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This page was last edited on 21 March , at There have also been claims that HGH slightly shortens life span. Strengthen the immune system. The authors of the study noted that these improvements were the opposite of the changes that would normally occur over a to year aging period. Hi Paul, We do ship to Ireland. In spite of the popularity, researchers still consider them risky as they come with some horrible side effects and can be dangerous. We now know that HGH supplements are the way to go.

HGH Side Effects and Other Hazards

GH, human chorionic somatomammotropin, and prolactin belong to a group of homologous hormones with growth-promoting and lactogenic activity. Hassan Azimi Jan There are usually 10 to 20 surges of HGH release, with the largest release occurring shortly after you fall asleep. The blend of ingredients used is excellent and has been seen to result in youthful looks and well-being. Beck and colleagues in Montreal, in the late s. Both of these amino acids must be taken on an empty stomach. In this article I want to discuss with you about this - not so well known - hormone hgh, in particular about its benefits, uses and side effects.

If you took it orally it would be digested and its effect would be annulled. Hgh is responsible of a proper body development during puberty. Too low levels of hormone hgh in young men can cause problems in the development of sexual organs among other things. View all posts by: Is it Worth it? You May Also Like.

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For some people, it is not a very effective means of HGH release for any long period of time. For a few very few rare individuals, it maintains its effectiveness until the age of 60 and beyond when used only intermittently. For these amino acids to be effective, certain other substances must be present, and other substances must not be present. In order to insure that you have the proper co-factors for these amino acids to produce HGH, it is best to take the L-arginine in one of the commercial products formulated by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw to optimize HGH release.

Another advantage of using the Inner Power formulation is that L-arginine tastes awful, and you have to take too much of it to be able to take it in capsules. So the only practical way to take L-arginine is to take it, along with the necessary co-factors, in a specially formulated drink mix.

Some other options for growth hormone release with arginine-based supplements were discussed in the chapter on Arginine. This includes most medicines that make you drowsy or dehydrated. The most common of these medicines are the antihistamines that make you drowsy, including Benadryl or any other brand of diphenhydramine , Sominex, Nytol, Tylenol-PM, and Zyrtec.

Alcohol, in any appreciable quantity, blunts the HGH-releasing effect of amino acids and also suppresses natural HGH release. An ounce or less of alcohol two or three hours before taking a HGH releaser will have little effect on HGH release, but using alcohol to get to sleep can dramatically suppress your natural HGH release during sleep.

Eating protein or carbohydrate within 3 hours before or one hour after taking an amino-acid HGH releaser will significantly blunt the growth hormone release induced by these amino acids. There are many commercial products that are advertised to promote HGH release. Many of them are simply extremely expensive versions of the amino acids known to cause HGH release. Some of these products do work, but often at an extremely inflated price.

Most of these products especially the heavily advertised ones are simply very expensive scams. I get a lot of email from people asking about the latest of the many scams, and saying that surely this product must work because the advertising says that it does.

Food and Drug Administration has made it more difficult to obtain real human growth hormone, the number of HGH scams has grown by an incredible amount. If you search for information on HGH on the internet, you will find hundreds of these frauds and scams. Many products are currently being advertised as Oral HGH sprays. I don't see how these products can possibly work. They don't contain enough HGH to have any biological effect, and all of the scientific evidence indicates that the HGH molecule is far too large to be absorbed through the membranes of the mouth.

If HGH is swallowed, it is destroyed in the digestive tract before it can be absorbed into the blood stream. The advertising for nearly all of the so-called "oral HGH sprays" is clearly fraudulent.

Most people have received junk email advertising these products. I looked at the web site referred to by one of these bulk email ads. The web site quotes data from a report on injectable HGH, a completely unrelated product. The web site quotes data on oral absorption from the Physicians Desk Reference, but if you look at that page of the referenced edition of the Physicians Desk Reference, you see that the absorption data is for a completely unrelated multivitamin product made by another company.

Keep in mind that the average daily injectable dose of HGH one unit is , nanograms, whereas the advertised amount of HGH in "oral HGH sprays" is to nanograms per day. Also, without refrigeration, more than 90 percent of the HGH in an ordinary liquid solution is lost every 24 hours. There are certain injectable HGH formulations with special preservatives that allow the storage of HGH at room temperature for extended periods.

It is still best, however, if the solution is kept refrigerated. The technology for getting a molecule as large as HGH to be absorbed through the membranes of the mouth or nose is a technology potentially worth billions of dollars. No company that develops such an advanced technology is going to use it on an over-the-counter product. The technology used to make an inhalable form of insulin which was on the market for a short time was originally developed for use with human growth hormone.

Other companies have been sporadically working on an inhalable version of growth hormone, but it is a very technologically difficult project. Don't expect an inhalable growth hormone to be on the market for several years. The internet is filled with fraudulent HGH products. Most of them use advertising tactics similar to those listed above.

Some of the advertising is even more incredible. I found one Australian company openly advertising a pill that, according to the label, contained 8 milligrams of recombinant human growth hormone in each pill. A bottle of these pills was claimed to contain units of recombinant human growth hormone.

They were selling the product for less than 35 Australian dollars per bottle. In almost any country in the world, units of recombinant human growth hormone would be about the same value as a very nice new automobile. Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone The information here on growth hormone releasing hormone GHRH will only be of academic interest to most people, since consistently effective medicines analogous to GHRH are not yet widely available.

That situation may change in the future, though. An injectable GHRH product has been produced with recombinant DNA technology, and was once commonly available by prescription in the United States and many other countries. It was sold under the brand name Geref by Serono Labs. GHRH is a protein consisting of a chain of 44 amino acids.

Geref consists of only a 29 amino acid fragment of the GHRH molecule, but it appears to have the same effect as the full GHRH molecule at least, for most people for a short period of time.

The generic name of Geref is sermorelin. Geref sermorelin was withdrawn from the market for general use in November, From until , Geref was available only for diagnostic use and in clinical trials. In mid, a few compounding pharmacies made sermorelin available available at a reasonable price for general use by prescription.

This sermorelin is no longer available from compounding pharmacies, though. Much of the sermorelin sold in the United States in recent years reportedly came from biotech companies in China, and was not necessarily identical to Geref. Geref was totally withdrawn from the market in , with the last sales from Serono occurring on September 30, Other than the exception noted above, at adult doses, the cost of Geref has always been more than injectable HGH, and it has always been more difficult to obtain.

Also, it didn't work for everyone. If the release of HGH in pulses is important, the use of sermorelin with L-arginine may be superior to the use of HGH, but this varies greatly from individual to individual. The use of sermorelin for anything other than diagnostic use has been generally disappointing.

One problem with sermorelin, as well as many other GHRH analogs, is that they have a very short lifetime in the body, usually with a half-life of only minutes. It appears that this half-life problem can be solved for some of these GHRH analogs by chemically combining them with polyethylene glycol, among other methods.

Sermorelin is a much smaller molecule than HGH, and research has been done on a sermorelin nasal spray. Only 3 to 5 percent of sermorelin is absorbed in the nasal spray form, however. This makes a sermorelin nasal spray far too expensive, so sermorelin was only available in injectable form. Sermorelin for sub-lingual use has recently become available in a few countries.

This product may work for some people, but it will have problems with absorption and high cost that are similar to the earlier nasal spray form. Tesamorelin contains the same number of amino acids 44 as natural growth hormone releasing hormone, but it has been modified to last longer in the human body.

It avoids the short half-life problem of sermorelin, and tesamorelin appears to be much more effective. Tesamorelin is marketed in the United States under the brand name Egrifta. It is also currently under investigation for the reduction of abdominal fat in otherwise normal adults with reduced levels of growth hormone.

Tesamorelin is also being investigated for mild cognitive impairment. Tesamorelin has produced many encouraging results, including a small improvement in glucose levels in most patients. Human growth hormone often produces a temporary increase in insulin resistance when it is first started, especially in high doses.

Tesamorelin seems to have the opposite effect. However, under certain conditions, such as when Tesamorelin is discontinued after a short period of time, insulin resistance actually may get worse. This is not surprising from what is known about lipolysis and insulin resistance. The manufacturer of Tesamorelin completed an agreement in October, with the pharmaceutical company Serono for marketing Tesamorelin in the United States, and an official New Drug Application was filed with the FDA on June 1, There are likely to be rather strict controls on off-label use until a large body of data is available from uses for the FDA-approved indications.

Currently, the price of Tesamorelin is quite a lot more than the price of an equivalent amount of human growth hormone. Also, the FDA has insisted on rather strict controls on the distribution of Tesamorelin. Another long-acting analog of GHRH that looks very promising is CJC, but that product is at least 3 years away from approval by government agencies.

CJC maintains a much longer half-life in the human body by partially binding to albumin, an important protein that is prevalent in the human bloodstream. As stated earlier, pharmaceutical companies have produced growth hormone releasing agents that have been shown to be very effective in reversing the decline in HGH production with age. The one that has consistently worked the best is MK ibutamoren mesylate , which is very effective in restoring HGH release in middle-aged and "normally-aging" elderly individuals to the levels of much younger people.

Unfortunately, it was not very effective in restoring HGH in the frail elderly, which was its original target market. It appears, in fact, that any form of HGH supplementation in the very frail elderly, and in the critically-ill elderly, is actually quite harmful. Restoring HGH in "normally-aging" people is not a function that the Food and Drug Administration FDA considers to be a legitimate function of a medicine; therefore, Merck the pharmaceutical company stopped all further development of MK Other effective oral HGH releasers developed by the pharmaceutical companies have faced a similar fate for similar reasons.

A considerable amount of research has been done on HGH releasers by the pharmaceutical companies, and some very promising substances have been developed, but there is no sign that any of them will be on the market anytime soon.

MK ibutamoren mesylate is a substance, though, that seems to be too good to go away. It still appears in successful clinical trials from time to time. It recently completed another successful medical test in normally aging adults, and has been undergoing clinical trials for use in fibromyalgia.

In a free market, MK ibutamoren mesylate would likely have had a revolutionary impact on the health of most people over In fact, it is possible that MK could have revolutionized health care, prevented great human suffering, and literally saved trillions of dollars in health care.

Since a free market in pharmaceuticals does not exist, MK will probably remain a laboratory curiosity for many years. For most people past the age of 40 years or so, until Tesamorelin becomes more widely available this is the only HGH option that will really work well.

The use of injectable HGH has been a subject shrouded in mystery for most people. The rest of this chapter will describe some of the details about what using injectable HGH is really like. The process is as simple and as complicated as getting a prescription from your doctor and getting the prescription filled at a drugstore.

Human growth hormone is a prescription medicine in the United States and Canada, but does not require a prescription in all countries. Getting a prescription has become the difficult part because of legal complications in many countries, but it can be well worth the time and effort. What doctor should you go to, and what drugstore should you use? Any licensed physician can prescribe HGH, but few are willing to do so. It is best to find a physician who is familiar with HGH, and who has other patients using it.

As stated elsewhere in this manual, there are 3 excellent sources for locating a physician knowledgeable about the prevention of age-related conditions, and these three sources are also the best for finding a physician to prescribe HGH therapy. Those lists of physicians are at the following web sites: The American College for Advancement in Medicine Life Extension Foundation The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Not all of the physicians on the above lists are familiar with HGH therapy, and most of the physicians in the United States are not comfortable prescribing it because of the potential legal problems, so ask before making an appointment.

Because of the news stories about athletes using excessive doses of HGH, and of bodybuilders who use high doses of HGH in an highly-experimental and medically-uncontrolled environment, governments at the state and federal levels in the United States have cracked down on many physicians who write too many HGH prescriptions.

This has scared many physicians away from prescribing HGH for new patients and has made finding a physician much more difficult in the past six years. Lawmakers at all levels of government in the United States believe that it is more important to prevent athletes from cheating than it is to keep ordinary adults healthy and out of nursing homes.

In addition, a number of prominent and powerful individuals have attacked all forms of anti-aging medicine in recent years. If you would like to see the kind of future that these people want for you, visit a local nursing home. A nursing home for the elderly contains the largest concentration of severely growth-hormone-deficient people that you will find anywhere.

If you want to see how ill-informed are the opponents of the use of HGH against age-related conditions, do your own research at the National Library of Medicine web site referenced just below. Because of the confusing way that the laws are written regarding the use of HGH, there has been a debate during the past few years among various attorneys and physicians about whether it is legal to prescribe HGH as an anti-aging treatment in the U.

Since the FDA does not regard aging as a disease, and since HGH does not seem to affect the fundamental cause of aging, it is probably not legal to prescribe HGH for the nebulous diagnosis of "aging. A very large body of scientific evidence exists that HGH is useful against various manifestations of aging. You will have more success getting a prescription for HGH if you have such symptoms.

If you have reached middle age or later, and you have no more symptoms of aging than you did when you were 25, and if you have no genetic tendency to suffer any ill effects from aging, then you will probably have considerable difficulty in getting a prescription for HGH. In the United States, the FDA requires either strict evidence of growth hormone deficiency using certain standardized tests, or the diagnosis of one of a narrow range of other conditions for which growth hormone has been approved.

Even if you have a legitimate prescription from a physician in another country, and you clearly have a medical need for HGH, there is no guarantee that U. This situation may change, though.

The increasing oppressiveness of the FDA is causing a backlash against that agency. Many people within the FDA have differing interpretations of their own rules. Do not underestimate the oppressiveness of the FDA. The reach of the FDA is worldwide, and if you run afoul of their regulations, you may find yourself with automatic weapons aimed at your head.

You can do your own research on published scientific studies, starting at the PubMed gateway to the National Library of Medicine web site at: There have not yet been any comprehensive summaries published on long-term clinical studies on the use of growth hormone replacement therapy in "normal" individuals.

Most of the earlier published results of longer studies in persons suffering from only age-related conditions have used bizarre dosing regimens for HGH. This was understandable in the early studies, when the proper dosage in humans was unknown.

It does NOT make sense that so many clinical studies continued to use such large doses long after the proper dosing levels was known. Overdosing on any hormone will inevitably lead to adverse effects. Most people using HGH to replace declining levels of growth hormone use one unit per day or less.

There have been two large studies that have been recently completed which monitored the results of replacement doses of HGH in adults who had a severe deficiency. It was a study by Pfizer of the use of Genotropin which, by , had accumulated 40, patient-years of data. In reading through papers on these two studies published since , I haven't seen any mention of any subsequent finding of increased incidence of cancer or diabetes. The KIMS study has now accumulated 60, patient-years of study, including 14, patients from 31 countries.

See references near the bottom of this page. The KIMS study used sophisticated quality of life measurements, and showed that HGH produced a dramatic increase in quality of life in adults who were formerly growth hormone deficient. There is a similar but smaller study that has so far only accumulated 10, patient-years of data called the HypoCCS study on the use of Humatrope, sponsored by Eli Lilly.

That study also hasn't found any evidence of new cancers or other significant health problems, but that study did not end until September , and the conclusions of the study won't be available until well after the end of the study. It is a controlled substance in some states, though. In addition, Colorado has arbitrarily "defined" HGH as an anabolic steroid although it is not , effectively making it a controlled substance in that state.

Other states place some additional restrictions on it as well. If HGH is a controlled substance where you live, it can still be prescribed for you. It just means that there are additional record-keeping requirements for the physician and the pharmacy.

It also means that the state may become especially suspicious of physicians who prescribe it too frequently. For patients, the main implication of living in a state where HGH is a controlled substance is that it there are likely to be severe legal penalties for anyone who possesses HGH without a prescription. Since most physicians who will prescribe HGH are maintaining a very low profile, they are very difficult for most people to find.

One additional very valuable source of information can be a local compounding pharmacy. Type the phrase "compounding pharmacy" and the name of your city or a nearby city into a search engine such as Google. Ask the compounding pharmacy for the name of a physician who prescribes human growth hormone or who prescribes other bio-identical hormones. There are a few large compounding pharmacies that distribute their prescriptions nationally, and even around the world. These large compounding pharmacies can often recommend doctors all over the country.

It will be necessary to have the prescription filled by a pharmacy in that country. In many countries, HGH is available without a prescription, so you should be able to buy the HGH from any legitimate source in the country where you get the prescription from a physician, then you should be able to bring up to a day supply with you when you re-enter the United States.

With the current restrictions on HGH in the United States, you may not be allowed to bring HGH across the border unless you have a doctor's prescription; and even with a prescription, the medicine that you need may be confiscated by U. If you are a resident of the United States, your medicine is much less likely to be confiscated if it is an FDA-approved brand.

You will nearly always be allowed to bring your HGH into the United States if you have a legitimate prescription from a physician and you are bringing in an FDA-approved brand. It is very useful if you also have a signed statement of medical need by a licensed physician in the United States. Most of the physicians who prescribe any hormone for you will want to do a comprehensive physical examination on your first visit.

You will find that this initial consultation is well worth the money. Ask about cost first, though. Some people turn to a substance called human growth hormone HGH in hopes that it will keep them feeling and looking youthful. But experts say that hope is unfounded. And worse, these products can be harmful. HGH, produced by the pituitary gland, spurs growth in children and adolescents.

It also helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism , and possibly heart function. Produced synthetically, HGH is the active ingredient in a number of prescription drugs and in other products available widely over the Internet. Synthetic human growth hormone was developed in and approved by the FDA for specific uses in children and adults.

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hgh muscle

Injection-site reaction is common. The advertising for nearly all of the so-called "oral HGH sprays" is clearly fraudulent.

hgh muscle

Do not use more than the daily dose recommended on the label. It was a study by Pfizer of the use of Genotropin which, by , had accumulated 40, patient-years of data.

hgh muscle

Nobody knows the answer to this important question, although there seems to be some evidence that the pulsatile release of HGH is important for human health. Saizen from Serono Laboratories. Some people use the hormone, along with other performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids in an attempt to build muscle and improve athletic performance. Because the body's HGH levels naturally decrease with hgh muscle, tren ace quad injection so-called anti-aging experts have speculated hgh muscle claimed that HGH products could reverse age-related hgh muscle deterioration. As of this writing, there is a federal law in the United States that prohibits the use of human growth hormone hg any purpose outside of a very narrow range of conditions.