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oral turinabol lethargy

You will LOVE a test cycle though!! I will say this, I was taking 50mg on top of mg Tren and I fully believe that combo contributed to the aggression. Estrogenic Side Effects Though Turinabol does not aromatize into estrogen, the testosterone that you should be pairing with it during your cycle certainly does.


This is a very unsafe inhibition. This makes a big difference, since usually C2-alpha groups are significantly more effective than beta. Put on a solid pounds of lean muscle before the Test E really kicked in. I was trying to get my bodyfat down prior to my Turanabol cycle by cutting calories to around a day, and performing a mix of steady-state and HIIT cardiovascular exercise 3 days a week, as I was recovering from a bad shoulder injury and didn't want to do anything in the way of weight lifting. Pics would be good anyway just to see how you are looking now the cycle has finished.

Vascularity when training was just ridiculous some days. Is strange how you could put on all that weight and not have big strength gains??? Good review and would say as you stripped water to maintain strength is going forward Wrongun! Create an account or sign in to comment. I decided against stretching it to 8 weeks, as I want to keep the Turanabol I have left for the kickstart of my next Test-E cycle.

My T-Bol cycle was as follows At the end of my Turanabol cycle, I had gained Some of this will be fat, but most is muscle. I believe the reason I gained as much as I did, was due to coming off a calorie deficit, so my body was pretty happy to be receiving all of those hormones and extra calories. Strength gains were very minimal. I felt no stronger than I would if loading on Creatine. Lean tissue gains, I feel, were moderate in amount, despite the rather large increase in weight, but they were quality.

Very solid, and no water. Vascularity was way up, especially in the forearms, chest and biceps. Sex drive was a lot higher than usual, and my libido is already very high. In regards to the side effects I experienced I suffered heavy testicular atrophy, which had me feeling like I'd been punching myself in the balls, repeatedly.

My liver appeared to hurt on occasion, but mostly when I was lying down on my back. If lying on my side, the pain would go away. I noticed slight hair miniaturization along my frontal hairline towards the end of week 3, so picked up some Nizoral from Boots and started using it once a week.

No idea if it made it any better, but it didn't make it any worse. Also, my scalp was very itchy throughout the cycle, and my hair became a lot more oily than it usually is. The only unbearable pumps I experienced, were from my forearms. Sometimes, they'd become so pumped, I'd have to quit working out until the swelling had gone down.

Otherwise, I didn't experience any other pumps that I was aware of. I noticed that Turanabol definitely didn't make me feel like I was "on". There was absolutely no increase in aggression, drive, or focus. Get your bloods done, don't make my mistake! I just ran 50 mg of it as the finisher to a mg Test E. Strength was up a bit along with fullness an vascularity. BP was way up, though. I vastly prefer dbol, and I plan on trying stronger orals in the future. Tbol just didn't seem worth it to me.

Subtle, slow, steady gains. Not worth the stomach pains and distention it gave me. I have been taking 25mg of dbol and 25mg of Tbol and what I have noticed is un like anavar and somtimes Winstrol I don't have calf cramps when I go for runs. Anybody have any experience with Clostebol? I just started playing around with it. From what I understand, its basically injectable Tbol. I've used Tbol as an oral around mgs a day and that is what I am running clostebol at, though I am considering doing 50 mgs eod because pinning daily can be a pain.

I have seen people recommend Tbol at mgs and hat seems to be way to much. I liked Tbol, but eventually it started to impact my appetite. I used tbol with Test and Deca. Basically I was looking for an additonal strength gain with little sides. I have yet to try Var, that might be next. Tbol was okay but you can still get epistane pretty cheaply online. However is a very good introductory oral for new rioders as its mild and now e2 effects.

Great stuff, bench and squat went up 10kg in less than a week, but pretty sure it was the culprit behind my eyelid angioedema Same happened before with dbol. Had to drop it: It went down itself after 24hrs. Didn't realise at the time it was an allergic reaction, thought it might have been blood pressure related.

Doctor said it could have progressed to anaphylaxis if I continued. Luckily I stopped in time: Ran mgs a day for 6 weeks along with 1. Overall I'd rate it pretty highly if someone is looking for a nearly side effect free oral. Even without tudca barely notice any liver sides.

I'm currently using Tbol for the 2nd time. This is kind of the "second chance", since I had no observable results the first time. I know source talk isn't allowed so I'll just say doubts were w the source, not the compound itself. I didn't see much. But now I think I did see some vascularity and some increased workout motivation and energy bc I am seeing it the second time. I thought it had been the testosterone. This time my cycle is bigger and it's a finisher.

Then stop for final 2 weeks. Meet is on week I am noticing more Tbol like effects. Lower refractory period a sex. Possibly due to liver effects. More strength but not through the roof. No effect on sleep. On it at the moment 3 weeks in 80mg. Used once before 6 weeks 60mg.

Strength increase, slightly fuller, good pump in gym, shoulders are popping. No decreased appetite like I get with other orals and no bloat although slight increase in BP. Didn't run it long enough to really speak on it's effectiveness but I can say it's the only Compount to really fuck with my mood.

I would be pissed off to the point of fighting almost the entire day. I will say this, I was taking 50mg on top of mg Tren and I fully believe that combo contributed to the aggression. I do know it was the Tbol that put me over the edge because my mood would improve as it cleared my system.

Dropped it after 2 days but plan to run it again during my cruise. Prolly low e2 due to nolva, when your T starts getting higher again you should feel better. At least you didn't go too crazy doing stupid shit. Work harder on diet and training and diet and also training. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Facilitate high quality information sharing related to steroids and hormones. Let members decide what content is desirable.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Stuff to discuss could include: Tbol Wiki Compound Profile: Here Previous Compound Experience Thread: Here As always, read the entry in the wiki if applicable and follow the rules. Want to add to the discussion? Constant pump, looks like you are flexing all the time, stronger and more gains.

Didn't really lose much muscle but the strength did go away after I finished. No what's the cranberry for? It can slow you down if you take too much at once, don't eat enough, or don't regulate bp Update: Although for strength dbol beats tbol easily. It's a great oral. Makes the dutasteride ineffective. There is just no way to predict what compounds will do to one's hair.

In addition to the supplements you suggested, there are also other steps that can be done to help fight mpb: Perifollicular inflammation for mpb can be addressed with emu oil, reservatrol, and curcumin. Dht conversion can be addressed with nizoral, black tea extract, and possibly finasteride. All that being said, I'm still shocked people experience severe shedding on Tbol.

Tbol is too pricey otherwise imo. Strength definitely increased and the majority of it stayed. First week after introducing it I put on about lbs and kept 6 of that when I dropped it. What do you mean like super talkative? Or did you not take any precautions? Ill update this comment in 4 weeks once I've finished this tbol run. As far as the gyno, if it gets worse I have Results 1 to 10 of Join Date Mar Posts Originally Posted by respek.

Originally Posted by Amorphic. Join Date Nov Posts My first cycle was tbol only 60mg ed, and i got lethargic You aren't going to get your best possible results out of your cycle this way, you're causing problems in the rest of your day by screwing with your hormones incorrectly

Iamges: oral turinabol lethargy

oral turinabol lethargy

Therefore results and side-effects would be considered to be very similar to methyl-DHT.

oral turinabol lethargy

This steroid is already active and does not require conversion. Medicated face and body washes designed to treat acne might help, as can staying hydrated and using water-based moisturizers instead of heavy oil-based ones.

oral turinabol lethargy

No bloat, no gyno, and no hankering for handbags, so would say it's pretty safe in that respect. I just ran 50 mg of it as the finisher to a mg Test Oral turinabol lethargy. I'm packing myself full of protein throughout PCT, though. Bigfella Pro-Member Total Posts: I believe the reason I gained as much as I did, was due to coming off a calorie deficit, so my body was pretty happy to oral turinabol lethargy receiving all of those hormones and extra calories. One at a time.