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mast p ed or eod

Anything said by exerciseordie is for educational purposes only! Originally Posted by Legend. Testosterone blend Today, If you contaminate one thing you contaminate it ALL.

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It also means I didn't forget which day I had previously pinned the test on which I have done numerous times with E3D injections. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. I'll continue to do it this way. I notice with my body when I run var at mgs, it mimics the effects of masteron to an extent; while maintaining and increasing it features. I don't mind pinning myself ED its just that each site seems to somehow comprise my workout because its a bit sore.

Idk I've only been on a year but it makes sense. I pin Test E e3d for my trt and don't ever notice an up or down day just smooth sailing. I also pin iu of HCG the day before my shot of test. Obviously pinning ed would give the most stable levels but there is a cost. Increased scar tissue and chance of abcess from more frequent pins. This is much more of an issue when you can't just pct and have normal levels. I cycle of and I become a chemically castrated shell of a man.

So naturally I'm very careful with my injection sites. Every drug has risk. There are no long term studies of hcg in hrt so no one can say for sure. It's an analog of lh which occurs in your body naturally when not on testosterone. All that together is enough for me. Especially considering without it my loads turn to dribbles and orgasms feel like sneezes. My understanding is that excessive prolonged administration of HCG can cause permanent desensitization to it.

Basically it will stop working. At some point in the next 5 or 10 years I'll probably want to have a family, and I know it's going to be a pain in the ass to come off and get the boys working again, and I want it to go as smoothly as possible.

In the meantime, my loads are just fine, and my balls, while slightly smaller, are normal and women don't notice that, just the massive erections I have all the time. There have been anecdotal reports of HCG desensitization at much higher dosages than what we use in conjunction with HRT but they have never done any studies beyond six months of use so it's impossible to say if it is true or not. Personally I think if maintaining fertility is a concern your best bet is to freeze some sperm while you are natty as insurance and to also run HCG while you are on.

It's a lot easier to keep a machine running than to restore one that is broken. This is just my opinion though since the science is lacking. How often does your clinic have you doing Test injections? Often they put people on once a week injections, which is arguably not frequent enough for stable blood levels. The clinics I've heard of often have guys doing HCG shots on day 4 and 5 to prop up test levels before the next shot. This ends up keeping guys going to HRT clinics instead of seeking out doctors that let guys do their own shots more often.

Interestingly though, the traditional medical administration of test and deca frequently had patients given a single injection every 2 to 4 weeks. That seems to be changing now, but many doctors don't Rx more than one injection a week. I think probably this had a lot to do with doctors not wanting patients to self administer because people tend to be stupid and mess up IM injections, combined with the inconvenience of having to have a patient come in 2x a week.

Yeah there's definitely no reason NOT to pin more than 1x a week, but with long esters you don't need to pin more often than E3D.

If your blood levels are stable then that's what you're aiming for. It would be a massive waste of syringes and needles. I thought I mentioned linking it to ED injections in that post but it was in another one on this thread, sorry. I started 1 per week, then went to every 4 days, then every 3. E3D is the stability spot for me.

No dips at all, nice and steady. Went to EOD for convenience If you would like to do the same, add the browser extension GreaseMonkey to Firefox and add this open source script. The glutes get a 1 inch.

The var is magic. Agree with guys below. Too much for second cycle. After your pct completes PRE post to customize. Second cycle, how are you with pinning? Mast p is an ed pin at best eod, thats a lot of beating up virgin muscle with site rotation. BUT it will make your muscles rock hard and give a nice shape to them if the BF is low enough. If you do run it make sure to keep the water intake really high, and run some joint supps. It will dry you right out. Right not bro, I'm running both mast and winny, and it's killing my joints this time around.

I never ran them together, so it wasn't a problem now I'm kicking myself in the ass LOL. Hence why I said to drop out the Winny baxk when you posted your cycle. Painful joints is the least of your worries with the stack your on. Going bald and pissing blood are a lot worse.

Awesome dude, I just grab a whole bunch of bcaa's. Ok running a cut cycle, mg of each test, tren and mast eod Legit gear should be giving you great results at eod or mg each per week. Suspect, unless your diet is waaay off. Even with a bad diet, the tren should be showing. Last edited by clsmth; at Diet is best i have ever had.. Ok I should add, I am running t3 50mg daily was 25mg..

Iamges: mast p ed or eod

mast p ed or eod

Aug 1st, - 4w into ebc!

mast p ed or eod

I pin Test E e3d for my trt and don't ever notice an up or down day just smooth sailing.

mast p ed or eod

Test Prop and Masteron 8 week cycle. Posted By skyrim 0 replies Today, Latest reviews swoller87 This is a review for the. I am tired of pinning God knows what into my body, so I sought and I was able to get a good deal on a rather large number of legitimate amps tren ace quad injection pharmaceutical test enanthate, dosed at mg per 1mL amp. Originally Posted by oufinny. E haven't had a need to mast p ed or eod carbs yet but if I stall, I will.