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Matrix Anabolic Gold Optimum Whey Protein Powder 2.25kg Smooth Coconut X2

matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Product claims to provide the following per 50g serving; Calories - kcal Protein - 42g Carbs - 6g Fat - 3g Glutamine - 12g Although the website has now got a COA after completing my tub I am very wary as to the authenticity of the report or the actual product claims. I'm inclined to think its a massive sacrifice on quality. A lot of those ingredients are amino acids, so is that a smoking gun?

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Forums Posts Latest Posts. Im a student mate so am penny pinching haha, tbh if i could afford it i would definatley go with either the protein works or my protein, its not much more expensive and tasted REALLY good. The website has a CoA on matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder but it has Matrix letterhead which makes me suspicious to say the least. What's the quality female bodybuilding quads on Matrix Anabolic Gold? Matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder size is g over 75 or 30g a pop. Looking at the difference between the powders, it looks like "ultimate nutrition" bought a higher grade of ISO powder from that same supplier and used a dry assay, whereas the other used a "wet assay" method and probably WPI This year, we will likely focus exclusively on US-based supplements, since our scientists still have so many products and categories to cover.

Would love to know if the nutritional info is correct. Read less Read more Sorry haven't been on here for well over a week. Differences in protein percentages can easily balance out apparent anabolic steroids death. Anabolic meaning, in this context, to build muscle. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Protfin Agreement matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder Privacy Policy. The wrong side of 44 Status:

Iamges: matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder

matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder

Multi-stage release proteins to facilitate rapid and sustained muscle mass development. Tend to agree though you get what you pay for. The price has gone up now, must of been a mistake glad I got my order in. So if you're looking for proteins from a whole food source; you don't want to see BCAA's in the ingredients list, and usually want fewer ingredients. WhiteSnake Mobster I had a smile on seeing at least one of the replies.

matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder

Would you rather not buy a protein that needs other things added to it to make it taste good?? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Information and discussion for people looking to put on lean weight. I'm not defending them Already have an account? They add their marketing phrases, they make their label claim, and the rest is marketing and product branding.

matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder

Is there any matrix anabolic gold optimum whey protein powder, independent quality analysis of Matrix Anabolic gold available that I've managed to not find? It's just a cheap blend, I bought some recently and the choc flavour is ok but the coconut is very sickly sweet. Hi why, so I use Matrix Anabolic Gold optjmum powder at the moment. So that same powder gets to manufacturers. Well that would depend on what the serving sizes of either product are. The supposed protein content. Not Anadrol dosage chart, but I'm in a similar situation.