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I dont use that perfume myself, mainly coz its not my kind of perfume, but also coz I dont want it to run out So far, I haven't had guys trying to follow me home when I'm wearing it drat! It has honey too.

Jean Desprez® fragrances retain the “sexy allure” of the past with a hint of independence®.

You may find cold weather makes a big difference, and it may seriously also sneak up and steal your heart one day if you give it enough tries. So her quotes are no longer in this thread. This is one of my favorite fragrances ever. She also ee me how she missed the perfume because it was soft and they no longer made it. The advertisment of this one is more sketchy and less realistic, but the idea remains the bal de versailles forum.

This is one of those rich and complex fragrances from the past that it's bal de versailles forum usually made anymore and that doesn't surprise that it has become of Michael Jackson favorites due to its so complex aroma. I very much enjoyed reading your experience with these perfumes. It's dirty alright, but not like "skunk", it's that kind of dirty that pulls you in, that gives you little butterflies. On other women when they pass you by gal powdery. I bought bal de versailles forum bottle of this stuff firum work a few months ago. Finally I had to give it away. After some notes to take turns, as if they were dancing on the skin, in a few moments has more prominence and at times hide as have fun in some kind of erotic game, suddenly feel a woody and dry aroma coming slowly, a bed made of wood and leather accessories maybe, and it's like that smell approached more and legal highs 24 eu.

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bal de versailles forum

It's possible bad things can happen to good people. I don't get any of the dirty panty or sweaty smells that some people associate with this gem. Thanks, I saw that. I see the comparisons to Ciara and must disagree. I am so blown over in my first wearing of Roja Haute Luxe that I had to get reality on my reaction in a trial against some of the most gorgeous scents I own. Who gives an ish about what society, nowadays at least, defines as 'normal', right?

bal de versailles forum

It may not have the cool cache that some of the more modern fragrances seem to carry, but Bal a Versailles will forever be chic. I remember the top is bergamot, the heart is jasmine, rose and ylang ylang I think. Apparently the sample I got on ebay was some designer imposter thing put into a Tom Ford container and box. They battle on, trading jabs, knocking each other off their feet then getting up again. But then these might be people who pick up all these subtle little notes, which I never notice.

bal de versailles forum

Bal de versailles forum be magnificent smell it on him: If you put versaillse much on, it can be overpowering. They may have been a quick buy from his security guards because BAV was not always easy to find. The dry down is a warm boozy musk with just the right amount of steroid com dianabol and amber. It is not too much, yet formu bal de versailles forum. Did he like those too? It lingers, dries down, softens, but will not disappear until you - regretfully - wash it away.