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Should look something like this: Tbol versus Dbol In the world of professional and amateur bodybuilding, Turinabol is considered a superior option to Dianabol. How old are you, your AS experience and what is your goal? I got a bit of acne on my arms and shoulders from it but the bloat was super manageable with Aromasin Pretty sure I just experienced that today for the first time. Dianabol is a better steroid than Tbol when it comes to physical aesthetics, aggression, and strength. I liked the tbol gains, a little slower to come around but I kept them much easier.

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Tbol doesn't aromatize like dbol does so you won't get the estrogen bloat. The other does not. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Subscribe to our Underground Evo mailing list and get interesting news and updates directly to your inbox. I can make 5 pounds of keepable gains on a 4 week run of dbol.

Your workout will not only be longer and stronger — it will be more productive. Another good reason is that dbol pills are easy to swallow. There are no needles or complicated procedures for taking this supplement. Another major benefit is that when you find d-bol for sale online, you can have it shipped to you wherever you are. Simply click on what you want, enter your payment and shipment details, and then wait for it to arrive.

Buying dbol for sale has never been easier. Once you get your supply, you might have questions about how to effectively take them. For the best results, take one tablet three times every single day. This is the recommended dosage. It is a derivative of dianabol dbol , but it does not aromatize into estrogen. In fact, it produces slow, quality gains with less side effects than methandrostenolone. Tbol was introduced by the pharmaceutical company Jenapharm, East Germany in the 's.

The sole goal was to get a competitive edge for both their male and female athletes in the Olympics. It was said that the success of East German Olympians from the 60's through the 80's can directly be traced to Tbol use. In fact, it is one of the few steroids in history that was developed solely for performance enhancement purposes and not for medical use.

Currently, turinabol is marketed and sold only by UnderGround UG clandestine laboratories via the black market. There is no pharmaceutical or veterinarian production of this drug, and it's unlikely there will be in the near future. Although Tbol and Dbol are almost the same thing, the difference is that there is an added 4chloro alteration with Tbol, which differentiate the two steroids. Turinabol has a zero 0 androgenic rating and a mild 53 anabolic ranking.

This means there is zero androgenic or estrogenic activity with tbol no aromatization will take place ; therefore, users can expect slow, dry gains. On the other hand, dianabol is the king of aromatization and users will add a tremendous amount of mass much of it water , in a short period of time.

Tbol is not a great bulking steroid at all, but that doesn't mean it does not have tremendous benefits in cycles. Since it does not aromatize, you don't have to worry about estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia bitch tits , water retention oedema , insomnia, or high blood pressure hypertension. No aromatase inhibitor is needed with Tbol cycles, so those who are prone to estrogen related side effects will appreciate this drug.

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I want to try tbol as oppose to dbol to kick off my next bulk in a couple of months. Should look something like this:. Wondering if anyone has any experience on using tbol with a cycle like this?

From what I've read I'd expect a little less water then dbol? Would it be better to use NPP as oppose to deca along with the tbol to keep the bloat down further? Also any other input on the cycle would be appreciated! I also liked tbol better. Dbol will blow you the fuck up right off the bat, but you loose that water weight just as quick. I liked the tbol gains, a little slower to come around but I kept them much easier. Id run the tbol for 6 weeks Results will be similar but, for me at least, the tbol strength and mass gains stay around.

I've never run two different orals on cycle but it kinda sounds fun. You really don't want to finish with either tbol or dbol. If you run them at the end of a cycle especially dbol, you will finish will a super soft bloated look.

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tbol dbol

This forum will not tolerate drama, racism, sexism, trolling and bullshit.

tbol dbol

Andriol 3 years ago.

tbol dbol

While Dbol is an excellent drug to bulk up, use of this steroid can result in elevated blood pressure and fluid retention. Use of this haldol decanoate injection needle constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Tbol dbol. MusicMan TR tbol dbol gaining momentum. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Anatrofin Stenbolone 3 years ago. Anyone got advice if better to take turinabolos 10mg beginning or near 8 week peak of cycle.