness on the part of his appointed counsel.

Harris's attorneys had filed motions to withdraw to permit an investigation into their possible ineffectiveness in representing Harris during his first habeas corpus petition. We denied the motions based on the same reasoning relied on by the district court in this case: The Public Defender contends that Harris is either wrong or not on point. The Public Defender cannot argue Harris was wrongly decided to this three-judge panel as Harris can be overruled only by an en banc court, a Supreme Court decision, or subsequent legislation.

We can, however, decide whether Harris governs this case. The Public Defender first argues that McCleskey is inapplicable in the Orange County case because Bonin had not filed a second habeas petition, but merely a motion for relief from judgment pursuant to Rule 60 b ; thus, according to the Public Defender, the reasoning of Harris has no relevance.

We disagree and join the Fourth, Eighth and Eleventh Circuits in holding that because a Rule 60 b motion following the entry of final judgment in a habeas case raises policy concerns similar to those implicated by a second petition, it is subject to the same cause and prejudice standard. The Public Defender next contends that Harris 's statement that "[a]ttorney error will constitute cause First, the Public Defender relies on Chaney v.

The Public Defender misconstrues Chaney, in which we stated that. Indigent state prisoners applying for habeas corpus relief are not entitled to appointed counsel unless the circumstances of a particular case indicate that appointed counsel is necessary to prevent due process violations. These cases do not establish a "due process right to counsel. Rather, Chaney addresses the question whether a district court abuses its discretion in denying an indigent petitioner's request for appointed counsel pursuant to 18 U.

The answer Chaney gives is that the district court abuses its discretion when the case is so complex that due process violations will occur absent the presence of counsel. Chaney does not purport to declare that due process demands the appointment of counsel; it merely sets forth a standard for determining when section A g so requires. Clearly, there is no constitutional right to counsel on habeas. See Harris, F. There is, however, a right to due process.

Under Chaney the absence or ineffectiveness of counsel does not in and of itself constitute a due process violation. Chaney indicates only that discretion is abused when appointment of counsel is "necessary to prevent due process violations" from occurring. If Bonin can demonstrate that his proceedings before the district court violated due process, he may be entitled to relief.

But whether his right to due process was violated is an independent inquiry from whether his counsel was effective. In some complex cases where the district court abused its discretion in not appointing counsel under Chaney, a due process violation may occur on habeas that could have been prevented by effective counsel. However, in other cases, while no counsel was appointed or appointed counsel was ineffective, a habeas proceeding could still be conducted without any due process violations.

The Public Defender's reading of Chaney is strained: The Public Defender's argument is incorrect. Because our due process inquiry does not depend upon an analysis of the Public Defender's effectiveness, there is no threat that a conflict of interest will arise in the course of that inquiry.

The Public Defender also directs our attention to language in Coleman, U. The Public Defender apparently contends that Bonin had a Sixth Amendment right to counsel during his state habeas proceedings because that was the first forum in which he could allege constitutional ineffectiveness on the part of trial counsel. Coleman, however, does not "compel the conclusion" that such a right exists.

Rather, the Supreme Court merely remarked that "[f]or Coleman to prevail, The Court declined to address this question on the facts of the case before it. Furthermore, the Court explicitly stated that "[t]he effectiveness of Coleman's counsel before [the state habeas] court is not at issue here.

There is a practical reason why we will not follow the Public Defender's recommendation. The actual impact of such an exception would be the likelihood of an infinite continuum of litigation in many criminal cases.

If a petitioner has a Sixth Amendment right to competent counsel in his or her first state postconviction proceeding because that is the first forum in which the ineffectiveness of trial counsel can be alleged, it follows that the petitioner has a Sixth Amendment right to counsel in the second state postconviction proceeding, for that is the first forum in which he or she can raise a challenge based on counsel's performance in the first state postconviction proceeding.

Furthermore, because the petitioner's first federal habeas petition will present the first opportunity to raise the ineffective assistance of counsel in the second state postconviction proceeding, it follows logically that the petitioner has a Sixth Amendment right to counsel in the first federal habeas proceeding as well.

And so it would go. As a result, the "exception" would swallow the rule. To obviate such an absurdity, we hold that the protections of the Sixth Amendment right to counsel do not extend to either state collateral proceedings or federal habeas corpus proceedings. See Coleman, U. Next, the Public Defender points to dicta in Coleman to the effect that where the federal Constitution imposes on the state a responsibility to ensure that a petitioner was represented by competent counsel, the state must bear the cost of any resulting default.

Although states are not required by the federal Constitution to provide counsel to criminal defendants beyond the first appeal as of right, Ross v. First, California law is not relevant. The Coleman dicta on which the Public Defender relies addresses only situations in which federal constitutional principles mandate that states provide counsel. Second, it is not "California law" itself that has, in the past, extended a right to competent counsel to state habeas petitioners, but California's interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Barton relied on Shipman for the proposition that "the principles of the [United States Supreme Court's] Fourteenth Amendment cases apply whenever a state affords a direct or collateral remedy to attack a criminal conviction. In Shipman, the California Supreme Court reasoned:. Although the United States Supreme Court has not held that due process or equal protection requires appointment of counsel to present collateral attacks on convictions, it has held that counsel must be appointed to represent the defendant on his first appeal as of right.

Since the questions that may be raised on [collateral attack] are as crucial as those that may be raised on direct appeal, [Supreme Court precedent] precludes our holding that appointment of counsel in [collateral] proceedings rests solely in the discretion of the court.

So matters stood in , when Shipman was decided, and , the year of Barton. Since then, however, the Supreme Court has decided Finley, which firmly established that there is no federal constitutional right to an attorney in state postconviction proceedings, U. On this point, Shipman and Barton cannot control. The Public Defender also relies on Bonin's "due process rights under California law to competent counsel in state death penalty habeas corpus proceedings," the violation of which "provides the independent constitutional violation required by Coleman.

As we have just demonstrated, this reasoning cannot be reconciled with recent Supreme Court doctrine. Even if California's constitutional guarantees were interpreted to grant Bonin a right to counsel in state collateral proceedings, the deprivation of that state-law right would not be the "independent constitutional violation" of Coleman, because Coleman referred only to violations of the federal constitution.

Lastly, the Public Defender argues that the Sixth Amendment right to counsel extended to Bonin's first state habeas petition because, pursuant to California procedure, this petition was filed at the same time as the first appeal as of right, to which the Sixth Amendment protections undeniably attach.

The contemporaneousness of filing does not cause the constitutional guarantees present on direct appeal to be transferred to the state habeas proceedings as well, where they are otherwise inapplicable. Bonin never contended before the district court that counsel's ineffectiveness on direct appeal itself may have been the "cause" for his failure to raise the six new claims at an earlier date. Bonin's supplemental brief responsive to the district court's order that he must satisfy McCleskey 's cause requirement stated only that "the performance of As we have just reiterated, no constitutional right to competent counsel extended to this proceeding.

It may be that the Public Defender is attempting to argue in its supplemental brief, for the very first time, that its performance as counsel on Bonin's direct appeal might have been inadequate. If so, we will not consider it because it was never presented to the district court in resolving the merits of Bonin's appeal from the Orange County case.

As in Harris, the Public Defender has identified no point at which its alleged incompetence could have amounted to a constitutional violation. Thus, its ineffectiveness is no basis for any finding of cause to excuse the abusive claims presented in the Rule 60 b motion, and under Harris the Orange County case presents no grounds for granting the Public Defender's request to withdraw.

Because no final judgment had been rendered at the time of filing, the district court correctly did not rely on McCleskey when it denied Bonin's Los Angeles motion, as the issue of cause is not relevant. It may be argued that the district court abused its discretion in denying Bonin's motion to amend, because the Public Defender may be placed in the ethically troubling position of having to litigate the question of its own competence.

But we are not faced with that issue. As we have stated, the Public Defender has identified two arenas in which its performance may have been sub-par: It will be unnecessary for us to consider counsel's performance in either forum to decide these appeals. The Public Defender represents that Bonin is likely to raise the incompetence of his state and federal habeas counsel in seeking a remand of the Los Angeles case.

But such claims are not properly raised on direct appeal. In order to examine whether counsel's performance was egregious enough to amount to a deprivation requiring reversal, it is necessary to develop a record concerning counsel's actions, decisions, and motives during the proceedings in question. It is impossible to develop the requisite record on direct appeal, as this court cannot engage in such a fact-drenched inquiry. True, if the record on appeal is sufficiently developed to permit review and determination of the issue, or if the legal representation is so inadequate that it obviously violates the Sixth Amendment, we have discretion to consider the claim.

Nevertheless, the ineffective-assistance issues supposedly present in this case are not straightforward. Nor does the record disclose any obvious Sixth Amendment violation, since the Sixth Amendment is inapplicable to habeas representation, nor an obvious due process violation, since we have held that the Due Process Clause is not the appropriate vehicle for pursuing ineffective-assistance claims.

Furthermore, many questions remain concerning the Public Defender's decision to delay the presentation of the six new claims. For example, the record before us does not establish whether this delay came about by accident or stratagem. Finally, we observe that present counsel's alleged ineffectiveness was never even raised before the district court in the Los Angeles case as a reason for granting Bonin's motion to amend. We will not consider this issue on which the district court never had an opportunity to rule.

See Willard, F. Bonin has no ineffective-assistance claims relevant to the merits of either of these appeals.

As such, there is no possibility that a conflict of interest stemming from such claims will arise during the course of our proceedings. The Public Defender's motion for reconsideration of its request to withdraw is, therefore, denied. William George Bonin, a California state prisoner awaiting execution at San Quentin State Prison, appeals from the district court's denial of his two petitions for writ of habeas corpus relief under 28 U.

We have jurisdiction over this timely appeal pursuant to 28 U. As a result of his activities, Bonin became known as the "Freeway Killer. In general, Bonin would pick up boys between the ages of 12 and 19 years. After engaging in various forms of homosexual activity with the boys, Bonin would murder them. Would you please also visit my homepage? My nice and free sites! Still it exceeded the power of his revolutions and the Ark, where we came in serious contact with man.

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The Classic Short boot features lavish twin-faced sheepskin for the utmost comfort. Precision craftsmanship is evident in the Classic Shortas reinforced heel, raw seams and signature Ugg Boots heel label. And Eric seemed to hold Sharon to blame. He was constantly angry and critical, she told the court, and during an anniversary dinner one night he repeatedly smashed champagne glasses on a restaurant table in his fury. When Sharon was hospitalized for a kidney infection during her second pregnancy, Foretich went to Europe on vacation with his parents.

And when she gave birth to Heather in June , Foretich was so enraged at not having a son, she testified, that he threw a violent fit in the delivery room and was forced to leave.

Later, however, when she went into false labor, Morgan says she reluctantly telephoned Foretich to tell him that their baby, which tests had determined was a girl, was due any moment. Clutching a bouquet of pink roses, he sat on the bed and pleaded for a reconciliation. After she obtained a Haitian divorce in November , the first arguments over custody and visitation began.

Foretich, who was visiting the infant several days a week at the home of her babysitter, petitioned the D. The child became increasingly fearful of the visits, she said, and at 13 months started suffering paralytic seizures.

By then, she had learned from Sharon that Heather, then 3, was showing unusual symptoms after her weekends with Foretich. At first, neither Elizabeth nor Sharon could believe that Foretich could be molesting his daughters. Soon she was mimicking them as well: Horrified, Morgan made an appointment with Dr. Fairfax County police never pressed charges against Foretich and concluded that he did not abuse either daughter, despite social service suspicions. Sharon, whose divorce from Foretich became final in May , succeeded in having his visitation rights curbed after Dr.

So far, four such therapists have urged against resuming the visits, and Foretich continues to file petitions. In desperation, Morgan, in April , photographed the month-old child masturbating and inserting crayons between her legs, then had the prints mailed to Morrison-Gilstrap. Morrison-Gilstrap left her job soon afterward, and the prints, discovered by a replacement unfamiliar with the Morgan case, were sent to the D.

Like Dixon before him, U. The little girl was plagued by nightmares, wet her bed and assaulted classmates at preschool. Within a few weeks, in sessions with Dr. Mary Froning, a veteran clinical psychologist who had been seeing Hilary since January , the child talked constantly of committing suicide. In despair, both Froning and Morgan urged Fairfax County Social Services officials to reopen their investigation but never received a response. Detective Sam Williams, a year veteran who had investigated hundreds of sex abuse cases, talked with Hilary at Georgetown for nearly two hours and came away convinced Foretich had abused her.

He was further appalled the following week when Judge Dixon barred his testimony at the visitation and custody hearing on the grounds that it was part of an ongoing pornography investigation that could not be divulged in court.

Williams asked in disgust to be transferred out of the sex squad, and he retired from the department last year.

Iamges: equipoise nightmares

equipoise nightmares

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equipoise nightmares

As we went up to the door we knocked, and Butts came out dressed in a Darth Vador uniform like the Star Wars movie. The fact is, the jurors never got beyond their disagreement over that first of the thirty-seven questions, and Judge Rea had to be summoned from Hawaii to declare a mistrial. The petitions were assigned to the same district judge.

equipoise nightmares

Jordan Roberts on Facebook. Are superhero franchises automatically equipoise nightmares movies? William Bonin lived equipoise nightmares his mother until he was 8 years old. William eventually returned to his home, where he began fondling his brother and other children in the area. Bonin asked nihtmares young man for sex and McVicker asked him to stop the car.