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What would you recommend A Muscle Fuel Anabolic contains creatine and if you are using it at least twice per day especially after workouts , then using an additional creatine product wouldn't likely have much additional effect. Can anyone recommend anything in particular? Can you take 2 a day and have gains? Add in a carb of some kind. Q hi, i am 17 years old, i am currently on a weight gainer and nutrex's niox, however i am interested in buying muscle fuel anabolic, nano vapor and anabolic halo, i was wondering if i could stack all 3 products, and if so what would you reccomend out of halo or cell-tech, i am trying to get bigger. Maxi muscle isn't far behind! Hi, Yes, that is fine.

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I'm taking this product whilst training every day. Please follow the manufactures directions of use. He is only 15, so I am concerned about him using such products. A This all depends on your body type. A If you are taking this just once after your workout then the carbs in the product will be used to replenish glycogen levels, so it would not be stored as fat.

Once you've enabled JavaScript you can try loading this page again. USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a scientifically engineered muscle building MRP supplement, formulated for athletes that are serious about building muscle mass. Add 3 scoops to ml of cold water, then use a blender or hand held shaker for 30 seconds to make a great tasting strawberry shake with 53g of protein and 5g creatine.

Have one or two servings daily servings may be halved. USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic should not be used by persons under the age of 18 years, and should not be used for weight loss. Designed for bodybuilders and athletes or individuals on a mass-gaining plan. Persons under 80kgs - Have 2 servings per day for the first 5 days and only 1 serving per day there-after. Persons over 80kgs - Have servings per day for the first 5 days and servings per day there-after.

Do not combine Muscle Fuel Anabolic with any other creatine product and do not exceed the recommended daily intake. If i were you id just go with a normal gainer that has the nutritional profile you need and then add the other bits like creatine etc if you need it. It's only a supplement. I agree with this sounding like a pitch on the cost issue as i am pretty sure you can get carbs from rice etc at a lower cost than the hyperbolic.?! On the losing bodyfat i know competitors that get shredded on diets ranging from g of carbs depends on the person and the composition of the diet and training regimen.

On supplements if you want an all in one gainer then why not get an all in one that gives 30 servers eg, phd synergy, reflex one stop, maximuscle cyclone etc and add a crb powder like oats, malt, dextrose etc all available in bulk and at a low cost, this would be a good option too if you do not want to buy everything individually.

MikeST sorry for sounding dumb but whats a crb powder? I presume it's a typo and he means carb powder. Add g maltodextrin or dextrose to your post-workout whey shake.

This is the only real time you'd want to be getting simple carbs in your diet. Add oats any other time. How much, you ask? That is all supplements are for, to supplement your diet. No not a typo that is g of carbs per day though not shake! All in one wise i liked one stop or the one from garnell, synergy is ok too, i would opt for one of these 3 and add some simple carbs post workout g of dextrose will be great with any of these formula's as a rule of thumb a ratio carb to protein is about right so 80g carbs to 40g protein is a good guide.

Having said that, g carbs while cutting?? Start off taking 4 servings per day for the first 5 days and thereafter take 1 to 2 servings per day 2 on training days and 1 on non-training days. Consuming the full serving can cause bloating because of the large amount of fluid you also need to consume. Try half servings or simply try taking a little bit longer to consume the shake.

Go with the Synergy, as it is moderate in carbs the Anabolic is designed for big gains and so has more calories and carbs. Ultimate Nutrition is trademarked in Britain by a different company, so legally, they cannot currently be sold in this country although there is some discussion that it will soon be available under a different name. Many people e-mail us and want to gain muscle without gaining fat. This is possible when you just start out training or when you come back from time off the gym and possibly if you have fantastic genetics.

To make maximum muscle gains, you have to also gain some fat because you have to be eating more calories than you are burning. So you have to decide whether you want to make big, fast gains or moderate, slow gains or possibly no gains at all by trying to stay lean while gaining muscle. If you want fast gains, take the Anabolic twice daily one serving to be taken after training on training days and eat lots of food. If you want to make slower gains to minimize the fat gains, either take 2 scoops instead of 3 twice per day and if you are still gaining weight too quickly, you should consider taking a product like Synergy Iso-7, which has far less carbs and calories but still has all of the other anabolic support ingredients.

However, you will still likely gain some fat. The relative amount of fat and muscle you gain will also depend upon your training intensity and duration and your particular genetics whether you gain fat easily. It contains a herb that can boost testosterone but nothing like to the extend of steroids your testosterone will still stay in the "normal" range. We sell thousands of these and haven't heard of any side effects. Flavour is hard to comment on as everyone's preference is different.

Yes you can you this product along side there other's. Mutant mass is a top quality gainer but muscle fuel anabolic is an all-in-one product and contains creatine and other muscle building ingredients. This is a perfect all in one and can be used for many things, better recovery, increased strength, increase muscle mass etc. Persons over 80kgs — Have servings per day for the first 5 days and servings per day there-after.

Taking a serving of mass post-workout will help to maintain lean muscle tissue and stimulate repair and regeneration. I hope you find the above information useful. This is definitely one of the best products for quick gains in size and strength as it has lots of protein, calories and creatine, etc.

If you take 2 full servings for 2 weeks and then you can cut it back to one serving on non-training days and 2 servings one right after training on workout days, you should see excellent results. Yes this would be a great stack for putting on mass. All you have to remember is to consume around extra calories a day more than you are burning to help promote muscle growth. Yes both products will be fine to use together as the cyto nox is designed as a pre workout product and will only contain a small amount of creatine.

This product has creatine and a natural ingredient that is designed to support testosterone levels. The creatine is not a problem for an 18 year old - creatine is now believed by most experts to be totally safe and without negative side effects.

The Avena Sativa would not be expected to have any negative effects but at 18, testosterone levels are probably still naturally very high, so the Avena Sativa may only have a mild effect. There are no ingredients contained in this product which are associated with side effects at the levels provided even if you used several servings per day. For the very best and latest information on supplements and the most effective diet strategies and exercise tips, click on http: The info on the site is written by experienced, qualified industry experts and is backed by proper scientific research on what works and what doesn't!

You can switch to Mutant, which does have more calories but you'll have to add a creatine product to each shake as the Anabolic contains creatine. You can just add a basic powdered creatine which is cheap. Start with 3 scoops twice per day of the Mutant Mass and if you aren't gaining a pound or two a week, then either eat more food or increase to 4 scoops twice daily. We are unable to advise as you are only 15 years old.

This product is not to be used by anyone under the age of This product contains ingredients to boost testosterone which could have an adverse effect on those younger than We recommend you discontinue use immediately. It seems fine and if you are adding a normal creatine monohydrate to the mix that is fine as you would not overdose on the creatine, you would just flush any excess out with the amount of water you consume.

To build muscle your plan seems good, just to make sure you can work out your calorie count for your body and make sure you are in a surplus of an extra kcal per day, to promote lean muscle growth of around 1lb per week. IF you are taking 2 full servings of MFA a day then you could disregard your pre-workout BUT its completely up to you as an extra 5g on a workout day would cause no harm at all.

Once you've been training hard for a while, the only way to gain significant muscle is to increase your calories and accept the fact that you are going to gain some fat along with the muscle. The spinning should help to ensure minimal fat gain. Muscle Fuel Anabolic is an excellent product that contains just about everything you need to gain muscle and 2 scoops per day is a very effective dosage. Absolutely, M F Anabolic has some added leucine part of the BCAAs but research indicates that larger amounts of leucine can have a strong effect on muscle growth mechanisms.

In the first few months of training you may see changes in muscle size and definition but it is not possible to decrease body fat and build muscle at the same time in the long term.

You need to decide which is more important — Losing body fat so you look more defined or gaining muscle. To gain muscle MASS you need to be eating a high calorie based diet which exceeds your daily intake of calories by around cal per day to start with. Gaining the extra weight will help you promote muscle growth so much faster than if you kept to a low cal diet. Using Grenades along with a high calorie shake is trying to do two opposite things at once.

You can use the Grenade before training sessions to increase strength, endurance and fat burning during the workout but you stil have to decide whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat Muscle Fuel Anabolic contains creatine and if you are using it at least twice per day especially after workouts , then using an additional creatine product wouldn't likely have much additional effect.

See the article - http: Nitro-Tech plus Cell-Tech is the best stack as far as having research supporting its effectiveness and feedback from our customers. So if your diet isn't high in fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy, then you will benefit from the Pak. If your diet is good, go with the Stak. For the MF Anabolic have 2 servings 2 to 3 scoops , twice daily, with one serving being after training on training days.

If this is the only product you are taking then we would suggest taking a post workout specific type product for maximum recovery after training saving you a serving of Muscle fuel anabolic to add into your daily diet in between meals. Take a look at Universal Torrent. If your looking for more of a lean gainer then have a look at PHD - Synergy Iso 7 which has all the benefits of an all-in-one but a lot less carbs and calories.

For even lower carbs along with strong muscle-building effects, go fo Nitro-Tech. If you are looking to decrease body fat then try adding in a fat burner to help you burn calories faster. Take at least 1 full serving daily. On training days, take it immediately after your workout.

You can also take a full serving or a 2-scoop serving between meals if you are not making consistent weekly gains in weight. On non-training days take 1 to 2 servings of either 2 or 3 scoops depending upon whether you are reaching your weight gain goals. You can take the servings any time - first thing in morning before breakfast, between meals or before bed.

MF Anabolic is an excellent high-calorie All-in-One product. Most people agree that Cell-Tech is unbeatable for quick gains in mass and strength but you'd get at least as good results from taking a full serving of Halo daily after workouts on training days of course. Vapor is great for jacking up energy levels pre-workout and is designed to stack perfectly with Halo.

Make sure to follow the directions on the Vapor start with one scoop and move up if you need to. Start off with a full 3 scoop serving twice per day in between meals with one serving after training on training days and if that doesn't lead to at least 1 kg of gains per week, add in another daily serving of 2 scoops or increase the calories or your meals or add a snack. Building muscle and staying lean is very difficult because you have to eat more calories than you are burning to gain muscle and that means you are going to gain some fat too unless you just started or re-started traininig or you have very fortunate genetics.

The best lean-gainer supplements are Synergy Iso-7 or for even "leaner" gains if you have a slower metabolism , Nitro-Tech. Once or twice a day would suffice. Once after a workout and another time during the day in between your meals. MF Anabolic has protein, creatine, aminos, and a test-boosting herb.

You can add a Pre-workout product for energy and a pump in the gym. This product is an All-in-One product.

So called because it contains protein, carbs, creatine, test boosters and other anabolic ingredients. However, it also is high in calories so works very well for those trying to gain mass and strength and is excellent as a post-workout shake. The 2 scoop recommendation is more of a maintenance serving as opposed to a weight gain serving of 3 scoops. Some people like to use this product for maintaining the weight and using a meal replacement.

MF Anabolic is probably the best all-in-one product for people who have difficulty gaining weight and muscle. Start by taking 2 scoops, twice daily with one of those servings being right after training on training days.

After the first few weeks in which you may gain more quickly , you should aim for a gain of pounds per week. Hi, That's not a stupid question - though the answer will greatly depend upon the individual; besides activity levels, their body composition, metabolism, and additional food consumption.

If carbohydrate intake exceeds what is utilised via energy expenditure, the body will convert the surplus carbohydrates it receives, storing them as fat, though the quantity necessary for this process will correlate with the above factors. It is possible, yes, but as I say, it will vary from one individual to the next. The reason for the dosage recommendations is that this product contains creatine, which works better and faster if it is loaded for 5 days.

We would suggest taking at least 6 scoops per day for the first 5 days and then you could probably get away with scoops thereafter take a minimum of 2 scoops after exercise. If you take less than this you will likely not get very good results.

Not sure what "fast grow mass from SA" is??? But if you go straight from one product to the other and you have already loaded, you don't have to load again although some studies show that it may be a good idea to re-load creatine-containing products every 8 to 10 weeks or so. As with all gaining phases, if you aren't gaining, adjust your supplement servings or size of serving up and or adjust your food calories up.

Muscle Fuel Anabolic is taken by adding 3 rounded scoops to ml of cold water and blend or shake in a shaker for 30 seconds. Take 2 servings for the first 5 days and then 1 per day thereafter they suggest servings per day for the first 5 days and servings thereafter for those weighing over 80kgs. Yes, you may better off having 2 scoops instead of 3 twice per day, as the way to gain lean mass is just to ensure that you gain it more slowly of course this means that you will also gain muscle more slowly - you can't gain muscle without gaining some fat also.

Yes, 1 hour pre-training is fine this actually gives you more time to digest it before you hit the gym. If you are going to use milk with this product we would recommend you use skim milk or like your friend said, water.

Water allows the product to be used by the body at a much quicker rate. This is fine to use continuously. Unless you are considering carb cycling where you cycle high calorie carb days with low carb days to get the best of both worlds, it's impossible to do because building muscle is about increasing calorie count to ensure quality muscle is build after been damaged using resistance, where as losing bodyfat is about being in a calorie deficit to ensure stored fat is used for energy.

It is fairly unusual for an individual to take a protein supplement alongside a mass gainer; please remember that mass gainers will provide a source of protein, so it will not usually be necessary to supplement this further.

Ordinarily, those taking a mass gainer have very fast metabolisms, and therefore, would benefit from consuming concentrated calories which the aforementioned can provide ; similarly, those who have already acquired a significant level of muscle may choose to use mass gainers to increase their caloric intake. If you are taking Muscle Fuel Anabolic MFA according to the product guidelines, and in conjunction with a sensible, balanced diet, you should be consuming all the protein you need, thus, it would not be necessary to take whey in addition to this.

Some individuals choose to take casein before bed to help prevent catabolism which is a natural phase that occurs during sleep, as under normal circumstances, it's the longest period our bodies go without food and stimulate anabolism.

This would be find to use in addition to MFA. Please bear in mind that the body can only utilise approximately g protein per sitting variance owing to individual requirements ; surplus intake is not stored, but excreted from the body via the urine.

The smallest tub is 2 kilograms. This is a very popular product so you should be happy with the results. Using this product twice daily covers most of the bases for muscle growth including creatine. If you really want to get results, we would suggest you read the article - http: Nitro-Tech is great to take with it as it also has creatine and other anabolic ingredients beyond just the whey protein but Cell-Tech may make it difficult to lose fat as it is high in carbs Although it is probably the best product for fast gains in muscle and strength.

Assuming you are taking them post-workout. Halo will add some ingredients to the Anabolic, as it has a big whack of leucine and other ingredients in it but they both contain creatine so you are probably getting more creatine than required, which would likely end up expelled in your urine.

So not a total waste but because Anabolic is a fairly complete fromula, it is difficult to stack. People often use it with a pre-workout formula. Either way, ensure that you get 2 servings of the Anaboic per day for best results. There are 6 main ways to increase creatine retention in the muscle: However, Nitro-Tech contains lipoic acid and other ingredients to increase insulin function insulin is the hormone that increases creatine retention in the muscle. Nitro-Tech also contains nitric oxide boosters.

Nitric oxide has been shown to improve creatine uptake also and increase measures of muscle growth, strength, blood flow, etc. Unfortunately, the only way to see which does so better would be to do a scientific study comparing them and this has not been done. Synergy, Cyclone and As-One will still probably cause better creatine retention than taking it with water but for maximum gains, you'd have to add extra carbs.

Nitro-Tech is a Whey Protein with added functional ingredients and is designed for people who want more results from their protein. They are quite similar but the Hyperbolic Mass has more calories and has a multivitamin blend added so great if you don't eat well or eat a lot of fruit and veg.

This is the best All-in-One product for mass and strength gains. If you are watching your calories or gain fat easily, try Nitro-Tech for the leanest gains this product is a whey protein but it contains creatine and other ingredients to promote muscle gains because it is lowest in carbs. Cyclone and Synergy Iso-7 have moderate carbs more than Nitro but less than Anabolic but Iso has fewer carbs and more protein and tastes better.

This all depends on your body type. If you are a slim build and struggle to put on mass then yes cut right down on the cardio. If you gain weight quickly then keep up the cardio and introduce this product for lean mass gains. The products you suggest are a good combination. In may last e-mail, I suggested a gainer because you'll never get big without eating lots of calories.

As you suggest, no gaining strategy is complete without creatine. In my opinion, the best creatine tablets are Creakic and Creadex but there are other good ones too. As before, I would recommend reading our articles section because then you'll be able to make the best decisions for yourself in future and design stacks for maximum results.

It is best to maintain consistency, taking the product on non-training days also. I would recommend taking one serving on non-training days.

We don't do one any more. The prices are too volatile, as we are constantly ensuring that we have the lowest average prices available online. No loading required if you've been on Cell-Tech - especially if you also been using another creatine product. You should take protein and creatine as your key supplements or a Weight Gainer product if you want to gain maximum mass. Take a whey protein shake 2 to 3 times per day with one serving being just before your Halo immediately after training and take creatine monohydrate powder or a creatine tablet like Creakic or Creadex.

Creatine is contained in here so you don't need to have any additional creatine. The upper limit would be 20g if loading, either way unused creatine will be washed out. Anabolic only has about 5 grams of creatine, so adding another serving on training days will not be excessive creatine intake also creatine has now been used by so many people and has been studied by so many scientists that it is considered perfectly safe in healthy individuals.

Mutant Mass is our best-selling weight gainer by far and when combined with creatine, there is no faster way to gain weight. However, Muscle Fuel Anabolic is our best-selling high-calorie All-in-One and contains creatine, so both of your choices are very good and it is impossible to say which is better. Yes this is perfectly fine but would highly recommend purchasing a standard why protein to use daily to make sure you do not lack protein in your diet. Muscle Fuel Anabolic has no ingredients that would be banned and the testo-booster ingredients aren't designed to raise test levels into the range that would be a problem for most drug tests but without knowing what they're testing for their specific banned list , it's difficult to say.

Also, as with even some foods, it is possible that any supplement could contain a tiny or in some very rare circumstances a significant amount of some banned substance.

This could happen either because some ingredients were processed in a facility that also handles banned ingredients or that the final product was produced in a facility that handles banned ingredients.

Maximuscle and EAS both offer drug screened products designed for tested athletes - look for the words "Drug Screened" or "Doping Free" on the label. So you could use a product like Cyclone, which although expensive and having lower carbs and calories than the Anabolic, could according to Maximuscle eliminate the drug testing risks.

They can be used together definitely, just ensure you are taking on enough water to fully get the benefits from creatine and ensure complete hydration.

I would not advocate taking additional creatine; Muscle Fuel Anabolic is considered an 'all-in-one' product, therefore, you are not likely to require additional supplementation. If you would prefer to take creatine prior to your workout, you could do so, taking a mass gainer without a creatine content separately. This all depends on a variety of factors: The efficacy of a product will correlate with other relevant steps that are put in place, in order to help you achieve your goals.

Take servings everyday to get the best results from the product. Refer to manufactures directions of use on the product label. Yes, you can but just be aware that the profile from the milk will then need to be taken into consideration as the nutritional profile of the shake will need to be altered.

Yes you can use milk just as you would water. By adding milk you will also be adding extra carbs protein and fats. Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a mass gainer - it serves to provide a concentrated source of calories derived from carbohydrates, protein and some fats; in addition, it contains an added natural-testosterone support mechanism, and other nutrients to aid muscle growth.

It is not considered to be a meal replacement despite its macronutrient and micronutrient profile, but rather, a dietary supplement designed for use by those with already significant muscle mass, who are looking to further increase their gains. In this respect, it would be taken in addition to an appropriate eating plan and training regime.

I hope the above information assists with your query. Depending on your food intake we'd suggest you take servings daily if looking to gain lean muscle mass. We couldn't provide a specific answer regarding this query, as it varies for each individual. We are not aware of any ingredients in the product that could cause acne, but the cause of this condition could be due to a number of lifestyle factors and possible underlying medical conditions.

I hope this information is useful to you. You can use other products with USN Muscle fuel anabolic to ensure greater results such as a pre-workout to give you that added kick and pump whilst working out. Muscle fuel anabolic is a great all-in-one and contains all the ingredients that cover the foundations of training.

There are some other products that you could benefit from depending on your goal. Yes, although it is desinged to stimulate strength and muscle gains. You have to understand, unless you just started training or are back from a layoff, you will not likely be able to build muscle without adding some bodyfat also, as you need to eat more calories than you burn to gain muscle.

Go with something like Synergy Iso-7 or the As One 40 if you put on fat easily or aren't doing cardio or high-intensity interval training regularly. Otherwise, yes, MFA is the best choice. Both will work very similarily on a calorie for calorie basis.

The Mutant Mass has the advantage of having healthy fats and fibres added to it which makes it more like a meal and the Anabolic already contains creatine, so make you choice based on those differences. For MFA, take at least one serving daily some people take two 2-scoop servings - a full serving is 3 scoops. For Mutant, take 2 scoops, twice daily to start and adjust depending upon weight gain results. Add creatine to both shakes for the first 2 weeks then you can take it down to 1 serving of creatine added to your post-workout shake.

Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a great product for gaining quality mass. Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a great cost efficient way to get everything you need in one shake. Great for building mass and strength and can be taken any time of the day especially post workout. Muscletech - Halo is also a great product to use but would recommend using a scoop of whey protein before you take the Halo. All directions are described on the tub follow the manufacturers advice for optimum results. Just be sure to consume 1 full serving 90 mins prior to training and one serving immediately after.

On none training days take two servings in between meals a day. This can be used just in the weeks you have stated and you would gain more muscle mass on this rather than just the pure protein as this has an anabolic stack in which can help create a muscle building environment in your body. We'd recommend women go for something like muscle fuel STS as it's similar in terms of formula however it doesn't contain a test booster like the Muscle fuel anabolic does.

Yeah a good pre-workout and best selling all in one is a good combination to put on some good muscle mass. Yes sure especially if trying to gain weight, you can potentially have two servings daily, one after and one before bed.

Hi, I have checked the nutritional information for Muscle Fuel Anabolic, and the following statement is included within: Professional athletes should refer to the USN website for more information on prohibited substances in sport.

It can assist in helping to gain lean muscle mass, when consumed in conjunction with the correct diet and training regime. I hope the above information assists in answering your query. It depends on many factors, your food intake, training schedule etc. We'd recommend around 2 -3 servings on a day of training days, on rest days take servings. Yes, no problem using these together.

Sorry for the late response due to essential maintenance. Yes this will be fine to go back on and stick with this untill you feel you are not gaining anymore. Once you reach this point you need to increase your food intake. It has EPA which is generally from fish. But otherwise no animal ingredients except milk proteins. Not a common side effect but everyones digestion quality differs so this may just be his digestive system getting used to the product.

Unfortunately this amount is hidden inside a proprietary blend which makes up 14,mg it would be around 5g of creatine per serving but we would strongly suggest you contact the manufacture direct for more information. It is fine to use another creatine substance alongside with this.

Creatine use can be up to 20g per day during loading phase. Muscle fuel anabolic already contains testo boosting properties so an additional test booster is not necessary but can still be combined unless the other test product states not to combine with other test boosters. Casein is a "slow" protein best used when you go long periods between meals, such as before bed.

MFA has "fast" protein which is much better for post-training. Sorry for the late respose due to essential maintenance. Please carefully adhere to specific product guidelines. You would benefit more from combining the two together than taking them seperate months as cell-tech contains no protein which is crucial for keeping your body in an anabolic state.

Unless you have amazing genetics or have just started training or started training harder, it is very difficult to add muscle size without gaining some fat also. This is simply because you have to eat more calories than you burn to gain muscle.

So you can switch to Anabolic but keep an eye on the fat gains and if the calories start to "spill over" into body fat, then cut back from 3 scoops twice daily to 2 scoops and keep adjusting until you get the balance right. Yeah that's the perfect time to take it to replenish lost nutrients after training.

Muscle fuel anabolic is designed for this purpose and also as a good addition to a healthy balanced diet to get the muscle gains you search for. This is a recovery product as well as a lean gaining meal replacement. This would just help you recover quicker than taking just a whey protein.

Normally they say 2 servings to ensure you load on the creatine to get fully saturated intra-muscular creatine levels which equals better results. Post workout would definitely be the best time to use it if only using once. This would be suitable to gain lean muscle mass, just ensure you closely watch your calories from the rest of your diet. Hello, Muscle Fuel Anabolic is, as you say, an 'all-in-one' type of product, which can serve as a pre and post-workout supplement. However, please bear in mind that none of these show a largely significant price difference compared with MFA.

Our offers are subject to change, but it is quite possible that MFA will be reduced in price at some point in the near future. Yes, you can mix this with milk instead of water, though this will alter the consistency and caloric value, somewhat.

I hope you consider this information useful. Hi, Yes, that is fine. Please refer to product guidelines for specific information regarding recommended servings. If you can take it around 1 hour before going to the gym as well as post-workout that would be perfect to contribute to your training and nutritional regime.

Amino acids are never a waste of money. What you are doing at the moment is completely fine as you are covering the essential areas so as long as this is working for you, keep doing what doing. If you are taking 2 full servings per day of MF Anabolic, then to make better gains, you have to either eat more food or add a weight gainer product. It's a simple case increasing your calories until you gain a kilo or so per week. Take your aminos about 15 minutes before training and no, you won't be taking too many aminos.

If you keep training hard and keep taking creatine and a high-protein diet, you should not lose a substantial amount of muscle. Fat burners can help you hold onto muscle whilst dieting also. This would be perfect, however you need to remember when you to utilise the carbs best, so this would be perfect for either breakfast with some oats or definately post-workout, as soon as you have trained get a USN Muscle fuel anabolic down you and replenish all the glyocgen you have depleted.

If you are eating an excess of calories then some fat gain along with muscle gain is going to be a possibility. The duration of time it takes to see results will depend upon many factors, your training, your nutrition, your supplementation etc. All these vary from person to person. This contains whey and creatine in sufficient amounts so this would be fine.

Muscle Fuel Anabolic is an all-in-one product, and predominantly, a weight gainer. I would therefore advocate use of MFA - especially throughout the day and post-workout. If you choose to use recovery products also, that is fine - they can be used in conjunction with MFA.

If your goal is to increase muscle mass and strength then we would highly recommend adding muscle fuel anabolic into your daily diet in-between meals. The term 'anabolic' refers to a metabolic process which involves the synthesis of simple substances into more complex tissues, to include muscle 'catabolic' is the opposite of this. Anabolic steroids, therefore, are hormonal supplements which enable anabolism of muscle tissue to occur, thus preventing catabolism.

Muscle Fuel Anabolic is not a steroidal supplement; rather, it supports muscular growth and preservation via the delivery of nutrients that are essential for this development, e. Further to your query, though it is highly unlikely that there are any ingredients contained within MFA that would cause you to fail a CDT, it is advisable that you present a list of the ingredients to governing bodies, just to err on the side of caution. I hope this information has addressed your query.

The Muscle Fuel Anabolic is a bit high in calories and carbs to use as during a cutting cycle. So perhaps stick with half servings and then get yourself a meal replacement or an All-in-One that is lower in carbs grams and calories.

The term "Anabolic" simply means "causes growth" and is not necessarily associated with Anabolic Steroids. Anabolic Steroids are illegal to sell and will not be found in legal sport supplements we don't sell banned ingredients or drugs. These are not magic shakes, you need to understand the basics of how the body works if your looking to build muscle or loose body-fat.

For post workout nutrition this product is great regardless of your goals to help speed up recovery. Every company sets out certain guidelines for their product range. Muscle fuel Anabolic contains testosterone boosting properties which could cause bouts of oily skin and acne in younger adults.

At the age of 18 your test levels are still developing and there will be no need for any test boosting products. It is best to adhere to product guidelines when taking supplements.

For your body weight, these directions are as follows: Weight gainers will lead to surplus fat gain if not used in conjunction with the appropriate training regime. You can do either, the difference only would be with the Serious mass the calories in would be a lot higher than if you stacked Muscle fuel anabolic with Synergy or Cyclone.

If you are taking this just once after your workout then the carbs in the product will be used to replenish glycogen levels, so it would not be stored as fat. However, building mass is about obtaining a calorie surplus to that of maintenance levels, some fat gain is expect when trying to build muscle. If you find you are putting on weight quick then we'd suggest cutting calories abit, until weight gain is a bit slower meaning more of that weight is quality muscle. Hi, 11 stone equates to I would suggest as with any weigh gaining product that for best results, you take this supplement between meals to increase your calorie intake.

Including one of these servings post-workout is recommendable. USN Muscle fuel Anabolic is one of the biggest selling all-in-one product for gaining size and strength, with fantastic feedback from all customers that have used the product, it has shown to be the most popular supplement for choice. As both products are very similar in terms of formulation, as well as cost and servings per container it would be a simple matter of trial and error. We would recommend trying muscle fuel anabolic to start with and if the desired gains are not obtained, we would recommend trying Sci-Mx Omni-MX hardcore.

For muscle building purposes we would recommend taking 2 full servings a day, 7 days a week. Please follow the manufactures directions of use. Creatine works faster with a loading phase - four 5gram servings per day for 5 days and then 1 to 2 servings daily thereafter. It is no longer considered necessary to "come off" creatine because of the huge amount of scientific research supporting its safety.

So take the Anabolic as directed. If you want the full effects of creatine faster then buy a seperate creatine product and take it 3 times daily in addition to the Anabolic for the first 5 days. If you don't do a loading phase you will still get the same results but it will just take 3 additional weeks to experience them.

These are fine to stack with MF Anabolic but if you are taking a full serving daily, there is no need to take a seperate creatine product you will only benefit from adding a few extra servings of creatine for the first 5 days and then no need to add more and this will only give a small and mostly short-term benefit.

You can always add extra BCAAs and glutamine. Take these before training and the Anabolic after on training days.

Iamges: usn anabolic muscle fuel vs cyclone

usn anabolic muscle fuel vs cyclone

A Flavour is hard to comment on as everyone's preference is different. Its mental, be warned, but its great as a top up. Q I've just bought this product, I have just started the gym, i'm 66kg and i'm wondering when is the best time to have a shake?

usn anabolic muscle fuel vs cyclone

Make sure the Whey you choose is mostly Isolate. Thanks A The whey protein in this product is derived from milk so isn't suitable for lactose individuals.

usn anabolic muscle fuel vs cyclone

I seem to find it hard to put on weight so i was just wondering would this product help in gaining size? You take protein supplements to increase anvarol reviews protein intake, you add carbs to it to increase your carb intake and boost up your kcals. Ozzy youre quite right about the carbs. Thanks A Yes sure especially if trying to gain weight, you can potentially have two servings daily, one after and one before bed. Posted August 13, It is not considered to be a meal replacement despite its macronutrient and ajabolic profile, but rather, a dietary supplement designed for use gs those with already significant muscle mass, who are looking to further increase their gains. Thank you for your time.