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ssn anabolic mass addiction

Not recommended for use in pregnant or lactating females. I've once used it, it's amazing and I'm coming to use it full time. Nutrition also plays a major role in strength training. Surely SSN can work a bit on their packaging to make life a little easier for us! SSN's Mass Addiction offers caloric and nutritional support to anybody involved in strenuous physical activity looking to increase muscle mass or get better results from their work at the gym or on the field. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men [21 Tabs].

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Didn't agree with my stomach Powered by Kunena Forum. Yes unfortunately you do need a blender or electric whisk to mix this shake otherwise it will be really slimy! Very disappointing with the packaging as there is no resealable option so I have to fold the bag and use pegs or decant it into another tub and then still have some left over in the bag. I stopped a while and now I am planning to go back and no more turning back. This bio-engineered blend supplies a synergistic complement of protein fractions and bioactive peptides as well as a rich source of BCAAs and EAAs, formulated to drive protein synthesis and optimise nitrogen balance thereby supplying valuable muscle building support.

It definitely works, use half milk and half water to prevent it from being too thick. Didn't give me any belly fat and it has no creatine, so minimal water retention.

Overall a great product, best Mass gainer you will come across. It tasted ok and increased my muscle size and gave me good 4kgs of mass i was really impressed by this mass gainer. I've once used it, it's amazing and I'm coming to use it full time. It is an amazing product, I used it for only few weeks, and people notice a difference, even myself I notice my clothes were fitting me so nice and there was very big difference. I stopped a while and now I am planning to go back and no more turning back.

Please carry on producing this product. You can see results within a week or two. Doesn't taste bad like the others but builds muscle fast!

Gained a lot and I haven't finished yet. Can't stop burping though! It tastes really nice, though is a little thick when mixed with milk. It makes me burp like crazy, but has worked really well, I have put on 3kgs so far and I'm only half way through and have had some noticable gains.

Packed an additional 5kg's Really great taste but it bit too thick when mixed with milk Gained solid mass Great mass gainer. Very good mass builder. Put on 6kgs and still haven't finished it. However I have stopped gymming for one month got myself grounded lol. But you need to eat a lot as well as take the protein 3 times a day.

Works really good and tastes amazing to me. Didn't agree with my stomach I was very impressed with this mass gainer, got some solid gains. More so than with other similar products and I was happy with the taste. Close to being finished with my tub however I just couldn't stomach the stuff any more. Gave me the runs big time. I haven't encountered anyone else that had the same problem with Mass Addiction though so hopefully you won't have to suffer what I did!

Good product at affordable price. It is a bit too thick when mixed. Great Post workout shake for recovery. I gained about just over 2kg with this product.

One of the 1st mass gainer i have tried and it did its job! Not the biggest fan with taste and used up fast but cant complain with the results! This product is great for a hard-gainer but for anybody else is has too much carbs and not enough protein per serving. Bad tasting chocolate flavor. Effective and gives quick results. Chocolate flavor is unpleasant though, and suggested serving is quite large. I bought my first batch of this from a pharmacy and I'm really impressed with the results!

I'm not a hard gainer, but I had a difficult time getting in a good ratio of carbs for my bulk phase which is 50 percent carbs, 35 percent protein and 15 percent fats, used this as a mid morning meal replacement, which is always a difficult time to eat, specially if you have to travel a lot and this made it much easier to achieve, anyone complaining that you get fat Thank you SSN, this has made my goals much easier!

Oh yes, taste, only used the chocolate flavor that I find incredible, almost like instant pudding, before you put it in the fridge, yeah it is thick, but tastes great in my opinion! Saw really good gains, about 4kg during the course. Taste is great but the serving are to large. Rather get Evox Solid mass worth the money. I gained 3 kg's in 2 weeks and I'm a very hard gainer. You want broader shoulders, a muscular thicker neck,a gorilla pop out chest and pumped up Bi an Triceps?

Look no further than this product. I mixed 6 scoops with full cream milk stacked with creatine monohydrate for about a month ,2 servings a day right after my workout.

Rocked up at the college after my holidays yesterday in a muscle tight vest and man o man! If I got a penny for every stare and compliment I received,friends went gaga and wanted to know what I'm using. You guys don't get it. The reason the protein is so low and the carbs so high is because all those carbs are used to spare protein in the muscle and use the carbs as fuel for muscle instead of the protein.

And you should be consuming other sources of protein in the first place. Just because you are eating g of protein a day it doesn't mean it is all being used for muscle, I can assure you half of that is excreted from your body in the form of urea.

But that's basic gaining knowledge. If you want to gain, first get your diet straight. I've had enough of people complaining of not gaining weight from using products. You can only gain weight when you eat more energy than you put out.

Mass gainers are there to give you that little bit extra over your maintenance intake to make you gain weight. Don't just drink gainers and expect that you will gain.

To be straight, you should eat huge amounts and then if you still don't gain, then you use mass gainers. Don't blame not gaining on these products especially this one if your diet sucks. This is an awesome product, I love the chocolate and vanilla cream. I divide the servings up with decent balanced meals. Great tasting chocolate must be mixed with enough milk though. Gains will be good but will vary on factors such as metabolism and how you take it.

You can expect a good quality product. Gained about 3 Kilos with a good diet. Overall a good product but definitely inferior to serious mass. I used this product very good , only thing is scoop size is fairly large which equals in large gains , gained 5KG off one bag!!!! Basically a cheaper and equally effective as popular serious mass. I used half of the recommended serving it lasted longer and i still picked up 5KG'S and its great tasting stuff this so no complaints from me!!!

Recommend if looking to gain some weight!!! Decent taste as well as price considering its serving size. Reasonably effective for the so called 'hard gainers' however, the calorie-dense composition means you'll need to be supplementing in a few more cardio sessions than normal.

I have used this product twice and I gained 4kg each time which is great because I really struggle to gain. Vanilla is the best tasting flavored of the 3. I got this product thinking id really bulk somebody told me its better then usn hyperbolic mass. But realy itz n0t. But i pickd up 2kgs when i was done. Was hoping to gain at least 5kgs r m0re. Just started using it. Halo Still Water [ml]. SSN Mass Addiction [4.

Each serving supplies over high quality calories and fuels muscle with Blend for seconds. Then add a few ice cubes and, if desired, other calorie-contributing ingredients and blend for an additional seconds. Serving size and mixing ratios may be adjusted to meet individual requirements and taste preferences.

Using fat-free or low fat milk instead of water will give you a thicker, creamier, higher-calorie shake. New users may prefer to begin supplementation with half a serving daily and then gradually increase to one or more full servings daily. Serving size and number of daily servings should be adjusted according to individual caloric and nutritional requirements as well as ones need to gain muscle mass.

Alternatively use as recommended by your nutritional advisor. Drink half to 1 serving to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and support muscle mass gain. Consume half to 1 serving immediately after training to support maximum recovery and muscle gain. Drink half to 1 serving to promote a positive nitrogen balance and provide nutrients to growing muscles throughout the night.

Disclaimer Consult your health care professional prior to use. Keep out of reach of children, not intended for individuals under the age of 18 Nutritional Facts. Customer Reviews Based on 14 reviews Write a review. Muscle Wellness Organic Super food Protein shake is a snack replacement shake made from the purest, most ethically sourced, nutrient dense superfoods, including plant based protein, nutrients, living enzymes, vitamins Chocolate - R BSN Shaker Cup [ml].

The easy-flip lid and convenient measuring units both oz and ml make this shaker an essential tool for every Default Title - R

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ssn anabolic mass addiction

Get More Mass This shake not only increases body weight but also gives you 50 grams of quality protein per dose to feed muscle growth. SNP Omega 3 [90 Gels]. Works really good and tastes amazing to me.

ssn anabolic mass addiction

To fool your customers into thinking they get more nutrients because its so thick? Thank you SSN, this has made my goals much easier!

ssn anabolic mass addiction

Only thing Anaholic dislike is its ssn anabolic mass addiction sweet but that's my preference, otherwise taste is good. Select types of steroid medicine Size Choose an Option The quality of the nutrients seems awesome just make the downing awesome as well. Take your fitness goal to the next level. Drink half to 1 serving to promote a positive nitrogen balance and provide nutrients to ssn anabolic mass addiction muscles throughout the night. Thank you SSN, this has made my goals much easier!