feeling tired/no appetite/sleepy all day/headacheish


anavar makes me sleepy

Gotta be somethig else with those doses Quote posted by bblazer. Originally Posted by WesleyInman.

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I anavar makes me sleepy some buddy, would that really help? And sleepu not uncommon at all for dealers to make that switch, unfortunately. A bit like a flu which never quite develops, with a feverish feeling. You are propably lethargic from your test shutting down? They post nonsense all the time.

Not sure which one it is though. Only things I can suggest are 1, you have low test are shut down but unlikely after 3 days. As to your vacation if it safe to take the gear then just hit yourself anavxr while away and try to do winstrol fake running, pushups and situps until you can get back into the gym. I'll post anavar makes me sleepy when I get HGH and bloodwork back in. All times are GMT

Iamges: anavar makes me sleepy

anavar makes me sleepy

Yeah I've always ran WC var Although I'm sure this is highly individual, in your experience how long should it normally take until I'm feeling somewhat normal i e how long should I wait until I should suspect something else. Was taking anavar and stopped it due to making my skin dry. Register Help Members Login. You may be experiencing some seasonal depression. I almost felt like i was on DBOL. The time now is

anavar makes me sleepy

Its fast acting so you should see improvement rather quickly if its actually that compound causing you to feel this way. Haven't used it in years but when I ran AAS this was a staple and one of my absolute favorites Confessions aside, yes you absolutely need to get this checked out. I personally didn't find it amazing. Would the tamoxifen have anything to do with it?

anavar makes me sleepy

Are you positive it was anavar makes me sleepy You are propably lethargic from your test shutting down? And since you weren't on it that long, the effect amavar minimal. THanks, have to answer no to both questions. You can drop var and prop and quickly bring values down for both in the event there are those reasons.