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Multiples and Twins

28 weeks pregnant with twins steroid injections

Number to email 5 10 20 50 Lower risk of a serious bowel condition called necrotizing enterocolitis NEC: Number to download 5 10 20 50 Create File. Now is a great time to start making plans for after baby arrives.

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This field is required. Newest First Oldest First. I'm 34 weeks with Dcda girls, I asked for mine at my 32 week appointment. I had home based ones to stop labor and then the steroid to develop thier lungs at 29weeks. Also just injcetions had steroid shots for my twins. Finding systematic reviews Understanding research results Blog.

I would rather avoid any medication if 28 weeks pregnant with twins steroid injections not necessary stefoid you never know what effect it might have on the babies later in life I m 32 wks now. Have appointment on Friday so all opinions welcome - thanks girls xxxx. Basically the normal practice is weeeks give one course only of steroids usually 2 doses either betamethasone or dexamethasone, although occasionally they will give two. Just wanted to thank you all for putting my mind at rest. Our son then died neo-natal.

Iamges: 28 weeks pregnant with twins steroid injections

28 weeks pregnant with twins steroid injections

Helpful 3 Nice 1 Funny Encouraging 1 Hugs. About 4 days after we brought them home, one of the twins stopped breathing and had to be hospitalized for monitoring but other than that they were healthy babies! Always consult carefully with a health professional before deciding to receive OHPC shots or suppositories. Steroid treatment reduces the risk of lung problems for babies who are born early, particularly for those born between 29 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. He was eventually born a week late and was the biggest of my four babies at 7lb 7 oz. Number to email 5 10 20 50

28 weeks pregnant with twins steroid injections

AllieJane, just wanted to wish you best of luck over the next couple of days and well done for reaching the magic 37, hope all goes well. I have seen on here alot of you have had them?! The research is not clear how this is helpful, most drs will do this to do "something" when you can't control what is going on. This reduces the risk of serious complications or the newborn dying. We recommend you begin a new post. When he was born you could see he was literally blue and he was really struggling to breathe, he was taken before we could even hold him whilst my daughter had no issues with her lungs. Find out what this means.

28 weeks pregnant with twins steroid injections

Helpful Nice Funny Encouraging 1 Hugs. Some women go into labor very early. I got my first shot twns. Dere usually given if ur at any risk of delivering early. Just got home from my 32 week check up and dr is having me come in for steroid shots Thursday and Friday mornings.