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turinabol vs anavar

Yet, hardly anyone runs the stuff While I was on I did make some nice lean gainz after 6 weeks. I liked turinabol more than anavar I've also seen that var will kill your libido, where as Tbol wont.

Anavar vs. Turinabol

Turinzbol 26, Ill keep you informed. If i were going to run just a oral only cycle like i did to test out turinabol. I've run var with nice results in the past, and I'm primobolan jak dlugo brac with OT. I've used Tbol and Var in the same cycle and preferred Var. It has made me a little more irritable, more horny and turinabo, all of the turinabol vs anavar, my diet is quite good, but still hungry after a large pizza turinabol vs anavar, no fat gain only fat loss.

I've included Var in several cycles and always loved it. Thunderbeast Offline Expert Boarder Posts: Good stuff, but i don't feel it like i feel Dbol, just my preference. I am not too concerned with that only teklabs steroids weeks in. Tyrinabol does turinabol vs anavar body not work well with lets say 60mg?

Iamges: turinabol vs anavar

turinabol vs anavar

A ratio and a few other things, but it is certainly not an unfair analogy. Most guys who have done several cycles and have a good grasp of steroids will not even consider Anavar, especially when there is winny. Register a new account. Sounding like var is just incredible all around It was created by the Russians or East Germans a long time ago. Sorry bro I'm just so tired of all these oral only questions when you could've read a measly few minutes on this board and know how stupid it is. Thanks for the above whitewidow.

turinabol vs anavar

Your response and feedback is greatly appreciated. Create an account or sign in to comment. I just feel good and strong on it. I know people will say, run it with test etc, but lets just focus on these two very popular orals. I've run var with nice results in the past, and I'm intrigued with OT. Join Date Jul Posts If you have been off cycle for 3 months or so and you want to cut using anavar only then go to the light dose, and go 6 weeks.

turinabol vs anavar

I don't know where I'd want to put the Tbol. I add from time to time any oral or other compound. Already have an account? Join Date Turinabol vs anavar Posts 1. Is that anaar only way? They both are very effective in their own right. Im still reading up on what is best for turinabol vs anavar who is active in mma to use.