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Oral Turanabol (Turanol, Turinabol, Chlordehydromethyl-testosterone)

turanabol 60 mg results

Any nude or sexual image of any person must be done with the knowledge and consent of that person. Log in or sign up in seconds. This allows a higher percentage of AAS to remain in an unbound state, where they are freely able to interact with the androgen receptor and exert their muscle building effects. For example, when taken orally, Tbol is known to produce worse effects on the levels of cholesterol as compared to injectable Tbol. High dosages of oral turanabol version may lead to increasing of liver values, thus some protection like Liv is needed.

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Should look something like this: I did the PCT just as an preventative. BP was fine and my lipids weren't too bad after either. It felt nice and warm: The results were raising along with dosage and duration of use.

Extreme bodybuilders have reported taking milligrams. A dosage this high is almost certain to invite grave side effects. Searching several resources, an average recommended dose to produce Tbol or Turinabol results hovers between 20 mg and 50 mg a day.

The recommended dosage for women is much smaller due to its potential for virilization. Dosage averages under 5 mg a day at the maximum. Bodybuilders today who do find and use Turinabol often recommend that it be stacked in a cycle with selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs. The reason behind this is to reap the benefits and anabolic effects of Turinabol results while the selective androgen receptor modulators will boost tissue-building capabilities.

Though it is not clear for human use today, Turinabol was introduced for clinical use shortly after it was developed in the 60s. Current medical guidelines advise that patient using Turinabol for medical purposes take between 5 milligrams and 10 milligrams each day. Female patients are advised to cycle 1 milligram per day in the beginning and then up to 2. Turinabol has a half-life of up to 16 hours. This makes it unnecessary to have divided doses per day. Instead, one single oral dose is usually adequate.

However, should a user decide to have it in divided doses, they can do so. The frequency should however, not be more than twice a day. A suggestion is to use half the dose in the morning and the remaining part later in the evening. Special precautions and contraindication. Avoid Turinabol if you have liver, heart, and vascular issues.

Also avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding. Turinabol as mentioned above has very low androgenic effects. This is important because female users will be able to retain their feminine characteristics with its use. However, if doses above 10mg per day are consistently used as was the case in former East Germany , masculine changes will occur in the female.

Potential users who stack Turinabol with SARMs should be aware of side effects of their own androgenic nature that can trigger:. It may seem counterproductive to choose an anabolic androgenic steroid that has no androgenic potential and then pair it with a SARM that does, but some bodybuilders do.

Turinabol is known by a number of chemical, brand, and generic names, but bodybuilders today tend to know it as:. However, potential users should know that it is relatively rare and manufactured only by a few underground labs around the world. Due to the properties associated with Turinabol as shown above, this product may not be ideal for everyone. Its use will depend on the aims of the user. It is not for those who desire to massively and quickly build their muscles and significantly increase their strengths.

To achieve these goals, it will require them to used very high doses of Turinabol. This can lead to serious side effects. On the other hand, Turinabol is suited for sportsmen and women during their fat reducing phase through diet and exercises. Ordinarily, during such periods androgenic-anabolic products are not needed in high doses.

The safety index of Turinabol makes it an ideal product for beginners because it is well tolerated. It is used orally and so can be less intimidating to such people. Turinabol was developed in the early s by East Germany prior to the construction of the Berlin Wall. This separation between east and west restricted flow of the steroid outside of the region. East German athletes were known to have used the synthetic steroid for nearly two decades without much outside knowledge of it until the wall came down in the early s.

Turinabol also has a reputation of being one of the earliest anabolic androgenic steroids that was not specifically designed for medical purposes. Rather, it was created for physical enhancement by East Germans during the Cold War era as an edge in sporting competitions such as the Olympics — and reputation. Turinabol results were achieved in sporting fields to inhibit loss of bone mass and muscle tissues.

A number of conditions for which such use would be recommended could be loss of muscle and bone density caused by aging, a disease process, malnutrition, and so forth. Turinabol has long since been discontinued, as has the manufacture of many formerly popular steroids from major pharmaceutical brands around the world.

As such, anyone interested in buying Turinabol must purchase it from a black-market resource , which naturally incurs additional risks as well. Consumed about calories per day. I took in some source of protein every 2 hours, generally a single scoop of protein powder. This was my first cycle of any kind, so I have nothing to compare it against.

Weight from Bodyfat increased slightly I think. My waist size increased by 1 and a half inches, but my muffin tops shrunk during cycle. The only notable lift that increased was my bench went from X1 to X5. Since my chest injury a year ago I have been unable to bring my bench press back up. The tbol was a lifesaver, helped my break a year long plateau. Shoulders increased alot more than I expected.

Back also increased quite a bit, traps especially. Also had muscle fullness most of the time. About midway through week 3 my weight started shooting up 2lbs a day. Didn't experience any notable sides until the final week. Back pumps and slight shutdown were the two main sides I noticed towards the end of the cycle. The back pumps got to the point where I could not sleep without 2 ibuprofen.

Added some Taurine in which helped somewhat with the backpumps. By week 4 I could still get an erection, but it was a little harder to "maintain" that erection.

I am very happy with this cycle. I took an oral only cycle because I don't like needles and didn't want any sides like acne, etc. Just came of accutane 6 months ago and did not want to irritate my acne.

I ran the cycle with liv52, and did not drink anything while on. So for the same amount of money you could have cycled TestE for 8 weeks at mg a week. And you would have the option to take an additional month without it really outstripping your PCT pack of Nolva. Then, unlike oral only cycles, you could choose to stay on at a trt level of test before you go into another cycle. I'm sure running an oral only wasn't my best choice for my first cycle. Please keep in mind I used to have a fear of needles.

Now that i've gotten my "feet" wet I will try running test for my next cycle. I would prefer to pay a bit extra to get comfortable with steroids than to just jump straight into pinning. I do appreciate what you're saying though.

I too have a fear of needles, but I managed to pin myself up to 5 times a day at one point. Pinning isn't the crazy dangerous game, orals are. I think people associate orals similarly to oral drugs and pinning steroids are associated with injecting drugs, despite injecting steroids being significantly safer. It sounds like you got okay results so good for you, regardless.

As long as you recognize that long term oral cycles aren't sustainable, I think your little foray into steroids via Tbol is fine. I am scared of needles and I've just gotten numb to it. Hell yeah I hear you. I can see why some people may hate harsher orals like oral tren but for the mild ones like anavar and tbol it's unwarranted. That is a big jump ha. Will be running a higher dose than you between mg per day over a cruising dose of Test E mg per week.

My first cycle was oral only as well, made some really good gains but I have found to prefer blasting and cruising at this point. Try some Test out next time, really helps with any shutdown and overall is very beneficial to both strength gains and body composition.

Doesn't test give you breakouts though? I tried a "natty" test booster a few months ago and a week after started it I started getting cystic acne again. I know natty test boosters do almost next to nothing for test, so if I pin test directly wont that cause crazy breakouts?

Its different for everyone. When I used a couple of test boosters years ago, I was much younger I had the similar effect with slight acne on my back, not as bad as yours. Testosterone usage and acne seems to again depend on the individual. I get slight ace on my back with Test, but it goes away if I make the effort to take care of it.

Cystic acne is pretty serious. Who knows, you may just be susceptible to a severe reaction with such chemicals. People say that if you have acne without any hormones, then with hormones it will only get worse. For me my back-acne actually got slightly better once on Test, so again there seems to be many factors at play. This is just my experience, you may just have to find out for yourself to truly know how you react to Test in your system.

If I were you I'd try and get my body fat down if possible before running Test. I think you would have much better results. Along with the Test, you can definitely run another oral.

I would run it longer than 5 weeks as you did with the Tbol. Epistane is a lot of fun with Test, and can be very cheap. That was my biggest mistake. I had just finished a bulk from to and then decided to jump on the tbol. I should have cut before starting it. Now I can't wait to start cutting, I feel like a fat ass. The good thing about adding a bit of test is that you don't necessarily need a huge dose, you can run just enough to counter the suppression that any AAS will cause and avoid the side effects of low test.

A maintenance dose of this type is only a fraction of what you would take as a cycle. Maintenance, or a "cruising" dose would be around mg per week. I'd recommend a higher dose of maybe mg for weeks before stepping down to a cruising dose of mg this does entail cruising instead of PCT after cycle.

Keep in mind that Test is may provide more estrogenic side effects, more than Tbol would. You would want to have something on hand to combat this anastrozole for example. A healthy man produces between 2. You have to scale the dose a bit because you normally take the hormone in its esterified form so, for example, test cyp contains 70mg of pure testosterone for every mg of the ester compound.

As little as mg of gear per week or possibly quite a bit less should be enough to avoid the symptoms of low test. If you're taking much more than this then you're on a cycle rather than a maintenance dose. At these low levels, you shouldn't need to worry about running an AI because your estrogen levels should be normal rather than elevated as they would be on cycle.

I used to have cystic acne and was on accutane. I have to go in and do bloodwork at the derm in a week. If she puts me back on accutane i'll run test this time instead if an oral. During week 1 on PCT everything was working fine again. There is no way you gained 20 pounds from 5 weeks of turinabol. It is simply not a compound that adds that sort of mass. Did you mean dbol?

Iamges: turanabol 60 mg results

turanabol 60 mg results

There's some good stuff in those supplements but it's a bit worrying how much they vary from what they're supposed to be. The use of oral Turinabol has been thoroughly documented.

turanabol 60 mg results

Sportspersons that use this treatments prevent exhaustion which often occurs right immediately soon just once trainings.

turanabol 60 mg results

So for the same amount of money you could have cycled TestE for 8 weeks at mg a week. The back pumps got to turanabol 60 mg results point where I could not sleep without 2 ibuprofen. The results were raising along with dosage and duration of use. About midway through week 3 my weight started shooting up 2lbs a day. In terms anabolic steroid types appearance, Oral Turinabol promotes a hard and dry look similar to cutting steroids such as Halotestin, Winstrol, and trenbolone, although the effect is not as dramatic. Oral Turanabol is relatively safe medicine for gesults in dosages only Something like 30 milligrams everyday turanabol 60 mg results when useful for will don't as compared to weeks. Additionally it is required to know that pregnant and breast-feeding ladies should never make use of this item.