Yellow cirlce pills: 50mg Anavar????


yellow anavar 50mg

Mine were 50's, not sure what the 10'swould look like. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Was as gonna run them with mg test e for 8 weeks? All times are GMT

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And currently thier test prop is peeing over the cambridge one i yellos a week ago. Drop tren yellow anavar 50mg continue prop?? Hcg help Today, I've never been recommended 50 mg anavars yet. But that diesnt mean it's ten mg oxandrolone!!! Originally Posted by chuckj0nes. Rate This Thread Excellent.

Posted By Reno7 4 replies Yesterday, Any source that sells a female fake anavar should be shot! Thought they would be too good to be ahavar thats why i waited on them before running yellow anavar 50mg. I just ran into a friend of mine that was looking for 50 mg caps Our tests include Sports Hormone checks, yellow anavar 50mg, iron status, cholesterol and more.

Iamges: yellow anavar 50mg

yellow anavar 50mg

Mine were white round pills, one side scored, the other side blank. But it seems lile lazy guys who wanted a lab without the work. ROHM dont have any logos on theyre vails or tubs either, so these are fake. I looked online dbol tub is with hologram and the rest aren't so new batch. Forum for members to view pictures of various Anabolic Steroids, including pictures of fake steroids Want More? Copyright - Steroid.

yellow anavar 50mg

Exclusive , Jul 8, Because some medicines they are not supposed to have. Post some pics of them? Hey guys can you tell me if these are fake or real? Join Date Oct Posts 5. I believe the 10mg ones don't have a score through them

yellow anavar 50mg

Attachment s Attachments are yellow anavar 50mg available: All times are GMT Can anyone confirm these at good to go?? ROHM ones yellow anavar 50mg exactly the same. He has contacts with rohm after they split up. Extremly hard to tell whether or not your a chemist, hope you trust your supplier enough to test them on yourself. Any source that sells a female fake anavar should be shot!