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I was diagnosed with mono. However, I have a horrible (and I…

steroid shot for mono rash

You must be sure of the diagnosis. I hope this doesn't last long, I look like a clown and am feeling worse by the hour. It is literally from the top of my scalp all over until the bottom of my feet. It is entirely possible that the rash is the result of the underlying primary infections. In most people ebv causes a self limited febrile illness, ie. Hi Helene, to add onto the discussions Sign up for FREE weekly health tips!

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There are also some sunburn relief sprays that contain Lidocaine and this might help as well as it helps to 'numb' the skin temporarily. I love Hylands homeopathic remedies and have used them on my kids since they were babies. It could be something in your diet that is causing it- you can try to remove things one at a time and keep a log of the results. After one more week I quit taking the prednisone and I noticed that my hands were healing. A recent update of pharmacogenomics in drug-Induced severe skin reactions [published online ].

Do you know what causes mono? Although children are more at risk than adults,what can you do to avoid getting sick from mono? Review risk factors here The symptoms of mono may not manifest for everyone who contracts the Epstein-Barr virus.

But when are symptoms serious? And when should you seek medical help? Kerosene Heaters - Carbon Monoxide - Hai Catching Mono From Sneezing? Did you find this post helpful? You marked this post as helpful! I changed my mind. Sign up for FREE weekly health tips!

Do you live in Canada? Type your medical question here. Shafi Ullah Khan Internal Medicine. Muhammad Khalil Family and General Medicine. I have also showered in cold water, used topical diphenhydramine and Fluocinonide. One week later I had to go to school so it was difficult being at home , I went to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist had ruled that it was an allergic reaction due to something I had eaten and told me to exclude beef, chocolate, fried foods, soda, coffee, strawberries, papayas, persimmons, durians, mushrooms, spicy foods, and seafood from my diet, which was easy, since I didn't eat most of the things on that list anyways.

I was given Topicort Desoximetasone in the form of the 5 mg cream and 25 mg spray. That didn't work either. It got better, but then worsened after about 3 days. Then, I went to see my doctor again, and he prescribed to me more 25 mg atarax and gave me a steroid shot I'm not sure what it's called I took a blood test, even though he told me I won't be able to find the allergen through that and I'm also doing a stool culture test for 3 days.

I have tried almost everything, and nothing has worked at all. I would definitely appreciate any suggestions on how to treat this or even any knowledge on WHAT I have, because I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet.

Thank you very much! Create an account to receive updates on: Rash that won't go away even with steroids. An allergy to externally applied steroids is recently being recognized as a problem.

A patch test could help you to recognize. A sensitization to nickel is also likely. Yes steroids is become increasingly prescribed for unknown skin disease.

Sulfur actually works wonders for skin conditions. You can get it in a soap and balm form on Amazon. Usually extreme changes in temperature cause bumpy rashes. Re-using towels after hot showers, exfoliating too much.

I used to break out in hives all over my entire body. Zyrtec was the ONLY allergy med that got rid of them. And I tried them all. Have you had your thyroid levels checked? Hormonal disruptions and imbalances will cause thickening of the skin in certain areas. Are you scratching at it? The last thing you want to do is scratch it and introduce even more bacteria and contaminants from your fingernails directly into your broken skin This will lead to infection and spreading.

Have you tried using natural soothing products instead of chemical prescription topical creams and injections?

Do you take enough Vit. D3 and get enough sun exposure? I live in the desert and take iu's a day and my D blood levels are just barely in the optimal range. The majority of people are deficient. D repairs DNA, so Here is an area to start that never hurts. It's also cooling and soothing and has antibacterial, skin healing, analgesic, and soothing properties. Tea Tree oil is also amazing for treating skin infections, acne, eczema, etc.

Lavender and Tea Tree are a few of the only essential oils that don't require a carrier oil. Apply them directly after a lukewarm shower. Always be aware of what surfaces you are touching before putting your hands on your skin.

Always use a fresh, clean towel. You can apply the oils with a cotton swab directly to each individual angry bump. Castor oil will seal and protect your skin. Keep the area dry and free from sweat. Aloe vera gel will be soothing as well. I just looked it up. The Sulfur Butter is currently on Sale. You can see from the ingredients is very pure and natural. Did you resolve it? This has been my story since December. I also have an insanely itchy rash for 16 months.

I have been through 2 - 30 gram tubes of 2. My doctor refused to treat me with anything, telling me she could not see anything, and directed me to use Selsun Blue. Not consistently effective, relief only for a short time. The rash is tiny inflamed bumps that itch like crazy, a patch the size of my hand that actually has traveled down and across my back.

I scratch on top of my shirt. I have sprayed various essential oils to little effect. I will try applying lavender or tea tree oil directly. I am healthy, fit and consume mostly organic foods including daily kefir and other fermented foods.

This started in San Diego on filtered CIty water.

Iamges: steroid shot for mono rash

steroid shot for mono rash

My ALT is Are you scratching at it? Being aware of the most likely groups of rashes can help pharmacists refer patients quickly and appropriately.

steroid shot for mono rash

Describing drug-induced skin rashes is like recounting stories about show dogs. Is the rash itself contagious by contact or just the same as mono through saliva?

steroid shot for mono rash

It def was not a burn from the cryochamber. However, I have a horrible steroid shot for mono rash I mean horrible rash that is driving sht nuts. By day 8 she was covered It could be something in your diet that is causing it- you testosterone deficiency symptoms try to remove things one at a time and keep a log of the results. These are often diagnosed on skin culture.